Jason McCann Love Story- Ch. 1- "First Glance"

For the ones who don't know, Jason McCann is Justin Bieber's character in "CSI: Las Vegas" cast: a juvenile delinquent. I want to say that my story isn't based on the action of the series' episodes, excepting the main guy character. Because it's a love story. I will try to write the next chapter how fast I can, and I have chances to finish it soon, because I'm in holiday. Please rate, message me for opinions & ideas and check my other Quizilla creations. Please don't copy the idea of my story. Enjoy!

Created by DaianaFreeGirl on Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Typical Los Angeles afternoon. Weather was very hot, nearly 30 degrees C , and the Sun was rising intensely. It hadn’t rained for one week, and I thought I was melting under the powerful Sun. That’s why I equipped myself with sunglasses, a hat and a bottle with fresh cold water. When it’s 15:00 in Los Angeles and you walk on town’s central avenues, you really need them all.

Being busy with explaining you the current weather of L.A. , I forget to introduce myself. I’m Faith Jones, an ordinary 15- year- girl , who studies at California Elementary Literature High School. I was born on 10th November 1994 , in Los Angeles, which was my hometown. And I didn’t plan to leave West Coast so far. I really love this city.

My dad, George Jones, was being one of the most famous policeman in L.A. , who was well- known for catching a lot of dangerous thieves. My mum, Caroline Jones, was working at Los Angeles Bank. I also have a little brother, Johnny, who was 9 years old, and an older sister, Taylor, who was 17 years old. We are a normal L.A. family, and I guess that’s all to say.

In that Friday afternoon, I was walking calm on L.A. ‘s avenues, checking the shops and searching for clothes. Shopping was one of my hobbies, not an obsession. And I was keeping it at the normal level, no matter my family was a rich one or no. Los Angeles was so calm, maybe because of the heat of the weather. It was a normal afternoon in L.A. , with hot weather and cars. Traffic jams were usual in L.A. . Especially at the rush hour. But it was just 15: 00 , what can happen now… ?

In the next moment, as an answer for my thoughts, I heard a loud noise, coming from a nearly jewelry shop, Mr. Brown’s one. It was something nearly like a gun shot, and the front big window of the showcase crashed in hundreads of little glass pieces. A man voice swore, and I heard another shot. I began being really scared. Someone was trying to kill Mr. Brown!

I began to run towards the shop and, while I was running, I took out my cell phone to call the police. I wasn’t looking at the way, because I was trying to type the Police number correctly. I should get faster. 9- 5- … .

Until I typed the last “5” , I bumped into someone. My cell phone fell on the ground loudly. I supported myself by the wall of the building next to Mr. Brown’s jewelry shop. I quickly grabbed my cell phone from the ground, and raised my look at the person I bumped into. He was a boy who was looking as old as me, with brown hair and big hazel eyes. I noticed he was wearing a red T- shirt, jeans and trainers. He was staring at me with astonishment, in a strange way, which made me look down embarrassed.

“Uh, I’m sorry, my failure.” the boy said. His voice was having a not right seriousness for his age.

I was ready to answer him but, in the next moment, he ran away, to Fifth Avenue. I felt that I must run after him, feeling which was pretty strange for me. I couldn’t remember another situation when I wanted to go after a stranger on street.

But the sound of the sirens of the Police cars brought me back to reality. A Police car stopped in front of Mr. Brown’s jewelry shop, and two cops, a man and a woman, got out of it. The policeman took out his gun and jumped in the shop through the broken showcase.

“Hands up, thief!” the man yelled. I heard another insult, and the woman went after her colleague.

I was stuck there, in the middle of the sidewalk, without doing anything or saying any word. In less than 5 minutes, a man was taken out of the shop, wearing coils. He was looking pretty young, in his 20s . His hair is black and cut until his shoulders, and his eyes are green. A very charming robber, what else can I say?

“Kelly, I will take this guy to the station, until he does another damages.” the policeman said, and he pushed the robber into the police car.

Kelly nodded, and added: “Ok, Bob, I will call some reinforcements to do some investigations, this guy wasn’t on his own here.” .

“I wasn’t, Jason escaped without me!” the robber said annoyed.

“Shut up, we will need your help at the station.” the policeman said, and he got into the car and drove away.

I watched Kelly while she was getting out her belt pocket a transceiver station and turned it on.

“Hello, here is Officer Kelly. We reached the location safely and catched the robber. Just one of them. Suspect B has escaped. We need reinforcements to investigate Fifth Avenue’s zone.” she said in the speaker.

I heard a calm male voice saying something, and Officer Kelly replied: “Thanks a lot, call ended.” .

