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Created by UlquiorraGrimmjowfangirl on Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Big Time Cool Girl

Name: Alicia Knight
Age: 17
Is: Caring, sweet, dynamic, Prankster, Outgoing, Clever, Sneaky, Fashionista, Curvy, Dancer, Hyper, Singer, Cocky, Hockey Player.

Loves: Hockey, Corn Dogs, Custom Helmets, Shopping, Running,Anything made by Trix, Snapple, Pretzel’s, Rootbeer, Peaches, Mcdonalds, Sharkies, and Fruit Smackers.
Likes: Big Time Rush, Kelly Gustavo’s assistant, Health Guru, hanging out with her little sister, California, Corn Dogs, Hockey Helmets, being doofy, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Dislikes: Jerks, Hawk, Griffin, Jett, Fruit Loops, and last minute shopping.
Sister of: Kendall Knight, Katie Knight.


Alicia P.O.V

I groaned lugging my suitcase’s into the Palm Woods Hotel and up to the reception desk. I read the nameplate thing ‘ Mr. Bitters’. I looked up at the overweight man with nerd glasses and a buzz cut.

“Um excuse me Sir im looking for Kendall Knight.”
I flipped my hair out my face and squinted at him.

“Room 2J.” He glared at me and continued eating his salt less fries.

“Whatever Pudgy.” I mumbled dragging my stuff towards the elevator.

I pressed the up button and waited for the elevator to come down. DING! It opened with that annoying bell I dragged my stuff in, bumping the 2 button with my hip. I waited eagerly as the rusty piece of metal came to a stop and I shuffled around until I found the door-marked 2J. I felt my anxiety build up as I knocked on the door. I heard Kendal’s voice as he laughed at something. He opened the door and froze when he saw me.

“ALICIA!” He yelled as he bear hugged me.

“Kendal.” His shirt muffled my voice since he was a good 5 inches taller than me. I laughed as he rocked us back and fourth.

“Ohhh looks like Kendal has a lady friend.” I heard a familiar voice laugh. Ken turned us both around and glared at whomever.

“Shut up Logan.” My muffled laugh was still loud as Kendal threw me over his shoulder.

“Hey big nose put me down.” I smacked him upside the head. He poked me and I freaked for a second.

“Hey MOM, Katie come here!” He yelled setting me down.

“What Kendal?” I heard Katie as she came sliding down this awesome yellow swirly slide. When she climbed out and her eyes met mine she screamed.

“ALICIA!” She screamed even louder and ran towards me at full speed until we collided. I picked her up and began twirling her around in a circle. She giggled as I placed her down on the floor again. “I’ve missed you, you little booger.” I tousled her hair and she laughed smacking my hand away.

“Yes Kendal.” Mom’s voice came floating out of the kitchen.

“Ally’s here.” He smirked.

“What?” Her head popped out of the kitchen and she beamed when she saw me standing there.

“Alicia.” She smiled as I ran over to her and embraced her in a Kendal hug. She ruffled my hair and let me go. She went back into the kitchen and I turned towards the door. Kendal shot me a look as I walked towards the open door, he calmed down when he saw me lugging my stuff in.

“Sheesh Ally how much crap did you bring.”

“Oh shut up frat boy.”

We had a ultimate stare down until Logan cleared his throat. “Kendal your not gonna introduce us to
this lovely girl.” James smiled. I turned to look at them. It was Carlos, Logan and James all standing there like a bunch of dummy’s.

“Really you don’t remember me?” They shook their heads repeatedly.

“Alicia, Alicia Knight Kendal’s sister a.k.a Queen Prankerton of the Pranks?” I beamed when I saw it click in.

“ALICIA!” They yelled bum rushing me.

I smiled as the picked me up an started chanting my name. They put me down and started talking all at once. “Woah Woah slow down one at a time.” I motioned for them to be quiet. I pointed at James. “Shoot.”

“WE MISSED YOU!” They all yelled at the same time. I laughed covering my mouth when I realized how loud it really was. They stared at me and Kendal started to laugh it sounded exactly like mine just more boyish. Katie shook her head and walked away.

“So uh yeah Ally where you been?” Kendal questioned.

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