If you fall for me… I’m not easy to please, Imma tear you apart. Chapter 12

Created by kittenslam260 on Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Riley's P.O.V.

It's been about a week since I took a nap with Ryker. And guess what has happened between us since then... absolutly nothing, nada. In fact I hadn't even seen him for more than five minutes since that day.Apparentlyaccording to Oliver, he's been doing double shifts at Starbucks and is having some trouble's at school with Lily. I know that I don't knowRyker all that well, but I was really hoping that day was the start of something. And by something I don't mean a wild and crazy romantic relationship. I just want another friend, and I was hoping he'd be willing to take that roll. But I'm starting to think that was just a once time thing and now we'd just greet each other like nothing happened.

It's a friday night and I'm sitting in my room with my hair in a messy pony tail, no make-up on, sweat pants, and one of Olivers t-shirts with a bag of cheetos on the left side of my body opened, a book in my hands, a Dr. Pepper on the bedside table, and Coldplay playing softly in the background. Kelsey and Oliver were on a date, Mom and Dad went up to a cabin they have in Maine for a couple days, so here I am all alone in my house stuffing my face with Cheetos and reading a book.

I was about half way through my book when my phone started to vibrate. I reached over on the bedside table and hit the talk button. "Yea?" I asked Ian

"You are still home alone right?" He asked

"Mhmmm, why?" I asked not really paying attention as I finished reading the page and turned it starting the next page.

"Well... ummm" He said

"Just spit it out" I sighed and kept reading.

"Ryker needs a place to stay for a little while" He said

"Okay" I responded still not paying attention to anything he was saying.

"His mom came home and kicked him out... because he got kicked out of his school... again" He kept explaining.

"Mhmmm" I mumbled turning another page

"And I already called and asked dad to see if it was okay, so do you mind him living with us for a little while. Maybe just a couple weeks or so until his mom goes back out of town and tells him he can come back?" He asked

"Uh huh, sure" I said nonchalantly grabbing a handful of Cheetos and stuffing them into my mouth.

"Okay sweet! And I won't be home tonight, I'm staying at Kelesy's" He added

"Okay" I said with my mouth full "Bye" and then I hung up dropping my phone onto my bed and reaching over taking a big gulp of Dr.Pepper. I read about ten more pages and reached over for another drink of Dr.Pepper, I sighed as I picked it up. "Stupid empty can" I muttered to myself.

Crawling out of bed I put my book down keeping my spot and grabbed the empty can. Sighing I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen where I threw away my can. Walking over to the fridge I got out another can of the elixir of life. I set the can on the counter top and popped it open. Leaning against the counter I took a drink. I sighed and stared out the kitchen window. My life is extremely boring.

I got pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a knock at the door. I cocked my head, my eyes brows pulling together, who in the world is visiting my house at nine thirty at night. I put the can down and walked across the kitchen and into the foyer to the front door.

I unlocked the door and opened it."What in the world?" I asked seeing a disheveled Ryker standing on my porch with a duffel bag in his hand and bags under his eyes.

"Nice to see you too" He replied shoving his way past me.

"I can see you are having a rough night and everything, but why are you here?" I asked completely confused.

"Oliver said he called you and you said it was okay" He grumbled making his way into the kitchen and grabbing my Dr.Pepper downing the whole thing, crumpling the can, and then tossing it in the trash can.

"What?" I askedHe opened the fridge and started to root through, I'm assuming looking for some food. He emerged from the depths of the fridge with atuber wearin his hands he popped off the lid and then put it in the microwave.

"I'm staying with you guys for a little while. Mother dearest kicked me out of the house. I also got kicked out of school. All in the same day. And I'm probably going to go to your school now because it's the only school in the county I haven't been kicked out of." He said

"What?" I asked again

"What do you mean what? I just told you" He huffed looking extremely angry.

I just stared at him like he was crazy.

"Don't look at me like that okay!" He snapped

"What?" I was completely lost again

"GOD STOP ASKING WHAT!" He yelled at me.I was stunned, he has never really yelled at me like that.

The microwave beeped breaking the slience between us. He through opene the door and pulled out thetuberwear and then grabbed a fork out of the dishwasher. Without saying a word he stormed off into the dinning room and sat down, starting to eat his dinner.

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