Asuma Sarutobi's Goodbye and Shikamaru Nara's wife (Part 4) The Question

In this part we find out who shouted out to Yue and the reason for it. We learn more about the relationship between Asuma jr. and Shikamaru. We get to see how Shikamaru and Yeu realy feel about each other. The song for this part: Mr. Brightside - The Killers, because this is how Shikamaru feels when he thinks about Asuma and Yue together. The lyrics to the song: . Hope you'll like this part. Enjoy :)

Created by YamiKaiba69 on Sunday, December 12, 2010

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"Yue!" a voice in the distance called out. Yue turned to face the person calling out to her and Asuma disappeared.

Shikamaru was kneeling next to Asuma's grave, he looked nervous about something. "I don't know it this is what you meant by take care of her, but I just can't see her suffering so much, hanging on to the past. I'm going to ask her," he said as if he was having a conversation with someone. He was gripping something in his hands. " Please Asuma, give me a sing or something, so I'll know I'm doing the right thing. I Know you loved her, but doesn't it metter thet I love her, too. She means the world to me," he pleaded. "She needs you, Shikamaru. You are the only one who can help her," came Asuma's voice from a distance. he was able to hire him before, but never quite got used to it, so he jumped and looked around, but couldn't see anyone. "i guess that was a yes," he said, lighted a cigarette and started walking away: " Thank you Asuma."

