A Very Supernatural..(Dean Winchester and Adam Milligan) Love Story.. ~Info/1~

Created by sarahsilly88 on Sunday, January 09, 2011

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Katlin Greenly AKA Kat or Kali
Ocupation: Bartender/hunters
Personality: Cocky, silly, smart ass, clumsy, not easy to scare, not easy to upset, and Sweet.
Other: Is working at her sister's hunters bar. Has very bad experinces with men. Can read thoughts. Speaks italian.
Winerferd Greenly AKA Winny or Ferd
Ocupation: Bar owner/ hunter
Personality: Suprising.
Other: Loves her little sister. Also has very bad experenses with men. Gets visions. Speaks italian.
Adam Milligan
Ocupation: Hunting
Personality: Funny, cocky, indefinet.
Other: Just found out about Sam and Dean and now is hunting with them.
Sam and Dean Winchester
"Hey. Bobby do you know anything about the Greenlys?" I asked over the phone going over the file again.
"Of course i do! The Greenlys are old family friends!" He said over the phone.
"Do you know where we can find them?" i asked looking up from the file and at Adam who was passed out on the hotel bed.
"Uhh, Winny Greenly owes a bar just south of Creekwood....
#F F#
Me Sam and Adam walked into the Hunter's bar. It wasnt to beaten up, It wasnt in to great of shape either. I walked over to the bar and hit the bell, seeing as no one was there.
I heard a slit groan and then a muffled hang on.
After a few minutes of waiting a teenager with lite brown hair, Lite brown eyes, an hour glass body, and Body hugging jean and a tanktop emerged. Adam staired, in awe.
"What can i get you?'' She asked sleepily.
"Yes, can i speak to a Katlin Greenly please?" I asked giving her a flirty smile.
"I'll get one of those too. To go!" A drunk man yelled from half way acrossed the bar. The girl laughed slitly.
"Markus don't you have a wife?! And like four freaking kids!?" She yelled back smiling.
"They don't matter!" he yelled she roller her eyes looking back at us.
"Im Kat," She said smiling. Adam gave her a flirty smile, before we began to question her.

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