Everything Happens For A Reason - A Draco Malfoy Love Story (Chapter 2)

wow, chapter 2 already. it may not sound like an achivement but this story is had to write! litteraly i dreamed about this and it's a lot harder putting it to paper! anyways enough about my problems... rate, message and BANNERS!! please! the first person to make me a banner will become a character in this story i promise! i made this one below, i hope it works because it took a LONG time to make this bitch. enjoy :P

Created by DarkAngel1621 on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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“We’ll be at Hogwarts next week, Aid. He won’t be able to get you there.” Sienna Reassured me.

“Sienna, you don’t understand. If he wants it enough, he’ll find me.” I said falling face first onto my extremely bouncy bed.

“I’m sorry, what do you expect me to do?” she asked.

“Nothing. Let’s just write to Mr. Leaves and tell him we won’t be coming back to work.” And with that I got up and began our resignation letter to our boss, I told him we would finish the week but that was all. When Sienna fell asleep I began packing my things the muggle way, I had all night since I don’t sleep. I left a few things in my closet to last me the week, then I could pack them later on. Nights suck, I’m alone listening to Sienna snore, it’s like she’s rubbing it in, I can fall asleep because I’m a normal wizard, you’re a screwed wizard vampire. I would have left the dorm room but I wasn’t going to take any chances with Garrett out there. My next worst fear is that he’ll show up at work and ask for a private with me. I need to stop thinking about it, clear my mind. And before I knew it the darkness beyond my window gradually became lighter. Sienna woke up, and we had all day before work.

“What do you want to do?” She yawned, and stretched.

“I’m hungry.” I said simply. She winced.

“Well we need to fix that then don’t we?” she said. “Well, let me get dressed and we’ll go out.” She said with yet another yawn. I didn’t know where I was going to go, I normally get hungry at night and take a few bites during a private, they think it’s all part of the ‘stripper act’ but really I’m feeding. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. I wasn’t starving or anything, really I could wait until my sift tonight to eat, but sienna hold me that when I go for long amounts of time without eating I get… weird. There was always the forest, a centaur would do the trick, but I couldn’t do that to my body, it was too used to human. Sienna came out of the bathroom with her tooth brush still in her mouth.

“What are you going to do when we get to Hogwarts?” She asked, it was hard to understand with the toothbrush, but she continued. “You know, when you get hungry.” She walked over to her closet and picked out an outfit.

“You said that there is going to be four or five of us from each of our old houses, did you not?” I sat in the desk chair.

“I did say that.” She didn’t think much of what I had just said until moments later.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no.” She had taken the tooth brush out of her mouth and was waving it in a warning like fashion.

“They won’t mind a little blood loss.” I said innocently.

“And what if all the Slytherins are women?” Sienna asked.

“They don’t have to be Slytherin; I mean I don’t mind spilling a little Gryffindor blood…” I trailed off. She looked horrified, completely disgusted. I gave an evil smile.

“I just wish you were this conniving when it comes to Garrett.” She put the toothbrush back in her mouth and turned for the bathroom. The smile was wiped from my face at the sound of his name.

The week passed slowly, we were on extreme carful mode all week, or I was anyways. I flinched whenever we turned a corner; I cringed at the sound of an opening or closing door. Life was fucking unbearable being scared all the time. We were leaving for Hogwarts tomorrow, so that meant our last day of work was tonight. Ever since I had seen that blonde teenage boy at the club I couldn’t get help but think I was seeing him everywhere. Am I going crazy? Possibly. Am I just over stressed and he’s the last sane thought I’ve had so I’m trying to hold onto it? Just as likely. Every night I went out there I secretly looked for him, but I wasn’t granted my wish. I had been thinking about this the whole time I was doing my show, not really paying attention to my surroundings until I heard the background music in my head stop. My show was over, my last show. I collected my pay and left with sienna, I never had to set foot in that building again. I was fucking beaming brighter then the sun on a cloudless day. When we got home I packed all of my remaining clothing into my trunk and put my deep black owl, Ten, back in his cage. Ten is short for ‘Tenebre’ which means darkness in Italian. Sienna did the same with her snowy white owl, Beau. We were quite before Sienna finally spoke.

“It feels like were going back for like… an eighth year.” She smiled.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind, you know. I love that school; we have had so many memories there, just to be there one more time…”

“To actually ride the Hogwarts express again…” Sienna continued.

