Rivals to the End [ A x-Kyouya x You x Ginga-x Story] Beyblade Metal Fusion xx5;

Hmm, and just three days before christmas. Well, then. Merry Early christmas everyone~ this is my christmas present to you. I'm so glad everyone likes this series. I don't think this story would become so popular. I'd also like to thank, MrzHitsugaya, Ookaminukiba666, hasApetcoconut, xx1berychan1xx, and Real.Life.Sucks. You guys rule so much! ? Oh and kudos to whoever can get the old beyblade reference in the story! :D [[[Oh and I also don't own Hoshiko Hagane, she belongs to Real.Life.Sucks.]]]

Created by secertgurl1223 on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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"Don't worry [Name]-chan I promise I'll come back safe and sound!"

You huffed placing your hands upon your hips. "Who said I was worried?" Ginga flashed you a wide grin and took your hands within his.

"You had the same look in your eyes from before. Don't worry about me; I promise I'll come back because I have someone to come back to." In a flash Ginga's lips were on your cheek and then he was gone sprinting towards the mountain grinning like a fool.

You stood there slowly placing a hand over the spot where Ginga had kissed you. It was still warm, a small tingling sensation still present. Your face flushed red.


'Stupid Ginga,' You grumbled to yourself as you fiddled with your beyblade some more. That boy really had some nerve kissing your cheek like that. But it wasn't as if you didn't like it, but you didn't love it either. You didn't like Ginga that way.

Did you?

You also couldn't ignore the damn feeling that bubbled in your chest when he had kissed you, which the feeling had now resided in your stomach and every time you thought about it, a warm feeling spread through your body.

Goddamn stupid emotions, you hated them all.

Frustrated you kicked a rock in front of you. It skipped across the ground and nailed straight into the wooden door meters from your current location. Your [e/c] eyes stared at the wooden door. It was that same wooden door Ginga had opened with his bey, letting him pass to the Holy Ground.

The ginger had offered for you to come, but you refused saying it was his journey to make Pegasis stronger, not yours. Maybe you should've gone with him though; it would've been safer wouldn't it?

A small frown became evident on your lips. You were worried about him, regardless of what he did. Ginga was still your friend and you wondered if he was really okay up there. He was ready to put his life on the line to defeat Ryuuga and you finally knew why.

You placed a hand upon your hip staring at the door in front of you. Your hand slipped behind your back and grabbed your launcher and your beyblade, and loaded them up. You took a stance aiming your replacement beyblade at the door.

It was because of Daidouji your beyblade was gone and it was because of Ryuuga, Ginga…! Your fingers gripped the cord and growled. "GO—!" "What the hell am I doing?" Sighing, you put away your beyblade and your launcher and turn around.

Ginga would solve this problem on his own. It was his problem, plus he said he'd come back. "Because I have someone to come back too!" You growled pounding your fists upon your head as you make your way back towards Kouma village. Stupid boy! You hated him for doing such a thing.

But why was your heart wavering so?

Without your noticing you found yourself within the forest, further from your destination. It wasn't until you stopped in front of a small shrine did you realize you weren't going to Kouma village anymore. "Shit, where am I?" You murmur to yourself staring at the shrine in front of you.

In front of the shrine was a hedge stone. You kneeled in front of it and carefully wiped away some of the dirt on the stone. You read over the inscription to yourself quietly.

"Hagane Hoshiko. Beloved Mother and Wife; may she ever be within our heart and soul."

"Hoshiko…?" You echoed to yourself. "Must be Ginga's mom," You stood up dusting off your knees your eyes catching the glimmer from a beyblade within the shrine. You glance around for a moment then peer into the shrine; you ease your hand into the wooden place and pull out a beyblade.

You brushed off some dust and blew on the beyblade scattering the dust into the wind. The beyblade felt unusually heavy for some reason. You flipped it over and felt the tip. "Metal? But aren't most tips plastic…?" "So I see you found her grave." The voice made you jump; you also threw up the beyblade into the air. You fumbled to catch the beyblade.

"Wah!" You caught the beyblade and sighed in relief when nothing happened to it. When you finally turn around you see Hokuto sitting there with an amused look in his eyes. "What?" Hokuto let out a low chuckle. "You really do remind me of her, Ginga's mom."

Your eyes flicker to the grave and to the beyblade. "You can keep the beyblade if you want, but, I'd be careful with it. You might not be able to control it." And with that Hokuto left, not before you followed after him though, because you had no idea where you were going in the first place.

