The Great Mouse Detective ~A Mystery of Love~ Chpt. 11

Created by SharkBiteGal on Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock. As Basil gained conciousness he realized he was inside the Big Ben clock, with gears surronding him at every turn.
But lerking behind him was Ratigan, with Olivia in his hand covering her mouth. Se finally got lose and shouted, "Basil look out!" Basil then turned to see Ratigan about to smack him off the gear. Basil fell but held a grip on the teeth of the gear. Before Ratigan could push Basil off Olivia bit his hand, and as he screamed basil grabed his cape and pulled it between two gears where it was stuck and pulling Ratigan in towards the gears. He then dropped Olivia and kicked her off the gear, she then landed on the tooth of a HUGE gear, she looked up and noticed that it might crush her. basil ran to save her as fast as he could.
Marisa at this moment just regained conciousness and saw Olivia and also ran to save her. She then saw Basil, and followed behind him.
Before Olivia was crushed by the tooth of another gear Basil grabbed her hand as he was lifted by a chain with Marisa beneath him.
The three ran to a little exit, Basil holding Marisa's hand and Marisa holding Olivia's. Ratigan saw as they ran and he became angrier and angrier, so angry that he ripped off his cape and ran to them on all fours like a rat.
As Basil stopped at the ledge with Marisa and Olivia behind them, they spotted Dawson and Mr. Flaversham in Basil's invention. Basil grabbed Olivia and lifted her as close as she could to them. But Mr. Flaversham still couldnt reach.
"Closer Dawson!" Basil called.
"Daddy, I cant reach!" Olivia cried.
Marisa then looked back to see Ratigan coming right for them he pushed Basil and marisa off the ledge with him going down as well, Basil threw Olivia up and Mr. Flaversham caught her hand and lifted her to saftey.
Basil Ratigan and Marisa all fell onto the small hand of the clock. Basil had half his body over the edge and quickly stood up to be sure he couldnt fall.
Marisa was laying in pain on her stomach near by. She got up but it hurt to move to much.
"Basil, Marisa over here!" They looked and gave a sigh of releif until Ratigan attacked Basil and grabbed him in a choke hold.
Marisa althouugh in pain, ran to him but it was so wet from rthe rain she slipped and was hanging off the edge of the clock hand. Basil loosened from his grip and ran trying to climb the arrow of the hand, but it was hard thanks to the rain.
Marisa got back up onto the hand just in time to see Basil slide down the clock hand as Ratigan followed him. As Ratigan ran by Marisa jumped on him but he flung her off and she fell off the hand completly.
Basil didnt notice since he was running from Ratigan and the Ratigan pulled out his claws and gave Basil a hard scratch on his back. Ratigan continued to beat up. Basil was then hanging off the edge of the hand, the very tip of the arrow and then Ratigan hit him off with all his might. Dawson tried to grab Basil but he wasnt close enough and Basil fell from the clock.
Ratigan stood there in suprise then screamed, "I WON!" and gave an evil laugh of triumph.
"On the contrary." They heard from below. Ratigan looked down to see Marisa clinging onto his machine that had crashed ino the clock with one hand, and the other holding Basil's hand to keep him up.
"The games not over yet!" Basil declared, than rang a llittle bell he took from Ratigan's pocket.
Then suddenly BONG! the clocks bell rung and it shook the clock so much that Ratigan fell off. Grabbing a hold of Basil and Marisa on the way down.
Olivia, Dawson, and Mr. Flaversham looked down to see them fell. Olivia started to cry.
Then suddenly she heard a strange sound, like the creaking of a wheel. She looked down to see that Basil had grabbed a hold of the pedalling piece of Ratigan's flying machine, and pedaled as fast as he could with Marisa still holding one of his hands.
The three up higher cheered for joy as the two proudly floated back up to their friends.

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