Freddy Krueger One-Shot Request

This is a one-shot request I got. It was a little comlicated but I managed to do it. Thanks for requesting and reading! You don't have to message and/or rate but it would be appreciated! ~SnowLeopard105

Created by SnowLeopard105 on Monday, January 10, 2011

Your name is Amanda and you and Dillion have been together for however long it's been. Tonight he was drunk though and on top of that Freddy has wanted you dead for some time now, too.

Freddy worked at the preschool and was blamed for taking kids into the basement and either killing them or severely hurting them. After 50 children as victims, the parents got very angry and chased him into an old warehouse where he ran into the boiler room. They burnt him alive from inside the warehouse and now a man in teenagers' dreams kill them and it actually happens in real life. He wears a rad and dark green sweater with a gloved hand with sharp claws/knives on the first four fingers and his hat. When you first dream of Freddy, he just wants to mess around with you cutting you here and there tying you up with chains. You had to watch as he cut other girls' throats wide open and after a while you start hating him with a pure passion. You hate that he is in your dreams torturing you and decide it's time to fight against him. You're in a boiler room with him this time and start to fight back with a rusty spoon that you find but Freddy smashes you against a burning hot boiler, burning your skin and waking you up from the dream. You find that what happened in the dream actually happened in real life. You had the marks to prove it but showed no one.

When Dillion comes in he brutally beats your mother up. In an attempt to stop him though, you get your arm slashed open when he grabs a knife out of it's holder. You end up smashing your head against a corner and knocking yourself out. Lately people have been remembering Freddy and then dreaming about him getting killed in the process. Everyone has been taking special medicine to keep them from dreaming known as Hyponil or something like that. While your out, you know you need Freddy now more than ever. You hated the idea but you ask him for a favor but he wants something in return. Freddy, "Fuck, I'll take a stab at it but I want some fuckin thing in return, Amanda." You say, "Alright, what do you want?" Freddy says, "Fuck yes, If I do this favor for have to let me do what the hell ever I please with you and bring people into your damned dreams so I can kill them." with a look of lust and pleasure with that evil smile of his. You reply, "Fine, deal." He ends up licking your ear. Later that night, Freddy brings Dillion and you into the dream world as you watch Dillion get tortured to death. Freddy then turns to you when he's finished and walks over to you. You don't feel right doing anything with him but you have to let him and he ends up kissing you on the lips and down your neck to your cleavage but stops there and licks your ear. You end up being his pet or slave. You end up on the ground being slashed on the chest and face lightly but not enough to kill you and you survive. You try running away from him or fighting back but end up falling in love with him. Later on you confess your feelings for him and he gets even more sexual with you. (Use your imagination if you want. I can't think of anything that he would do because I don't know anything about him other than what you sent me.)

Freddy and you end up being a murderous couple and you become a killer your self and enjoy killing with him but some times get tired of killing and let him do the job.

~Alright, sorry if it wasn't what you wanted or expectedand if it was too short! Thanks for requesting and reading though! ^_^

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