When you returned with Hokuto at your heels, you found Ginga and the others as well. "Ah, [Name]-chan!" Kenta called waving you and Hokuto over. Ginga flashed you a large grin as he ran over to you. Before he could talk your hand connected with his head.

Ginga let out a whine grabbing his head rubbing the tender spot where you had hit him. Ginga stared at you with a visible frown on your lips. It soon dissolved and was replaced by a smile. You started to laugh and then Ginga joined in as well.

Kyouya stood not too far from you and Ginga. He wore a scowl on his face. He didn't know why but he felt really jealous all of a sudden. Kyouya didn't know why, it was just seeing you and Ginga laughing together. You just looked so happy and up until now. He was always the one that made you smile like you were now.

Why in such a short time was Ginga able to make you so happy?

It didn't make sense, and Kyouya didn't like it.


"Alright, food's ready you guys!" Hyouma stated holding up the skewers to You and the rest of the group. You took one and sighed happily. "Oh man these smell so good Hyouma!" You commented with a large smile on your face. You took a bite and swallowed it. "Have as much as you want!" Hyouma stated.

Benkei inhaled several skewers. "Even if you say that, I'll eat as much as I want!" Kenta laughed lightly. "Benkei, that's too much!" You took another bite of your food, smiling. "[Name]," You glanced at Kyouya, he's sky blue eyes meet yours.

"Are you okay?"

You're a tad bit puzzled by his question, but you nod. Kyouya lets out a soft sigh. "I really wish you would've left me a note." He takes a bite of his food. "I'm sorry. But knowing you Kyouya you would've known I was with Ginga, and wouldn't be worried." You say a little ashamed. True, you should've left a note for Kyouya but you assumed he would know you'd be safe.

Kyouya let out an easy sigh. He reached over ruffling you [h/c] locks. "You're safe and that's really all that matters." He takes a bite of his food a small smile on his face, you let out a small laugh and nodded. "Ginga!" Kenta called to the ginger. "Huh?" "Come on down! Come get some food before it's all gone!" "You too Hokuto! Hey, Hey, Hey!" Hokuto flared. "Don't treat me like a dog!"

"But you are one." Kyouya grumbled into his food. You snickered at your friend's remark and continued to eat before you grabbed another one.

Nightfall soon came to Kouma village and you and the others stood upon a hill gazing up at the stars above, glittering in the sky. "I don't see Leo anywhere Kyouya." You hum your [e/c] searching frantically for Kyouya's constellation. "Leo's more of spring constellation. I don't think we can see him." Kyouya stated. You let out a small sigh.

The group continued to point at constellations for a while before it was time to turn in. But there was something you wanted to know first. The boys were in their own little cabin while the girls were in theirs. You figured this would be a perfect chance to ask Madoka about the beyblade you found in the shrine.

"Hey Madoka?"

The girl responded with a hum as she gazed up from her laptop to stare at you. "What is it [Name]?" You reach over to your clothes and pull out the beyblade and show it to her. "Do you think you could tell me more about this beyblade?" Madoka blinks taking the beyblade from your hand.

She sets it aside and types furiously into her laptop. It pulled up a page on the beyblade. "Well it's definitely an attack type bey. Ah here we go. Flame Virgo ED145DS, definitely an attack type bey, a metal wheel," She listed off the basic parts of the beyblade. "But what's really odd is that it has a metal performance tip."

You tilt your head to the side a bit confused. "Metal performance tip?" Madoka nods. She types in a few things and shows it to you upon her screen. "A metal Performance tip on a beyblade creates a lot of resistance and friction, which means it, has a lot of power backed up behind it. It's interesting really. I've never heard of a beyblade that has such a thing."

Madoka hands the beyblade back to you. "Huh, interesting."


Early the next morning—after breakfast—Ginga and Hyouma lead the whole group through Bey Forest showing all the places that Hyouma and Ginga had practiced on when they were kids. Including a hallowed out stump, a stream and an area with large odd rock formations with multiple holes in them; in which Madoka stated they were basic things but a great way to train.

You were more focused on what you were going to do with your new beyblade. Sure Madoka had said it was a powerful beyblade but you wanted to know how powerful it really was.

Kyouya shot his beyblade through the hole within the rock and smirked. "Anything Ginga can do, I can do it as well." He stated. Ginga laughed lightly. His hazel eyes flickered over to your form, your eyes seemed distant for a moment.

