There'll be peace when you are done (Dean Winchester) 22


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I woke up to the sound of Christy swearing. When I looked up over the side of the couch I could see her trying to get some of the dried blood off the walls.
“Your best bet is just to repaint them.” I said standing up.
“Damn it!” She yelled as she threw the rag on the floor. I need money for new doors, money for new paint, and money for new carpet. I don’t have that kind of money.”
“I’ll have the boys hook you with a fake credit card or two...Speaking of the boys where are they?” I asked. I turned around and looked into the bedroom where Christy and I were locked in about 20 hours ago and saw my duffle bag and a backpack sitting on the ground. They left. Dean and Sam left me behind. I exhaled sharply before bringing my eyes to Christy.
“Y-you know what...I’ll get you the cards.” I said walking back towards the couch. My mind was blank; not one single thought going through my head. The only thing I felt was loneliness-and this kind of loneliness is way too hard handle. It was the same feeling I got when my brother and/or dad would lock me up in some motel room for a week or two.
“Once I get you the cards I can stay for a couple of days and help you out.”
“We can get this place cleaned up and looking nice.”
“Maybe instead of carpet you can do wood floors. That type of flooring will be way easier to clean up.”
“Callie, please stop talking. I don’t need fake credit cards. I can do this on my own. I don’t need your help.” Christy said. The feeling of loneliness pumped through my body even stronger now. “They wanted you to have this.” She said pulling a phone out of her sweatshirt pocket.
“You can keep it. If you need fake ids call them.” I said standing up and walking over to the room where my bags were placed.
“Callie, I didn’t mean for you to go.”
“I know. I just don’t want to be here.”
“Where are you going to go?”
“The sunshine state.” I lied as I gave her a fake smile as I walked out the front door. “Take care Christy. You did kick some ass the other day.”
“Thank you for everything.” She shouted as I started down on the dirt path. When I knew I was out of site I wiped my tears away.

It was two weeks later and I still hadn’t tried to make contact with the Winchester brothers. I went from feeling lonely to pissed off after a couple of days. What kind of people just up and leave someone like that? If they were going to behave like that I didn’t need them. I had been wondering town from time hitching rides when I can or hot wiring cars in random junk yards. I thought about hunting on my own, but I had no proper weapons.
“Can I buy you a drink?” A man said sitting down in the round backless stool next to me. I was in the middle of some hotel bar in Ohio and was in no mood for company. I would just prefer to be lost in my thoughts like I was before this guy came up to me.
“I’m good.” I said looking at my class of scotch.
“Please.” His voice was deep with a very light scratchiness to it.
“I said I was good.” I said looking up at the man. He as tall well built black man. Big eyes that looked a little friendly. His nose was short in length and bulged at the tip. Around his thick lips was dark facial hair. He wore a dark blue flannel shirt with a dark greenish brown jacket over it.
“My name is Gordon.” He said holding out his hand for me to shake.
“Amber.” I said shaking his hand.
“Why won’t you let me buy you a drink, Amber?”
“My limit is one.”
“Well that is a lie. I watched you drink three already.
“So you were watching me?”
“A nice looking girl like you shouldn’t be alone in a bar.”
“And someone like you should take a hike.” I said slapping down a 20 on the bar counter and walking away.
“Callie?” Gordon called out for me as I headed for the elevators. “Callie Anderson?” he said my real name again as he walked up behind me.
“My name is Amber.” I said hitting the up button several times.
“I don’t think so.” He said holding a picture of me and Dean in front of my face. It was clear that this picture was taken through the bushes for I could see some leaves in the shot, but the picture focused one Dean and I and we were standing outside some diner. This picture was old-it must have been taken right when I started to hunt with them.
“Your brother told me that you teamed up with the Winchesters and I have been hunting you ever since. I lost you for awhile, but I finally found you.”
“Look minster that ain’t me.” I said before I punched him in his face and booked it towards the stairs. I just had to make it to the third floor and then to my room. I pushed people out of my way as I ran up the marble stairs, slipping everyone once in awhile.
“Remain calm. FBI.” I could hear Gordon say as he got closer behind me.
“Run faster.” I told myself over and over as my legs started to burn with pain. “Just one more flight.” Before my foot made it to the second landing a gun was fired and a bullet made contact with my left shoulder. I lost my balance and fell to the ground, grabbing my wounded arm.
“Don’t worry. It’s just a shoulder wound. I can aim.” Gordon said walking over to me. I jumped to my feet, still grabbing my wound, as I ran down the hall.
“You can run Callie, but you can’t hide.” Gordon bellowed as I turned a corner. I quickly grabbed my room key out of my pocket and tried to open the door, but it would not work.
“Didn’t I tell you at the bar? I told the desk clerk you were ready to check out.” Gordon said as he grabbed me and punched me in face sending me into a world of darkness.

