Snowman~ A Egypt Drabble Challenge

I really high doubt anyone wants to read about christmas im sorry T^T

Created by irok2hard on Monday, January 24, 2011

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First I just want to say that I know I’m really behind, but I actually want to finish something…so if anyone’s still in the Christmas spirit (which I highly doubt xD) then thank you for reading this!!!


You gazed at the dark haired man who was standing in front of you, the one who is looking up at the sky as it continued to snow. His face showed nothing but absolute curiosity as he watched the small white flakes fall gracefully from the sky. His dark tanned skin stood out from the pure white background. Snow was something that never occurred at his house, so you wanted him to be able to experience if for the first time.

“Hey, Egypt” you said softly, not wanting to startle the usually quite man out of his trance, “do you wanna make a snowman?”


“Yea, it’ll be fun, come over here” you walked over to an area with a lot of space

“First you wanna make a ball with the snow….like this” you showed him the snowball and then started to roll it in the snow. “Then you want to roll it into a bigger snowball…now this one has to be the biggest because it’s the base. Why do you try making the middle part, ok?”

“…………..” the dark haired man said nothing as he started to work on the belly of the snow man.

You were able to finish the snowman in about 15 minuets, when you finished all three sections the both of you took a step back and admired your work. The eyes were made out of small stones, the nose was a pinecone, and the mouth and arms were made out of tree branches. But something seemed off.

“Oh! Were forgetting something” you realized


“Here we go” you took off your scarf and wrapped the dark purple cloth around the snowman’s neck and then, you were finally able to admire your work. The Egyptian man looked at you from the corner of his eye and saw how red your cheeks were. You felt something soft and warm wrap around your neck, as well as a body hugging you from behind.

“E-Egypt?” you squeaked with embarrassment

“…..Thank you…” He spoke softly into your ear, causing your face to become redder but not because of the cold.

“y-you’re welcome” The two of you stood standing there for only about 3 more minuet’s until you suggested some hot chocolate and a movie. Of course the two of you didn’t pay attention because both of you fell asleep from the warmth of cuddling up on the couch including a warm blanket. Ever since that night, the both of you always spent your winter together, always in the arms of each other.

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