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Created by Vashiane on Sunday, December 05, 2010

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Hot Tubbing
"You have a hot tub and a pool?" Axel inquired, tipping his head towards the sliding glass door that separated the backyard from the house. You didn't glance up once as you wheeled his final suitcase into the house, instead you just said, "Mm-hm," hoping that you didn't need to say more. Plus, you were holding a pen in between your lips.

"Hmm. Care to take a dip with me?" he asked, sauntering over to you and slipping the writing utensil out from your mouth. "And I won't take 'no' for an answer, Miss [Last Name]." Instead of flushing like a maniac (like Kairi would have), you just glowered at him, plucking the pen out from his fingers.

"Fine. As soon as I -" A beeping sound from your cell phone distracted you from finishing your sentences and you slid it out of your pocket.

One Message From: RIKU was what it said, but your thumb hadn't been able to press the SELECT button before a nimble pair of fingers went in for ninja number two and stole your phone.

"What's got you so interested, hmm?" Axel said curiously, pressing the button for you. He paused for a moment before pulling away, a faint red blush sweeping across his cheeks. You raised an eyebrow quizically.

"Okay. Since you have nothing better to do than to add to your private picture collection..." He smirked, waving your phone - and the half-dressed picture of your boyfriend - in your face. You flushed a deeper red than the male's crimson locks, making a wild snatch in the air for your Blackberry. "You and me -" Axel had to duck to avoid your hands from hitting him, and he stood on his toes to place your phone on top of the kitchen cabinet. "Are getting into that hot tub." With that, he peeled his shirt off of his body, tossing the garment onto the couch without a single thought. Then he leaned into you and grabbed the bottom of your own shirt, yanking it over your head and off before you could think about complaining.

"Axe -!" You yelled out, stopping only because Axel had slid out of his jeans, leaving him in only a pair of boxers. And it wasn't until you fully woke up from your trance that you realized he had removed your skirt and lifted you bridal-style into his arms.

You were too busy thinking about how very, very wrong this was.

"Axel, help me make a decision," you said in the calmest voice you could muster. "Should I castastrate you now or later?" Axel stopped walking, standing near the edge of the swimming pool.

"How about never?" he said smoothly, lifting your head a bit so he could whisper the rest of his statement in your ear. "Don't do something you're going to regret later."

"Axel Hayashi, are you hitting on me?" you said, barely able to keep the anger out of your words. He stared coolly at you, one eyebrow cocked in a superior expression that made you just want to slap the hell out of him.


And with that final word, he dropped you into the pool and walked away.

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