"Ne, [Name]-chan, why don't you give it a try?" Ginga suggested with a large grin on his face. He laced his hands behind his head. You snap out of your thoughts gazing at the rock before you. Madoka gives you a look urging you not to, but how else were you going to get used to your new beyblade? You nodded accepting Ginga's challenge. "Sure!"

You run over to where Kyouya, Benkei and Kenta were. You took out your launcher and Flame Virgo and load it up. Kyouya instantly notices your beyblade is different. It's not the same replacement beyblade you had from before. Your grip the ripcord tightly within your hand and give it a strong jerk. "Go Shoot!" As soon as you launch the beyblade, you feel very light.

Your [e/c] eyes widened in surprise as you're swept off your feet and fly back into a rock. Your back slams against the boulder and you let out a gasp of pain. The beyblade flies forward to the rock and goes in one way and out the other. It takes a moment but the rock slowly slides off the side. A perfect clean cut. The beyblade bounces off another rock breaking it in half and slams into the ground creating a large crater.

Everyone stares with wide eyes at your beyblade and yourself. "Holy…" You grunt as Kyouya helps you to your feet. "Just as I thought," Madoka sighs as a data screen pops up on her mini laptop. All eyes fall to her, except for Sky blue, and hazel ones which were solely focused on you.

"That new beyblade you have [Name], the power is strong is literately blew you back. With all that power [Name], that beyblade it's too strong for you." Madoka glances up from her laptop to you.

"There's no way you'll be able to control Flame Virgo."

Hyouma's eyes widened for a moment at the mention of the name. "Hokuto, what were you thinking?"

Ginga walked over to the beyblade within the crater and picks it up. "I'm sure you'll be able to control it, you just have to go back to basics is all." He made his way over to you and held out the beyblade. You took it from his hands and nodded. "Just stay calm, relax and try launching it again."

You load up Virgo into your launcher again and take a deep breath, slowly exhaling. "Go Shoot!" You launched the beyblade taking a step back still not used to the force. Kyouya steadied your shoulders making sure you wouldn't fly back. The beyblade hit the ground going straight for a moment only to skid off course just like that.

"Wow, it just skids off course so easily!" Kenta gasps staring in awe.

The beyblade immediately stops spinning and lays there motionless. You sigh walking over to pick up your beyblade. "I guess you just need to keep practicing with it some more." Hyouma said. You nod. "Don't worry [Name]-san! I'm confident you'll get that beyblade under control!"

"Yeah," Hyouma starts to lead the group away heading off to somewhere else. "You coming [Name]-chan?" Ginga questioned look back at your form. You shake your head loading up your beyblade. "No, I want to keep practicing with this new beyblade." Ginga seems a bit dejected but nods understanding. Kyouya lingers behind for a moment.

You smile at your childhood friend and nod. "I'll be okay Kyou-kun, I promise!" Kyouya smiles at your nickname and leaves to catch up with the group. Your smile fades as you turn forward taking a stance again. You were going to learn how to control this beyblade, even if it killed you.

"Go Shoot!"


"Thanks again for everything Hyouma, Hokuto." Ginga shook Hyouma's hand a wide smile upon his face. Hyouma chuckled, a smile gracing his features. "It's not a problem Ginga; it's been nice seeing you again, Along with all of your wonderful new friends." The ginger laughs rubbing the back of his head.

"Take care Ginga," Hokuto adds. Ginga nods his head. He waves Hokuto and Hyouma goodbye as he steps onto the train and takes a seat next to Kenta. His hazel eyes flicker over to your sleeping form.

Once the group had returned they had found you still practicing with your beyblade. You were stubborn to stop but once Kyouya intervened you were quickly reluctant to stop for now. Kyouya was also the one who carried you back to the train station. You just happened to fall asleep in his arms along the way.

You yawned snuggling into Kyouya's shoulder more a small smile on your face. Your childhood friend turned his head the other way, his gaze out the window. Ginga placed a hand over his stomach, an uneasy feeling starting to settle in. He frowned slightly.

Kyouya gently gripped your hand, you gave a squeeze back. His gaze turned towards Ginga, who was staring at you two. His rival sent a smug smirk in direction causing the ginger to scowl.

It was at that instant. Not only were Ginga and Kyouya competing to be the best blader.

They were competing to win over your heart.

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