Love Story (Sons of Anarchy: Esai Alvarez) {One-shot for soalover}

I do not own any of the Sons of Anarchy characters. soalover i hope you enjoy :)

Created by Jtruelove46 on Sunday, January 02, 2011

Adriana Lima sighed as she walked out of the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse, she had to admit that this wasn’t necessarily the right time to be doing this but she just had to, she needed to tell everyone the truth. She had been around this clubhouse ever since she was a small child, she had been born into it, her father, Alexander ‘Tig’ Trager, had slept with her mother, Cindy Lima, who worked for the porn queen herself, Luann. But Tig and Cindy had never gotten married or anything because she was soon killed as a result of Mayan retaliation. Tig was surprisingly heartbroken about Cindy’s death and promised that he would always keep Adriana safe and raise her, and as a remembrance to Cindy Tig never changed Adriana’s name. Remembering all that made Adriana pause for a moment, maybe she shouldn’t tell everyone, maybe what she was doing was wrong.

Before she could think much more about the subject her phone went off, she looked down at the name and smiled when she saw who it was. “Hey babe.” She whispered into the phone when she was sure she was hidden behind the buildings corner.

“Hey Adri, we still on for tonight?” the voice asked. Adriana looked around her and she could see her father across the parking lot talking to Jax and Opie, was she really willing to give all this up for this fling, or whatever this was? Granted she did love him, but she also loved her family.

“Of course Esai, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She responded smiling, she wanted to say no to him, but she just couldn’t, she loved him.

“Ok good, I love you Adri, I really do.” Esai Alvarez added and then hung up after she returned the ‘I love you’. She sighed as she heard the dial tone and then hung closed her phone.

“What’re you doing back here sweetie?” Adrianna heard the voice of her father ask from behind her. She jumped in surprise and quickly pocketed her phone and turned to face him.

“N-nothing dad, just talking to Tara on the phone.” She quickly responded as they walked out from behind the building. Adrianna noticed all the commotion coming from Jax, Clay, Opie, and Gemma, it made her very curious as to what the reason was behind it all. “what going on?” She asked her father curiously.

“Mayan retaliation,” he stated simply at first, Adriana’s stomach dropped, Esai was a part of the Mayan motorcycle charter that was in constant feud with SAMCRO, she just hoped that Esai wasn’t involved in it. When Adriana didn’t respond right away Tig knew something was wrong, but continued anyways, “last night two no good Mayans came into the Irish bar me and Clay were at and attacked us, tried to kill both me and Clay, but hit Cameron, the new IRA informant, instead. We killed them both, but we just found out that the Mayans also placed an unsuccessful hit out on Darby, killed two women and a man.” Tig finished explaining. The only thing that Adriana could think about was that some Mayans tried to kill her father, obviously Esai wasn’t one of the two that actually tried to kill her father, because they were both dead, but that meant that he could have been one of the men that tried to take out Darby. Adriana began to become furious. Not only had Mayans taken her mother from her they tried to take her father too. And she was in love with one of them, how could she be doing this to her father, to her friends, to her family.

She sighed as her father looked into her eyes, he knew something was wrong but he didn’t know how to go about finding out the information on what was wrong. “I'm fine dad, just a friend of mine is in a lot of trouble right now.” She stated kissing her father on the cheek, “I'm really glad you’re okay daddy.” Tig smiled, he liked when she called him daddy because it made him feel like she was his little girl again, granted she would always be his little girl but it just hit a soft spot in his heart. She walked towards her car and took out her phone from in her pocket. She hesitated for a moment still trying to decide what to do, she had to talk to Esai about what he had done, or what almost would’ve happened to her father. She opened her phone and called Esai.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Esai quickly asked when he answered the phone.

She swallowed deeply and responded “Esai, I can’t wait until tonight, can I see you this afternoon?”

She could tell by the tone in his voice that he was smirking at what she had said, but she didn’t know if he should be because she was thinking about ending things, “Yeah sure babe, I have a small meeting with my father in the park, but after that we can spend all afternoon together.” He explained as she sat in her car and started the engine.

“Ok, I’ll meet you in the park in an hour. I love you” Adriana responded, she really did love him, but she wasn’t sure if what they had was a good idea, granted it did semi work for Romeo and Juliet, but that ended in tragedy, she didn’t want this story to end in tragedy either.

“I love you too” She heard Esai say over the thoughts that were swimming around in her head. She sighed as she hung up and drove the car out of the Teller-Morrow parking lot, at the present moment she didn’t know where she was going, she had an hour to kill, and it would take about 20 minutes to get to the park that she was supposed to meet Esai at, so the only thing she thought to do was to drive, she drove through Charming, through the Waheewah lands, through the quiet mountains, by the time she finally reached the park it had been almost an hour. She decided that she would just walk and locate where Esai was and then just wait on a bench until he was done with his father.

After walking past the small playground she saw Esai and his father, Marcus Alvarez, in the distance, they had just left a small wooden picnic bench and were walking over to a churro stand, but there was something unsettling about the churro stand, Adriana recognized the man that was selling the churros, and that man she knew all too well, it was Happy. Her eyes went wide and Esai turned his back to Happy and was looking at his father, Happy withdrew a knife and pushed it deep in the middle of his shoulders, Adriana gasped as she ran towards the love of her life.

When she finally reached Marcus and Esai’s lifeless body she had tears stinging her eyes. “Esai!” she yelled as she fell to the ground next to Esai. When he didn’t respond she yelled his name again, Marcus stood there staring down at a daughter of SAMCRO in complete shock that she was there holding on to the lifeless body of his son. Happy also stood staring down at the girl that he had known since she was a small child; he couldn’t believe that she was involved with a Mayan, especially after what Marcus had done to her mother. Adriana cried as she realized that Esai wasn’t going to wake up, the love of her life was gone, and she could never got a chance to talk to him again, her heart ached at the thought of leaving him, and now he had left her, for good.

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