iHeart Freddie- Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson Love Story (seddie) Ch. 2

SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!! I HAVE NOT WRITTEN IN A LOOOOOOONG TIME!!! D''''': PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! I needed some time to think, but thanks for waiting!! haha

Created by sango705 on Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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Carly's POV

Sam stared at me, shocked, as her eyes trailed down to the journal in my hands. Her jaw was almost touching the ground. Words can't even express the feelings bouncing off the walls. "Carls... I-I.. don't know what to say..." She said, still looking at the journal in my hand.

I threw it across the room and it landed in her lap, opened on the page of her latest entry. Her eyes focused on the page, reading every word of it. She tossed it onto her pillow, got up, and pulled me onto the bed with pleading eyes. Her hands were holding onto mine, her frown deepening.

"Don't tell him! Please! I worked SOOOO hard to keep it a secret from everybody!" Sam whispered.

I sighed and looked down at the ground. I've never seen Sam act like this before. I've never seen her plead... EVER!


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! SOOOOO much!" Sam said, jumping up and down with glee. I couldn't help but laugh.

I took the journal from her pillow and waved it in her face. "And I AM NOT perfect." I corrected her, making her smile.

>>> At Carly's house that night.

3rd person P.O.V.

Freddie was fixing Carly's laptop on the couch. Sam was eating Spencer's chicken wings that he bought from Wingstop. And Carly was cleaning up the house, planning on having a date with a guy named Grover.

Freddie muttered curses at Grover, making Carly shake her head and laugh.

Sam looked over at Freddie, hearing one of the curses and muttered, "Won't your stuffed animals be jealous that you like Carly more than them?" Freddie shot a glare at Sam from across the room, making a smirk appear on her face.

Freddie got up from the couch and made his way over to the kitchen, or more like stomped. He opened up the silver fridge to a selection of food, including the empty bowl that once had chili in it. He was sure that Sam ate that. Looking on the shelf's, he took a Pepi-Cola and shut the door turning to Sam who was eating at the counter.

"You have no right to make fun of me like that!" Freddie said, pointing at Sam, then opened up the soda.

Sam barely turned to look over her shoulder, as if she didn't care. "Let me eat my food in peace, Benson. I don't want any geeks bothering me right now."

"Oh 'you don't want any geeks bothering you right now'?"

"Yeah, I don't!"

"Well listen here Sam Puckett!"

"I'm Listening!"

"I have a thing or two to tell you!"

"Only if ya knew a thing or two."

"Oh, says the girl that sucks everybody's fridge clean!"

"Says the boy who spends most of his time taking tick-free lotion and ointment!"

"You have no right to talk to me like that!"

"Says who?"

Carly shook her head from the other side of the room and smiled. She picked up a red spray bottle filled with water and walked over to them, spraying them in the faces. They both jumped and yelled, "Carly! What did you do that for!?"

"To get you two to stop fighting!" She said and put the red bottle up, as if nothing had happened.

"Now if you don't mind! I have a date tonight-"

"Uuuughhh" Freddie muttered. Sam rolled her eyes.

"And Grover will not be pleased with you two fighting all the time when he's here! And now that I think about it, you two need to be upstairs when I have my date-"

"Date? What date? Carly has a date?" In flew Spencer, sprinting into the kitchen as if he was a super hero, making everybody smile. "Didn't we just have a talk about boy-"

"NOOO! I don't need the talk about boys!! Please, I'm not wanting to have that conversation... in my life!!" Carly said, walking away from the kitchen to finish cleaning. Freddie and Sam shrugged their shoulders. Carly and Spencer were always like this, retarded, but in a sisterly-brotherly way.

Spencer went through the fridge, only to find a half-eaten tuna fish casserole, an empty chili bowl, and his box of wings... gone. Spencer turned around quickly and asked, "Who ate my wings? My special wings that made me feel like a butterfly when I ate them?"

Freddie smirked at Sam and said her named, making Spencer stare at her. Sam shrugged her shoulders and replied with, "So?" She took Freddie's Pepi-Cola and took a sip out of it before walking back over to the counter and get on the computer. Freddie stood there, shocked his mouth wide open, Sam completely happy, and Spencer smirking at Freddie.

"Looks like you just got jacked lil bro." Spencer said and ran back off to his room. Freddie shook his head, mad, and walked past Sam saying, "beast..." Only making Carly laugh.

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