When I came too I was tied to a chair in my hotel room. My hands were tied securely around my back; I could already feel the rope burns starting to happen. The curtains that lead out to the desk/fire escape were pulled so no one could see it. The heavy dark oak dresser was pushed up against the door and all the locks were on. I glanced over to the bed where Gordon was laying down on it watching me.
“Nice to see you awake. Didn’t think I was going to get to see your blue eyes.”
“What do you want?” I asked closing my eyes in hopes it would stop my head from spinning.
“I am going to make a trade with your daddy. You see he has Sam and I have you. I want Sam and your dad wants you. Do you see the trade?” Gordon asked as he grabbed my face.
“My dad has Sam?” I asked looking at Gordon.
“Yep. Your dad took him while Dean was at some rest stop using the bathroom.”
“Shit.” I said as I threw my head back. I regretted doing that right away for a pain shout through my shoulder.
“You owe me a thank you. I patched up your wound.” Gordon said realizing what just had happened.
“I would have preferred to bleed out.” I said turning my head away from him.
“Don’t talk to me like that.” Gordon said getting off the bed and grabbing my face.
“I’ll talk to you anyway I please.” I snarled. Gordon smirked before he back handed me across the face. I could already feel the swelling and bruising.
“Easy there.” I heard my father say as he walked into the room. He was holding Sam by the arm. The youngest Winchester hands were handcuff in the front of him as he had a brown bag over his head. His yellow plaid button down shirt was bloody and wrinkled as he stood in the room. Sam standing up straight and I could see the tension that ran through his body. He had no idea what was going on.
“Welcome Rich.” Gordon said as he pulled out a red bandana and went to put it around my mouth, but I caused him a slight dilemma when I bit down on his hand.
“Bitch!” He yelled as he pulled his hand away from me. “Look, I didn’t want to play dirty.” He said in a low voice as he bent down and looked in me in the eyes. “But you asked for it.” He took his thumb and pressed it into the wound on my shoulder. I let out a small scream of pain until he removed his thumb. I could hear Sam’s muffled voice yell out my name as Gordon tied the bandana around my mouth.
“Have a seat.” My dad said pushing Sam down on the bed. My dad looked the same as I remembered, hell he even looked like that shapeshifter a few months back. His eyes were still bright blue, he still hand slight wrinkles on his forehead, around his mouth and eyes, his light brown hair still had some grey to it. My dad looked at me and it was like sorrow and pity filled his eyes.
“You made it here in a timely fashion.” Gordon said pulling off the bag over Sam’s head. Right away Sam closed his eyes, not used to the light. I could see that he had black and blue left eye, as well as a cut above his eye brow. When Sam eyes found mine they went from confused to anger. He went to stand up but Gordon pushed him back down. Gordon took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Sam’s wrist to the bed.
