Psycho Love Story ( Soul Eater Story ) Souls Love for Maka. Will Maka be killed by Crona?

Last time in the story- Maka asked Stein if he ever thought abuot having sex with her he said yes he had thought about it, Maka asked if he ever wanted to do it now here's his answer and more..

Created by mindless14anime on Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Sorry but from lack of people rating my stories I can not type this story up. ehhehehehehhe, it will cost you if you would like to read this story please go back and rate all of the other stories to this fanfic 5 stars please... what it makes me happy when people rate my stuff so I know I'm not just wasting my time when I have nothing to do but type out my thoughts when I watch anime's or listin to Music.... So instead of typing this part up just go back and rate 5 stars okay thanks

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