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Heh sorry for the delay. I guess this turned out okay, for my first byakuran oneshot. Gosh this series is really making my views go up... anyways enjoy Stalker!Byakuran.

Created by candiedislandXD on Sunday, January 09, 2011

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The Incompetent Suitor desires a romantic or intimate relationship with the victim but is impaired in their social and courting skills. This stalker may be very narcissistic, and cut off from victim's feelings (lack of empathy). The incompetent believes that anyone should be attracted to them.Typically, this stalker will repeatedly ask for dates, or call on the phone, even after being rejected. They may attempt physical contact by trying hold the victim's hand or kiss the victim, however, the will not become physically violent or threatening.They will quickly stop stalking if threatened with legal action or after receiving counseling.


*Byakuran's p.o.v.*


I had given her all of the signs.

"{name}-chan." "yes Byakuran-sama?" she asked looking up from her paper work. "Tsk tsk, i told you to call me Byakuran." "my apologies." "{name}-chan, go out with me." I turned and smiled. "Byakuran, i cannot do that I apologize...again." "Aww, but {name}-chan, I was going to take you out Baci Ristorante, that IS your favorite resturant." "how did you-?"She stared at me wide eyed. "I know everything about my {name}-chan."

She was persistent in not wanting to go out with me. I could get any woman i wanted, everyone wants me. I sighed {name} called in sick and Shou-chan isnt responding. I picked up my phone and hit {name}'s speed dail number. "Y-Yes Byakuran-sama" Her voice cracked.

"{name}-chan! Are you feeling better, my love?"

"Not really... Byakuran did you need something?" She asked.

"Nothing! I just wanted to hear your voice.. Actually yes." I said smirking into the phone.

"what is it sir?"

"Lets go out on a date when your better!"

"Bya-." I hung up. Im getting tired of this.

~3 days later.~

"{NAME}-CHAN!" I yelled hugging her waist.

"Yes, sir."

"You're back.Which means its time for our date." I smiled kissing her cheek.She wiggled out of my grip "Byakuran-san, I dont mean to be disrespectful but no. Ive said this before I dont want to date you."

I pouted and popped a marshmellow in my mouth "Well can I walk you to your office?" I said grabbing her hand and leading her to her office. She sighed.

"I love you {name}-chan."

"Im sorry but im involved with someone already."

"Its okay, he doesnt have to know." I smiled. This continued for the next few weeks. Me saying i loved her and her turning me down.

"Oh, {naaaammmee}-chaaann." I said as my arms snaked around her waist, rubbing her sides.

"Ah!" she said jumping.

"My, my my. {name}-chan guess what."

"No byakuran."

"I really do love you. {name} I wish you would see that." I placed a marshmellow in her mouth.

I wanted her to be mine, and mine only.



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