“The boys were just a few towns over.” My dad said. Sam’s eyes went to my wounded shoulder then back to my eyes. He nodded his head slightly, asking me if I was okay. I nodded my head once telling him I was.
“I never thought I would see my daughter again.”
“I never thought I would see Sammy again.” Gordon said coldly.
“What don’t we make things more interesting? Why don’t get good old Dean here and shoot his brother and the bitch in front of him. And the final touch will be a bullet to his head.” My dad said with a grin on his face. Gordon let out this deep low laugh and nodded his head in agreement.
“Any objections from the peanut gallery?” My dad asked looking at Sam then me. I glared at him before lifting my legs up and kicking him towards Sam. The Winchester boy lifted up right leg and kicked my dad when he got close enough. My dad regained his balance after he fallen to the floor and stormed over to me. He pulled a sharp knife out of his back pocket and held it up to my face.
“Gordon, call Dean.” My father said holding the knife up to the side of my face.
“Rich, we should think-“
“Do it.” My dad shouted. Gordon licked his dry lips as he took Sam’s phone out his jacket pocket and dialed Dean. Once the phone started to ring he put the Sam’s Tero phone on speaker.
“Sam? Sammy where are you?”
“Sam can’t come to the phone.” Gordon said calmly into the phone.
“Gordon.” Dean sighed into the phone.
“Look I have Sam and your bitch here. I want to make you an of-“
“Gordon if you touch either of them I swear I will kill you!”
“Don’t worry I won’t touch either of them.” Gordon said. I pressed my face closer to the blade of my dad’s knife before jerking my face down having the black slice the bandana so I could move my mouth. I ignored the stinging feeling on my cheek as I talked.
“Dean, don’t listen to them! They are going to kill you!” I scream out.
“Damn it!” My dad shouted as he pressed the knife into my collar bone letting blood come out. I winced in pain as the knife went deeper in my skin.
“Callie?! Callie?” Dean shouted through the speaker of the phone.
“She shouldn’t have done that.” Gordon said into the phone. My dad took this moment to flip me backwards in the chair, my head smashing into the desk behind me. He brought his foot to my stomach before kicking me over and over in the stomach. I tried my best not to scream, but the pain became too impossible to hold back and I had to scream. Sam’s threats to stop were stifled to stop by the silver duck tape across his mouth.
“Gordon, whoever is doing that make them stop!” Dean said into the phone. Gordon held up his hand and my father stopped.
“Callie, why don’t you tell Dean where we are at?” Gordon said and my dad sat me up in the chair. The phone was held up to my lips, waiting for me to talk. “Go on.”
“My friend told you to do something.” My dad said grabbing my hair. I didn’t say a word.
“You really like to play games.” Gordon said pulling his gun and aiming it at Sam. “Don’t think I won’t. I shot you didn’t I?”
“You shot her?” Dean yelled into the phone.
“Dean, we’re at the Vista Hotel in Louis, Ohio.” I said defeated.
“12the floor room 59.” Gordon said hanging up the phone.

