Vanilla Scented, Fluffy Socks // SasukexYou // [one-shot]

It's quite unexpected when Sasuke gives you a weird gift. I recently got scented fluffy socks for Christmas and I decided why not write about one relating to Sasuke? Orginally, this was suppose to be a short Hetalia one-shot but I haven't wrote anything related to Sasuke in a while. So enjoy fluffly readers :)

Created by xMinatoNatsumii on Sunday, December 19, 2010

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“Scented socks?”

Sasuke seemed a bit irritated by the sound of your voice. When you recited the item he gave you for Christmas, it almost seemed like you thought it was stupid or maybe even worthless. Apparently, Sasuke gave you vanilla scented, fuzzy socks as a Christmas gift which was unlike him. He wasn’t the type of guy who would wonder in store buying his fiancĂ© scented sucks. Actually, he wasn’t the type of guy who would go out in public and even buy a present.

The Uchiha’s onyx orbs narrowed. A frown was plastered on his face after seeing your flustered expression. “You hate it,”

“I didn’t say that!” You stuttered, assuring him it wasn’t a pathetic present. You thought it was adorable yet weird at the same time. Sasuke’s eyes manage to eye yours in an embarrassing way. You had to be honest with the man and to make sure not to hurt his feelings, you had to use a famous tactic of yours. “I think it’s sweet you got me these.”

Sasuke flinched, swiping the socks from your hand. “Admit it. You hate it.”

You cocked an eyebrow, exhaled and let your fingers run through his lush, silk black hair. “I don’t hate it. It’s just --”

“It’s just what?” he repeated sternly.

Your fingers scratched the back of your neck. You needed to at least sound a bit, eh, truthful. Including in front of him. He hated being lied to. And you hated being lied to as well. Vise versa. You two were similar in a way however, you were a bit active and social with the others than he was. “It’s unlike you to give me something like this,”

“So you do hate it,” Sasuke muttered.

You grunted in mortification and began to almost rip your hair out. The thing about Sasuke was, he always seemed like he wasn’t always satisfying like the rest of your friends. He wasn’t able to pay much attention to you. Nor was he able to keep up with your interests. But the thing was, he never seemed to ever trust himself. By that, I mean he would still think that his love for you was impossible. He highly doubted that he would actually gain your attention.

You planted a smile on your lips and gently placed a soft kiss against his forehead, guarantying him that you didn’t hate or deceased his gift. You were more like surprised. “For the billionth time, I don’t hate it.”

“You seem like you do,” The Uchiha grumbled, letting his arms sling around your waist in warmth.

Surprisingly, you let your fingers rub his muscled back, comforting him. “C’mon. I want to show you your present.”

Sasuke lifted his head and gave you a flustered expression. You grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the Christmas tree with the wrapped gifts still under it. Both of you sat cross-legged and gazed into each others eyes. You exchanged your gift and waited for Sasuke to unwrap it. If he ever could unwrap it. Within minutes, he was able to rip the bits of wrapper. Opening the box, he unveiled nothing more than a massage cushion.

“A massage cushion? You sure it’s for me?”

You merely shrugged, leaping behind his back, wrapping your arms around his neck. He felt so warm whenever you embraced him from behind. Almost like he was some kind of heater. “You have been complaining about your back lately. I thought it would be best for you.”

“You want to know why I bought you those socks?” Sasuke murmured, not even daring to look at your face. His face seemed to show a crimson tint. You blinked. Tilting your head you questioned why. He heavily sighed, confessing the truth behind his gift. “You always say that your feet get cold in the middle of the night so I decided to buy them for you.”

You began to hysterically laugh. Sasuke didn’t seem to happy once he stated his reason. Throughout the night, you enjoyed each others company. Thus ends another Christmas story.

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