bakugan love story 5. Failed parodies

I messed up on this chapter. oh well. This story is actually a re-do of my old story. The other one was bad.

Created by emiuzumaki1 on Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling very bored. Grab my glasses for no reason I'm gonna stay in bed. Before I sleep, be in a heap with a shot of patron cause when i stay in bed I'm gonna beeee bored

Camille: Well that failed

Saber: Yes..yes it did.

Camille: You a nice partner.

Saber: I know I am. What now?


Saber: eh? Ooooooooooh ok I get it now.

Camille: Ooooooooook...if you say so.

Saber: *glares*

Camille: Where did the others go?

Saber: Something about walking the dog to that doggy place.

Camille: Then why didn't you go?

Saber: I had to stay he-HEEEY!!!

Camille: *laughs* Hey let's watch Glee!

Saber: Fine, but i'm not watching those kissy scenes.


Saber: MY EYES!!!!!!! OH MY WOLF LORD!!!!

Camille: What the cookies it just started so why are you saying my eyes?!

Saber: Oh never mind.


Yeah ah ah you know what it is. crack and jello, crack and jello, crack and jello, crack and jello. yeah ah ah you know what it is. crack and jello, crack and jello, crack and jello, crack and jello. yeah ah ah you know what it i-

Saber: FAIL!!!

Camille: Jeez. I just wanted to sing.

Saber: Let's see your accomplishments of parodies:

Tick tock parody....Fail

Black and Yellow....Epic fail. What's next?

Camille: I got one!

Saber: Oh no.

When I see your face every things has to change cause your scary, just the way you are!

Saber: Just the way you are parody......Ultimate fail! (you:T_T)


the doorbell! I used my SNSD (not the Korean girl group) Secret Ninja Style Doorbell

You see that it was Shun. You used the elevator. You didn't want to walk down the stairs. You open the door and Shun greets you.You reply with a nod.

Shun: I heard you from my house.

Camille: Oh no.

Shun: Yup.

Saber: Doesn't she suck at parodies?

Shun: *chuckles* Anyways I was going to ask you if to..never mind.

Camille: Say it.

You didn't know that he was trying to ask you out and that Saber was mouthing words saying "ask her out" Shun looked at Saber for a long time. He knew what he was trying to say he just couldn't say it to her. You finally knew what Shun was looking at and when you did, Saber shut his mouth and looked at you.

Saber: What?

When you looked to see Shun, he was gone. Great.

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