Bruises and Bitemarks (Damon/Jeremy Love Triangle)::4::

Created by IvyPotterMalfoy on Thursday, December 02, 2010

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"You are such an asshole!" i screamed at Jeremy as i was walking toward him.
"What are you talking about?" he asked me. "Oh you know exactly whatshe's talking about!" Jewl said. "Then why don't you tell me"
"Fine i will, you kissed me last night then again this morning, and you wanted to hang out today. And you forgot to tell me one minor detail." i said. "Oh yeah and what would that be?" he askeed looking annoyed.
"You forgot to tell me that you have a girlfriend!" i yelled at him.
"Well, its a good thing i didnt really like you because i didnt care if i hurt you or not." he said, his words cut me so deep. I slapped him and stormed away. "YOU ARE SUCH AND ASS!" i could hear Jewl yell as i was walking away.
Something was going on my best friend just dropped to the ground screaming as if she was in pain. i had no idea what was happening. "Jewl....Jewl whats going on?" i asked her but she just kept screaming. then a cop came over to us. "It's ok your friend is going to be fine." he said to me as he pulled out a niddle and stuck it in her. "What was that and what is happening?" i asked panicing. he said nothing and threw Jewl over his shoulder and walked off with her. "What where are you going?" i asked all he said is that she woul be safe with him. Then i saw Elena with Stefan then he went down screaming in pain. "Elena whats going on? And dont lie to me." i said to her. "Fine." she said then she told me that Stefan, Damon, Jewl, Anna, and everyone else that went down screaming in pain were vampires, i couldnt believe what she was saying. I couldnt believe that the girl i had been friends with for years had not told me this part of her life. it pained me but, i understood why she did it.
Just then a warehouse behind us went up in flames and Elena and Stefan were yelling for Damon. I knew exactly where he was... he was in the warehouse that was on fire alone with my bestfriend. I did the only thing i knew to do, i ran toward the warehouse yelling Jewls name. Just then a pair of strong arms were around me saying nto to worry and that he would get Jewl and Damon.

Moments later Jewl was at my side. "We should get them out of here, lets take them back to the house." Stefan said.
We went back to Damon and Stefan's house and i waited for Jewl to wake up but i fell asleep in the process.

The next day we woke to the news that Mayor Lockwood was killed in the fire last night but he was not a vampire. He was something else, and it was a another puzzle to solve.

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