Wierd Belly Button Tickle Story

Created by luvivygleeknumber1 on Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ariana was sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching her favorite TV show, Glee.She was watching the episode where Finn's mom marrys Kurt's dad.She spent the whole time admiring Kurt.
Right when that episode was over,she laid down and almost fell asleep.She was very skinny and physically weak,so she was easy to man-handle.She

wasalmost asleep when her friends,Adam,Dean,

and Jessie,all jumped out from behind the couch and grabbed her.They easily carried her into her bedroom.They turner up-side-down and held her by her feet. "Do a hand-stand against the wall!" They ordered.She did so.She was up-side-down on her hands against the wall.Dean ducktaped her feet against the wall.They do the same thing with her hands.She squeals. "What are you doing?" The guys just laughed.Dean answers, "We know your bellybutton is extremely ticklish! We're gonna tickle your poor little bellybutton.Ariana screams. "WHAT?No! You can't! My bellybutton is too ticklish!Please don't!I'll faint even if you touch it! Please! I'm begging you!Stay away!" But they didn't stay away.They closed in on her.They pulled her shirt down over her face and she couldn't see.She felt a finger making very small circles around her bellybutton,every time just barely touching the outside.She shivered and squealed as her stomach tensed at the feeling of the finger inside her bellybutton.She was laughing hysterically.Her bellybutton was turning red.Jessie had it on video.Dean took over her bellybutton while Adam's hand went down her pants and tickled her pussy.She was still laughing.Poor Ariana couldn't even talk. "Show your red bellybutton to the camera,Ari !" Dean said,as Jessie zoomed in on Dean's finger wiggling around in her bellybutton.
"OH GOD! PLEASE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! NO MORE IN MY BELLBUTTON! PLEASE IT TICKLES TO MUCH! HAHAHAHAHAHA! STOP STOP STOP! OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY! STOP! STOP!PLEASE! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! PLEASE! STOP STOP! OOOHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD!" She said.They all made fun of her by saying exactly what she said over and over again! "Oooooo! Tickle tickle tickle!"
They all said.Then,they let her breathe.She squirmed all over trying to get free when she heard the electric toothbrush turn on.Before she knew it,it was inside her bellybutton,pressured against her bellybutton ring.It all tickled to much.Adam's hand came out of her pants and covered her mouth.He used him other hand to stick his finger into her bellybutton.She screamed when it went faster in her bellybutton.They all shoved their fingers into her bellybutton one last time,and let her breathe.Then they shoved an icecube into her bellybutton.Then Dean pulled it out and warmed her bellybutton up by wiggling his finger in it one more time.Them they let her go.
"That was fun.I can't wait until next time." Dean said.

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