He was walking through the village, lost in thought when a boy bumped into him. "Sorry," they said in union. "Uncle Shikamaru! I was looking for you!" little Asuma said. "Oh hi Asuma jr." greeted Shikamaru, "What do you need me about?" "Uncle Naruto invited us to dinner. You are Coming with us, right dad... am... I mean Uncle Shikamaru? " little Asuma asked his uncle. "I ... am.. I don't know if I should, " Shikamaru replied. "You have to come! You are like my daddy and I want my mommy and my daddy to come!" the boy said, looked away and crossed his arms. Shikamaru smiled: "Ok, then I'l just have to come. But we really should ask your mom first if she's ok with it." "She is. I asked her like a minute ago," little Asuma said happily. "oh, Ok then. Where is your mother anyway?" asked Shikamaru and the little Asuma just pointed in the direction he was running from. "Where she always is," smiled the little boy and ran of. Shikamaru walked over to the hill , where he knew she spent all her free time. It was a special place for her, Asuma proposed to her there. When he reached the top, there she was, standing under a tree, looking in the opposite direction. She was pale, like she was really cold and looked as if she was held by someone. Shikamaru thought she was just beautiful."Yue!" he called out to her and she turned around. he ran to her. "Hey Shika..." she was cut of by Shikamaru's lips, wich came crushing down on hers. She instinctively closed her eyes and kissed back. It quickly turned into a very rough kiss. They were holding their feelings back for so long, it was no surprise. Even if Yue didn't want to admit it, she loved Shikamaru, too. She ran her fingers through his hair and he gently pushed her back up against the tree, without braking the kiss and pulled her lag up to his waist. Then something snapped inside her and she pushed Shikamaru off and started walking away. "Yue, wait ... I didn't ... " Shikamaru tried to stop her. Suddenly she turned around as if she was going to say something, but changed her mind and shook her head but didn't move. "Go back to him," Asuma's voice said next to her ear and she felt a hand gently pushing her. Shikamaru looked confused and there were sings of guilt on his face. "Yue I didn't mean to ..." he tried to apologize. She walked back to him and Shikamaru looked as if he was expecting to get slapped across the face. She blushed: " Shikamaru ... am ... could you ... possibly try ... am .... that again?" She looked away, turning bright red. Shikamaru smiled, placed his hand under her chin and pulled her face to meet his. He gently pressed his lips against hers. She put her hands on his chest while he wrapped one of his hands around her waist while the other was stroking her neck. She realized kissing Shikamaru made her feel just like she felt when she kissed Asuma, wich must have meant she loved Shikamaru. It scared her and she felt guilty. She gently pulled away from Shikamaru, but didn't break the embrace. "This is wrong, Shikamaru," she said, looking away. "No it's not," he replied comely, "It's been five years Yue. You can't live in the past, hoping for something that will never happen." "But I love him!" she yelled and tried to push Shikamaru off, but he didn't let go of her. "Doesn't it matter how much I love you!I get so jealous when I think about you and Asuma together! And when I remember how much you suffer because you can never be with him again .... i just can't take it!" he yelled back, nearly crying. She stopped resisting him, like she had frozen. "And i know for a fact you love me to, otherwise you wouldn't have kissed me that way," he said more comely now, but still sadness was heard in his voice. "Why can't you except that? Why won't you let Asuma go? Why won't you let me make you happy?" he feel to his knees. "Please. I've been suffering so much, loving you in secret all these time. and I just adore little Asuma and I really want to be his father," he said hugging her and placing his head on he stomach, "that's why I spent so much time with the two of you. I just wanted t be near if you needed me," he smiled, " Probably why Little Asuma almost called me daddy today." "But I can see him, Shikamaru. Asuma I mean," she said as if she hadn't heard him at all. She placed her hands on his shoulders, looking away. " he first appeared to me when I took little Asuma to see his father's grave. He hugged us that day and I felt so happy having a family back. God! I miss that feeling. I miss having somebody to lean on, somebody to help me raise little Asuma," she admitted. "That's what I'm trying to give you. I realy want to be little Asuma's father and I just want to make you happy," he repeated himself, letting go of her. He pulled a black box from his pocket. "Will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Nara?" he said opening the box, revealing a ring. "Shikamaru, I ...." she blinked and when she oppened her eyes again, instead of Shikamaru kneeling infront of her she saw Asuma. He stood up: " Go on, say yes." he smiled at her. "Yue?" she heard Shikamaru's worried voice in the distance and she returned to reality. "I think I do love you Shikamaru. But i feel so guilty because of it. I don't think I can ..." she was going to say marry you, but was cut of by Shikamaru."Don't you think I feel the same way. just the thought of taking you away from Asuma makes me feel sick to my stomach," he said standing up, but didn't close the box. " I would never have told you how I felt if you still had Asuma. But Asuma's dead ..." he said looking away. A tear rolled down his cheek. " I can hire him sometimes, you know and all he would say is to help you move on and to tell you how I feel. it took me so long to tell you because I felt guilty loving you, " he poused for a moment, " So please Yue, be my wife. I love you so much and I can't stand seeing you suffer so much for not having a real family." She nodded her head, Shikamaru took her hand and put a ring on her finger. He pulled her closer and she put her hand on his chest and lay her head on his shoulder. He kissed her head. " That's what I wanted to see," they heard Asuma's voice come from under a tree. he was pale and transparent as always, but this time Shikamaru could see him too. They turned to face him. "I stayed because i was worried about you Yue. But now that my Family is finally safe and you finally excepted my death I can leave this world. I wish you happiness," he said. "I love you Yue and Shikamaru, be there for her like I would have been." he touched Yue's cheek and disappeared. " No Asuma, don't go!" Yue yelled and reached out her hand. She felt Shikamaru's hands wrap around her and she felt better. "You ok?" Shikamaru asked. She nodded:" I was finally able to let him go." She turned to face him. "Thanks to you," she said and pressed her lips against his gently. He pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

"Ewwww!" they heard a child's voice and they broke the kiss quickly. "Does that mean I have to start calling you daddy, uncle Shikamaru?" said little Asuma happily. " Only if you want to." Shikamaru laughed. The little boy thought about it for a while. " I think I want to, daddy!" he said and ran towards Shikamaru. He bent down to pick his new son up. The boy had a big smile as he gave a kiss to his mother and was held by his new father. Shikamaru held little Asuma with one hand, with the other he hugged Yue. She just couldn't help but smile. Suddenly Asuma jumped out of Shikamaru's arms. "We have to go.Hurry. Aunt Hinata said dinner will be ready in 3 hours." he yelled and ran downhill. Shikamaru and Yue walked behind him, hand in hand. After they reached the bottom of the hill they had to separate, because their houses were in different directions. Shikamaru hugged Yue and whispered to her: "I love you so much. Thank you for letting me be with you." She giggled: " I love you, too. I might have a surprise for you:" "What kind of surprise?" Shikamaru wanted to know. "You'll just have to wait and see," she said walking away.

