Akatsuki truth or dare series (Itachi)

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Created by fantasywiz15 on Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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You and Itachi were having a staring contest.

"How does he keeps his eyes open without blinking?" you thought to yourself.

His eyes narrowed as he felt them close. You smiled victoriously.

"I beat the Uchiha." You high fived Tobi.

"(name)-chan's awesome."

"I didn't lose, I got distracted by…….Kisame." Itachi pointed at Hogishaki who was currently eating a dango.

"What did I do Itachi-san?"


"It's Itachi's turn." I say doing a butler imitation.

For a reason, lighting struck outside.

Kisame hummed the Jaws theme song as Itachi sat in front of us.

"Dun, dun dun." You dramatized the situation.

"Truth or dare Itachi-san?" Tobi broke the tension.


He's pretty confident.

An evil idea came into your head. You grinned devilishly and so did it. I was thinking the same thing.

"What are you two smirking about?" Itachi asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Itachi," you purred, "I have a special dare for you."

I noticed the heartless man's face turn slightly red.

"W…what do you mean?"

"What she means Itachi is……."

He gulps.

"Call Sasuke and tell him that you love him!" we say together.

The anger that radiated from him was stronger than heat from a volcano.

"What the he##!?" Hidan shouted.

"You do realize that he hates his brother right?" Kisame sweat dropped.

"Not really, he's just doing that because_" Tobi covered your mouth before you could finish the story.
"Please do the dare Itachi-san."

His Sharigan glowed in his eye but he nodded.

"Give me a phone. Now."

Kisame placed the telephone in Itachi's lap and he dialed Sasuke's number.


"Greetings little brother."

"Itachi!? Why the #beep# are you calling me?"

"I must confess something."

The phone was on speaker so that the whole team could hear.

"I've been wanting to tell you this for a while but…..I…..I"

"Just tell him already." You urged.

"I love you Sasuke."



"……………………………….you're on crack right?"

The whole room filled with laughter. I was holding my stomach and rolling on the floor next to your while everyone else just leaned onto each other for support.

Itachi hung up.

"That was stupid." He stated.

"It was ecstasy." You grinned.

Itachi didn't talk to any of us until the next day.

Itachi's truth.

"Baby I like it!" Tobi screeches into the microphone I got him.

The quality wasn't good so we all suffered ear damage.

"Fantasy, I'm gonna kill you, un." He shouts over the somewhat horrible singing.

Being the hothead he is, Hidan goes over to the microphone's wire and chops it off.

"I paid fifty bucks for that jack###!" Kakuzu yells.

"Sorry, my hand slipped." He grins.

"You owe me Jashinist." he give him the "I'm watching you," look.

You comforted a crying Tobi while I searched around for the next victim. My eyes landed on Itachi who was sitting in a corner.

"Aha! Found you Uchiha."

"Must be my lucky day." He sighed.

"Sure is. It's time for you to pick a choice. Truth or dare?"


God he's brave.

"Let's see. Hmmmm." I rest my index finger on my chin and fall deep into thought.

"I have one." Kisame announces.

"Do tell."

"Itachi-san, if you could pick anyone of your fan girls, who would it be?"

Itachi grimanced. Although he was very popular, he never paid any attention to his fans.

Pein heard rapping noises from outside. He hesitantly opens the window and is shocked to see a sea of girls jumping all over the place.

"More friends." Tobi stopped crying and ran up to the window.

He waved hello to each of the crazy females.

"Itachi, I love youuuuuuuuuuuu!" one girl screamed.

"Why can't I have that much love?" Deidara sobs behind the couch.

"I'm more sexy." Itachi muttered.

"Somebody get these girls out of here." Pein panicked.

"Quick Itachi, answer the truth." I say as I ducked tape one of the windows.

The Sharigan holder opened the door, walked through the crowd, which caused even more shouting and fainting, came back inside and then stood in front of you.

"My choice is (name)."

"What the fudgecicles?"

Pein, Konan and I chain up the exits and entrances before the fan girls can attack us. The noises slowly faded away.

"Aww man, now I really feel like crud." Deidara moped some more.

"That's alright Dei-kun. You still have me, Tobi, Sasori and (name)."

Unfortunately, this made him cry more.

Later on that night when we were leaving, Itachi surprised you by waiting at the exit.

"I don't think you'll be going home tonight (name)."

Before you could answer, smoke blocked your vision and when it cleared, you were in Itachi's room.

I freaked when I saw you weregone but Tobi brought you home safe and sound the next day. But you were a little messy. Wink, wink.

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