“To walk down those halls, eat in the Great Hall…”

“But at the head table!” We both squealed excitedly and giggled like third year girls.

“I can’t wait until morning.” Sienna said getting into bed.

“At least you don’t have to stay awake all night thinking about it, you just get to fall asleep and then wake up. Lucky bitch.” I shook my head.

“That’s right I’m sleeping like a bitch. Deal with it.” Those were her last words before sleep came over her.

We got ready with a rush of excitement, we apperated into that lobby of our dorm building, the lady behind the desk was starring at us.

“Here.” Sienna gave her the room keys. “We won’t be needing them for a while.” Then we apperated to Kings Cross Station, right in front of platforms nine and ten, old memories flooded through me.

“After you.” Sienna stepped back and curtsied like I was royalty.

“No, no after you, I insist.” I mirrored her previous movements.

“Shall we do it together then?” She asked making her British accent more noticeable.

“We shall.” We linked arms and ran through the wall laughing the whole way, we were getting looks from the students as we passed, they were actually thought we were drunks! Oh those poor useless twats, they were going to pay for that in class. We recognized a group of other student professors from our classes. I remembered only one of them from my major, but obviously not well enough to know his name. We walked over to them and said hello. They replied and went on with their previous conversations.

Two students emerged from the trains door way and walked towards us, one of witch was a ginger. I don’t particularly like gingers, I’m not sure why, I just don’t. As they got closer I realized they were Gryffindor’s, not only that, but they were prefects. I’m not sure what possessed them to do so, but they had a strange impulse to walk over to me.

“Hello, my name is Hermione Granger, Prefect, and this is Ronald Wesley.” She stated triumphantly.

“I’m a Prefect as well.” The ginger put in, in a much less confident, much less triumphant voice.

“Adrianna Romano, Student Professor.” I stated matching her voice. The red head looked up at me as if just seeing me for the first time; he turned bright red, and looked at the floor smiling.

“For Goodness Sakes Ronald!” She slapped his arm and turned back to us. “We are supposed to escort you to your compartment; they added it onto the back of the train right behind the prefect’s cart.” She turned, and as she did she whipped her hair around in a much too cocky way. Damn Gryffindors, always trying to be better then everyone else.

“Follow me.” She called. Once we were all seated and that Granger girl had left us, we all got to talking, apparently we all graduated from Hogwarts during the same year. It was interesting to see how the few people I had remembered had changed. Everyone had remembered me, which was very strange, I mean I was popular but I thought that, that was just among the Slytherins. It was two males and two females from each of our old houses, and two student professors per subject. We were going to discuss further when Granger and Ginger had wandered into our compartment.

“Problem Prefect?” I asked with an acidy tone, the Hufflepuff student professors cringed, I merely smiled.

“Looking to give someone a detention?” It was a male voice who spoke but they had used the same tone as I. Granger had opened her mouth to speak, but I cut in.

“Because you do know we can give detention to, right? I could give you detention right now if I very well felt like it.” I shrugged. The three other Slytherins were getting pumped from the conflict; they were just itching to join in.

“No you can’t.” The Ginger said with a mouth full of chocolate frogs, the trolley had obviously passed by him.

“And why is that?” Sienna asked using a sly voice.

“Because were Prefects that’s why.” He said with his mouth still full. The Slytherins all did the same icy, intimidating, yet seductive laugh.

“I was a prefect too believe it or not, and I might have gotten more detentions then everyone else.” I told them.

“Hell yes, I remember those days. When you’re in Slytherin, and you make Prefect, they are basically telling you to do whatever the fuck you want to the other kids, in fact here, take a badge. What they don’t tell you is that you can still get in trouble, you can get away with a hell of a lot more, but you can still get in trouble.” He finished. I turned to look at the man who had just spoke, Drew. We had dated in fifth year, we had only met because we were both prefects, and he was the guy who had almost gotten me pregnant, twice. The break up was mutual, we both thought it was for the best, then later that day, when news of the power couple had gotten out, Garrett asked me out. Oh, god Garrett! I had forgotten about the rat bastard…

I looked up to find the two kids still in our cart, all the Slytherins staring them down. The girl turned on the spot, and walked angrily towards the door, but before she left she said something, it was probably meant for the ginger but we had heard it anyways.

“Ahh! That’s it! Next time I’m letting Malfoy come check on them!” and with that she left, but the ginger was still here.

“You should follow her.” I said to him acidly, his checks began to once again burn bright red and he left. I hate Gryffindor.

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