When she and little Asuma came home, she prepared clothes for Asuma to wear, then she pured a bath and made him take it. Then she looked in the closet to look for a special red dress, witch she wore when Asuma proposed to her. She found it and placed it on the bed. She decided to dye her hair to mark a new beginning in her life. After Asuma was done in the bathroom she took a quick shower. After she finished she blow - dried her hair, witch were now light brown, almost blond and put them up in 4 ponytails on the back of her head. She put on the dress and looked herself in the mirror. "WOW! you look really pretty mommy," little Asuma said, form behind the door he just opened. "Thank you, Asuma," she said, when the doorbell rang. "Daddy's here!" the little one yelled and ran to open the door. Yue followed slowly. When Shikamaru saw her, he was left speechless. "Would you stop staring at me like that," said Yue, blushing. Little Asuma just smiled, while gripping on Shikamaru's hand. "Sorry, it's just you look .... Amazing would be an understatement!" Shikamaru apologized. She blushed and even darker shade of red then her dress was. "OK! OK! Let's go already!" little Asuma pulled Shikamaru out the door.

When they arrived, Hinata and Naruto were waiting in front of their house to greet them. They were really surprised when they saw Yue. They complimented her transformation and they all went inside. After dinner little Asuma felt tired and fell asleep in Naruto's arms. But the grownups started talking. "So... Yue, what caused this transformation?" naruto asked. She and Naruto were like brother and sister, wich was no surprise. they were both jinjuriki( a jinjuriki is a term used for people who have tailed beasts sealed inside them. ^_^), so they understood one an other. Yue looked at Shikamaru and blushed. shikamaru took her hand in his. "It's to mark the new beginning in my life," she said and touched her hair with the free hand. Hinata and Naruto looked confused. "Yue and I got engaged today," Shikamaru explained, looking at Yue. "Finally!" Naruto said and Hinata nudged him in the ribs. "What? You were thinking that, too," Naruto protested. Hinata laughed . "Anyway. When are you moving in, Shikamaru? " she asked. " I don't know. We didn't really talk about it yet," he replied and put a hand around Yue, who nodded. "Let's do this: Why don't you leave Asuma with us tonight and pick him up tomorrow night. that will give you a whole day, to get all Shikamarus stuff to the house. What do you say?" Hinata proposed. "Oh no. We couldn't ..." Yues said. "We don't want to be a bother," Shikamaru agreed. "It's no bother at all. We love the little guy, besides you know he's been asking to stay here," Naruto said. After a bit more convincing Shikamaru and Yue agreed to go with Hinata's plan. Asuma was thrilled to stay. Shikamaru decided to stay at Yue's hause for the night. The next day, with some help from Ino, Choji, Kiba, Shino and Shikamarus parants, who were all thrilled about the news, they moved all Shikamaru's stuff to Yue's place.

And what did they do the night before the move? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is:


So Shikamaru and Yue finaly realized they love each other. Asuma was able to leave this world and rest in peace. Little Asuma is thrilled to call Shikamaru father. What will happened to them? keep reading to find out.

Hope you liked it. Here are some pictures for you:


(How Asuma held Yue and Little one, when he first appeared to them)


(Shikamaru and Yue kiss)


(Yue and Asuma, when he proposed)


(Yue and Shikamaru, after her transformation)


(a picture of Naruto and Hinata)


(just a picture of Asuma)

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