The next three hours Sam and I sat in the room alone and in the dark. Gordon and my dad were out waiting in the lobby for Dean.
“Sam, it sucked when I woke and found you not there.” I said rolling my head back. I knew Sam couldn’t reply back to me, but after sitting in silence for three hours I couldn’t anymore. “That night I found some random bar and drank like a fish and I liked it. It felt good to forget about my problems for a few hours. The next night I did the same thing but only in a different bar in a different town. I did it one more night until I realized I was becoming my mother which ironically led me to drink more. When my parents split, it was really hard on my mom and she drank. And she drank. And she drank some more. She was messed up for six months but she got back on track. But I didn’t want to be like that so I stopped drinking and just started to go to place to place.” I said rambling on. The door creaked open letting the hallway light come in a little bit. There was a black shadow outline that stood in the door way.
“Where’s your sidekick?” I said in a bored tone.
“Tied to the bed.” Dean’s said. He closed the door behind him and locked the door before turning on the lights. “You took look like crap.” Dean said walking over to his brother to unlock the two sets of handcuffs. When Sam’s hands were free he ripped off the tape from his mouth; stretching his lips. Dean moved over to me and cut me out off the ropes.
“Could that bastard have tied those any tighter?” Dean said looking at my raw bloody wrists.
“Did you get them?” Sam asked, grabbing my things off of the floor. Dean put his arm around my waist to help keep me balanced. It felt good to be this close to him again.
“No. I came in through the kitchen and then the maid’s elevator up.” He said helping me stand up.
“You should really be careful. Someone might bug the room.” Gordon said walking into the room, followed by my dad. Both had their guns pointed us.
“I figured Dean might get smart and not walk through the front door, so we bugged it.”
“What do you want with us?” I asked. “I mean if you are going to kidnap and hold people hostage at least tell them why or the what for.”
“You want to know why?” Gordon taunted after licking his lips. “Because Sam you are a heathen and don’t deserve to live.”
“And Callie it’s your time to go.” My dad said.
“You both are sick.” I said.
“Takes one to know one.” My dad firing his gun which was aimed right at my heart.
“Not so fast.” A woman said appearing out of nowhere. She snapped her fingers and the bullet fell to the floor. She was an inch taller than me, porcelain like skin, almond gray shaped eyes, and a perfect oval shape face. Her nose was small and it fit her face well. Her brown hair was straight and fell to her shoulders. She had short gray shorts with a long white tank top over it with a dusty rose fitted blazer over it.
“Brooke.” My dad said looking at her.
“Rich, you can’t kill her. Not yet anyways. Now get out of here.” Brooke said looking at us.
“You know I can’t just walk away from this.”
“You can and you will.” The girl said crossing her arms.
“Richard I am not in the mood.” She said flashing her black eyes.
“Richie, your tagging up with a demon?” Gordon asked pointing his gun now at my dad.
“Why wouldn’t I?” My dad said as is eyes flashed black as well.
“Son of a bitch.” Dean muttered.
“Richie go now.” Brooke said.
“This has been fun. Cal, I will see ya around.” My possessed dad said before disappearing.
“Gordon I think you should come with us.” The female demon said snapping her fingers, having Gordon disappear into thin air.
“Well, enlighten of what happened I think you should let us go, and we can do this another time.” Dean said.
“Don’t worry I am. Little advice for you three. Watch out for those two and get Callie an anti-possession charm. I know a few demons who would love to get into her meat suit. Including myself.” Brooke said before vanishing.
“What the hell just happened?” I asked after a minutes.
“I don’t know and I am not sure if I want to know.” Dean said.
“Let’s go before something else happens.” Sam said heading for the door.
“What are people going to think when they see two people who pretty much black and blue head to toe?” I questioned.
“That Dean beat the hell out of us.” Sam said smirking as we stepped into the hallway.

Five hours later.

The three of us drove to some no name motel hours away from our last location and we took the time to really demon proof the room so we wouldn’t get any unwanted visitors. And once we were done with that I took the hottest shower known to mankind. It felt superb to shower and get all that dried blood off of my face, shoulder and stomach.
“I still have some of that scar healing cream if you want to use it on your shoulder.” Dean said as he walked into the bathroom without even knocking.
“Excuse you!” I said pulling my towel closer to my body.
“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before.”
“Well, when you abandon me I take away your rights to see me unclothed.”
“Don’t just to say that you’re sorry because I don’t want to hear it. You don’t leave behind the people you care about.” I said softening my voice.
“That’s why we left. When Sam had a vision that you died it wasn’t from the werewolves, it was from your dad. And Cal, I wasn’t going to let him do that.”
“By going off and trying to stop him almost did.” I said taking the cream out of his hand.
“I am sorry.” Dean said sincerely.
“I don’t give out second chances...but I will this once.” I said looking at Dean through the mirror.
“Is it because of my perky nipples?” Dean asked smiling.
“’s for Sam’s.” I said rolling my eyes.

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