A Wolf's Love *Koga Love Story* Chapter 4 -Battle for a life time

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Created by demonwolfgirl71 on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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I was on my knees, behind a rock, staring at my own death. Why I had agreed to help them with these giant birds, I have no idea. But yet their I knelt, Koga's hand on my shoulder, with a sword in my hand. Koga looked at me with honest and caring eyes "are you ready Lunar?" I gulped an looked at the birds, I nodded and smiled telling him I was fine. He nodded and put his arm around my waist pulling me up and onto the rock. The jumped on the moutain, getting closer to their nest. He had let go of my waist knowing I could do it on my own. We jumped from rock to rock, Koga grabbing my hand once in awhile to help me. The last rock I jumped, it was unstable. It started to comble causing me to scream, falling backwards. Koga grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest. I looked up blushing slightly at my mistake. He chuckled and looked down at me, his height showing greatly "its ok, I wont let you fall." When he caught me his hand landed on my waist while the other was on the back of my head, holding me close. I gulpped and pulled away, blushing madly, watching for the edge. I leaped foward landing on one more rock, Koga landing on it right behind me.

Soon my eyes stung badly, shining a blood red. I looked up seeing two purple-ish light up at the tip of the moutain. I pointed up wards, my eyes returning normal "that's it! THat's where the shards are!" Just as I said that two large wings sprouted fro the moutain tops. Koga spun me into his arms, wrapping them around my waist in a protective matter, as rocks fell our way. He grabbed my waist and jumped off the mountain, setting me down my Ginta and Hakkaku. I tried to get up but Koga pushed down on my shoulders "watch her carefully.Arctic stay here with them alright?" Before I could answer he grabbed a staff, running up the mountain. I sat in awe, thinking *He just called meArctic no one has ever called me that before.* I was snapped out of my thoughts when my name was yelled. I turned while smiling, seeing Kagome running towards me. I stood and ran after her, meeting her half way. She almost knocked me over, hugging me tightly "Kagome let me breathe!" She laughed and let me go, only to psin me checking me like a hawk "they did hurt you did they?!" I shook my head no, b before I could speak I heard screams from behind me. I spun and to my surprise Ginta and Hakkaku had been kidnapped by two birds! I ran taking out the sword Koga gave me, running full speed at them. I lept into the air slicing the two birds in half at the same time. I landed, running to my new found friends' sides "Ginta! Hakkaku! Are you two alright?!" They nodded and stood giving me a gentle hug, Ginta speaking in my wolfears"thanks to you Luna, we're alive!" I hugged them back laughing a bit "no problem guys, I'll do anything to help." Before I knew it Inuyasha and Koga were fighting, well really just argung loudly. I noticed Koga's spot and where the jewl was "Koga a little farther! Its just above you!" Kagome, Miroku, and Sango just stared at me.

I saw Koga being attacked, his arm being bittened by the larger bird. I looked at Ginta "Hey Gint give me a hand would ya?" He bent down and I ran, jumping onto his hands. I grabbed a leadge and flipped up and onto it, looking down a brief moment to catch a sword thrown by Ginta "thank I owe ya one Gint." I ran up the side of the moutain using every last bit of my strength. Once at the top I threw the sword, right at the monster's teeth, breaking everylast one of them. I caught Koga just before he hit the ground "welcome make wolf." I smiled slightly until the bird made his rounds towards us. My eyes widened as Inuyasha jumped in front of us ready to strike "take care of the flees, while I handle the bird!" I snarled and jumped up, making sure Koga was comfortable before doing so, and pushed him back "no way, your not getting away with calling him that!" Inuyasha looked shocked as I stood angerly, though Koga made a noise so I forgot my anger and ran back to him. I shushed him and got him laying still. Inuyasha ran at the bird, charginh an attack like never before!
Helanded as the bird burst into many peices, leaving no trail behind.Inuyasha fell to my knees.Though hewasn't breathing at all, almost as if it had no effect on him. I picked koga's arm up and put it over my shoulder, grabbing his waist "your pretty skinny for a male wolf Koga." I laughed slightly and leapedoff the mountain not even caring about Inuyasha. I landed perfectly, right in front of Ginta and Kagome. I set koga down, his head resting onhis head on mylap. Inuyasha pushed his way through the croud making his way towards Koga "now to make you pay for kidnapping Lunar. Let's go you flee-WHAAA??" Koga held onto my waist cwith his non-injured arm, gripping the back of my shirt in pain. I looked up angerly at Inuyasha "your not doing anything to him! Can't you see he's hurt?" Koga got up slowly, ignoring the pain of his arm. Inuyasha made a fist and lunged at Koga. Without thinking I jumped in front of Koga, grabbing Inuyasha's fist, punching him right in the face "you really are a mut if you going after Koga while he's hurt!" Koga fell making me worry again "we have to get him out of here, to treat that wound." Koga grabbed my arm gently and looked up at me "Dont bother yourself, I'm fine Arctic." I shook my head and put his arm around my shoulders so I could support him "no way I promised I would help you, and now I'm going to complete that promise by taking care of that wound. Come on lets go, it sticks of blood." Ginta went on the other side while Hakkaku took my side. I turned to Kagome with a sad expression, she ran and hugged me, tears showing easily "come on Kags, dont cry I'll still be around. Besides you wont have to worry about feeding me!" I laughed as she looked up smiling "I would give anything for you to return to Eclipse. I smiled sadly and hugged her more "dont worry about it, I'm only a whistle away." I set a rare wolf fang whistle in her hands. I smiled and hugged Shippo as well. I rubbed Inuyasha's head "sorry Inuyasha I just didn't want you to hurt him. Get some ice on that, haha!" I turned and ran off, turning into my wolf form, howling my goodbyes. I ran faster catching up with the rest easily. I heard someone above me, it was Kagome on Kilala. She must have gotten made at Inuyasha, she looked down at me smiling "Dont worry we'll see each other real soon Eclipse!" I nodded and looked foward, being in step with my new pack. My eyes glistening in the moonlight, I belonged here with Koga. What would the rest of my stay bring me, who knows?

~Next Time in A Wolf's Love- A Voice Never to be Forgotten~

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