2A Wizzard Love Story [Oliver Wood]

Chapter two. And yes I'm chaning some of what the actual story went by.

Created by BrystinnPaigee on Thursday, December 30, 2010

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A Sorting, That’ll Make You Smile

“Hagrid, please take the first years, and our three ladies here, to the lake.” Professor McGonagall said, point the new students to Hagrid.

“Yes Minerva.” He started leading the students to the lake.

“Well, I guess I need to go.”

“One sec, everyone thought there was four of you?”

“My little sister. She’s a first year.” McKenzie laughed. I nodded.

“Dude! You totally scored her. You have dibs on her.” Lee Jordan came running over.

“Sure. She loves quidditch too. So, maybe she can help with quidditch. And you know I’m focusing on my quidditch career.” I pointed out.

“Well, sorry. Did you hear, Dumbledore isn’t picking prefects till after sorting because of the new girls.”

“Really? I wonder how Percy will take it if he doesn’t get the boys spot.” I asked.

“Merlin’s beard, don’t start. When he found out Dumbledore was waiting, he threw a huge fuss. He was so annoying. Now if he doesn’t get it? I can’t even imagine that.” Fred came up.

“Trust us, you don’t want to see that.” George said.

Let’s say, the rest of the walk to the castle consisted of us changing topics at least five times. We put our stuff in the dorms, and headed the great hall for the sorting, and dinner.

“Oliver.” I looked away from George and saw McKenzie smiling and waving at me.

“I’ll be back.” I said walking over.

“Hey.” She smiled.

“Are you excited to see what house you’re in?”

“Nervous.” She bit her lip.

“You’ll be fine.” She kind of laughed at me.

“I hope.” She said, still laughing.

“Mr. Wood, please go into the hall, and Mrs. Jones, please go over with the others.” Professor McGonagall came over. I guess she stressed by the tone the sentence came out.

So, the Great Hall was filled with laughter, talking, and all that. Until Professor McGonagall came in, with the long line of first years, McKenzie, Jenny, and Claire.

“Every year, there are our new students. And that is when we use our sorting hat.” Professor McGonagall spoke, sitting the hat on a stool, ready for it to sing.

“Every year, there comes a student. One whose mind begs for the house they’ve heard was bad. Now I sing, for this year, yes once again. My song that goes, a little like so. Once there was four, the names were Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Four mighty wizards, on a mission, ready to make a school. To teach young wizard, the better way. Now this fine school, they call Hogwarts, was established. Now we are back to the present, where everyone must be sorted, so come up, our first new student, and see which fine house you’re in. Could it be Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or maybe even Slytherin.” And the hat finally finished.

“When I call out your name, go up. We’ll start with one of you three.” Professor McGonagall pointed to the three older girls. “Now, Ms. Claire Whitt, please.” She gestured for Claire to sit on the stool.

As quickly as Professor McGonagall placed the hat on Claire’s head, it yelled, “SLYTHERIN!”

“Ms. Jenny Rock, please sit.”

It took a couple seconds longer for this Jenny, but the hat yelled, “SLYTHERIN!”

“Dude, that’s two out of three. I don’t think you’ll want to date a Slytherin.” Lee nudged me.

“Ms. McKenzie Jones, I think you know, please sit.” McKenzie went and sat on the stool. The hat was placed on her head, and didn’t speak.

It was at least five minutes later, and then he yelled, “GRYFFINDOR!” You could tell McKenzie was happy. Her “friends” already giving her disgust looks for her house.

“Dude, you’re totally in.” Fred nudged me.

“I told you I’m focusing on quidditch.”

“Hi.” She said, sitting across from me.

“Hey.” I smiled.

A half hour later, the sorting was done, and everyone was talking again.

“Silence.” Dumbledore spoke, coming to the podium. “I’m going to make my speech, sweet and get to the point. I’m sending out prefect notices for when you get to your dormitories. Filch has asked to keep to his rules. Now see, my speech got to the point. Please enjoy your feast.” And all the food appeared on the table.

“Merlin’s beard, I missed this chicken!” Fred said with his mouth full. I laughed, it was a really funny sight.

“Now, everyone please follow the head of your house to your dorms where prefects will be chosen.” Dumbledore said as the food disappeared.

“Gryffindor, please follow me.” McGonagall said, leading us to the Gryffindor common room.

When we were in, Professor McGonagall turned to the fifth years, and spoke, “You’re probably dying to know who got the prefects. Well, Oliver Wood, and McKenzie Jones, please follow me, and everyone else go to bed.

“Ready for this?” We looked, I mean me and McKenzie looked at each other like what? “You two do know you have your own separate area. Like a house.”

“Really?!” McKenzie practically screamed with a huge grin on her face. McGonagall laughed and nodded. “OhMiGod! This is so cool!” She still had the huge grin on her face.

“Now, I think you’ll figure out how to live in here. The password is lemon drops. Dumbledore’s request. Now, Ms. Jones, your room is the one on the right. Thought you’d like to know.” McGonagall nodded, then left.

“Lemon drops?” I said, a little confused.

“OhMiGod! It worked!” She squealed. This is hilarious.


So everyone know, every POV after this is in McKenzie’s POV. I can’t do the Oliver POV. I’ll put a reminder at the top of the next one. So yeah. Hope you enjoyed this.

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