Then I saw Mr. Brown getting out his shop through the door.

“Miss, did the robber leave?” Mr. Brown asked scared.

“Of course, my colleague took him to the Police station, he will stay in the jail some time.” Officer Kelly answered.

“Oh, I’m so glad to hear this! I wouldn’t ever think I would be nearly robbed today! When I saw that young boy entering my shop, I didn’t imagine it! He said he was looking for something cute for his girlfriend, and I thought: what a great boy! Then he called someone, and asked a girl called ‘Tina’ to come and see if ‘she’ likes the jewelry! I really thought he wanted to buy something for ‘her’ ! But, when I saw that man, I got really scared! I thought he would kill me! I gonna thank Frank for giving me the idea of installing the special button for calling Police!”

Mr. Brown was looking really scared, I had never seen him like that, before.

“Can you give us some information about the second robber, the boy?” Officer Kelly asked.

“Of course I can! He was looking like a normal guy, 16- year- old, I guess. So innocent, so polite. He was also well- dressed. I wouldn’t ever think he was a robber!”

Officer Kelly looked at Mr. Brown confused.

“Mister, I mean, tell me how was he looking like.” she said.

“Oh, yes, you meant that. He was wearing a red T-shirt, jeans and trainers. I said, he was looking so normal. I’m still astonished, miss.” Mr. Brown replied.

“Don’t worry, mister, we will catch him.” Officer Kelly tried to calm him down.

I was just staying there, watching Mr. Brown and Officer Kelly talking. I shouldn’t stay so still. I had to do something. After listening to their conversation, I was sure that: the guy I bumped into was a robber and I must do something about it. I approached shyly to Officer Kelly and said:

“Excuse me, Officer…?”

Officer Kelly turned at me.

“Yes?” she answered.

“I… I kinda know where that… boy went…. I mean the robber.” I said.

“Have you seen him?” Officer Kelly asked me hopefully.

“Yes, he bumped into me before you arrived here and he ran to the Fifth Avenue, then he turned left at the first street, I think.” I answered.

Officer Kelly looked at me for several seconds, then she took out her transceiver station.

“Officer Kelly again, we have information about Suspect B. Please send reinforcements to search the turning of Fifth Avenue in Market Street. Also, we need them to search in the whole zone of Fifth Avenue.” she said.

The calm male voice replied.

“Thanks, call ended.” Officer Kelly said and turned off the transceiver station.

“Thank you, miss, with some luck, we will catch Jason McCann.” she said after turning at me.

Then she turned at Mr. Brown and began to talk with him.

I was standing there and thinking: “So, his name is Jason McCann…” .


In that evening, me and my family were having dinner in our house’s kitchen. As usual, my mum has done her best: the meals were delicious. Like in all evenings, while we were having dinner, we were talking about their days. And dad had a very tiring day.

“Jason McCann has escaped. We followed him, and nearly catched him, but I think this kid knows well L.A. . We lost him in the suburbs. Anyway, Faith’s help was valuable. Now we will check the suburbs of the city to find him.” dad said.

Everyone looked at me.

“Have you met Jason McCann?” mum asked me scared.

“Yeah, I accidentally bumped into him.” I said.

“Oh, sister, only someone like you could bump into a delinquent.” Taylor sighed.

Mum looked at her upset.

“It’s important that Faith is okay.” she said.

“We must catch him how fast we can. Maybe you’ll think a juvenile delinquent is not as dangerous as an older one, but Jason McCann is… different. He and Trent Williams, called Suspect A, robbed several banks and jewelry shops on the West Coast, until they got in L.A. . Until now, we thought Jason was Trent’s right hand, but this day changed our point of view. Jason escaped, Trent was catched. Jason McCann is more dangerous than we thought.” dad explained.

“Maybe he was corrupt.” mum said.

“We don’t know too much about him or about his family, but we will try to find out some information.” dad replied.

“And if you will catch him, will he go to the jail?” Taylor asked dad.

“We’re not sure, if he doesn’t have a tutor, this is possible, but first we must catch him.” dad answered.

I looked down, feeling it was unfair. In fact, he was young, same age as me, he should be sent to a delinquent reform school or something like that. I also felt like I wasn’t being myself: why should I care about Jason McCann? Maybe I was feeling like that because, when I bumped into him, he gave me the sensation he was innocent, just a normal guy and that’s all. I remembered what Mr. Brown said: “I wouldn’t ever think he was a robber!” . Maybe this is his talent: to look innocent when he isn’t . Maybe dad wanted to say this when he said that Jason McCann was… different.

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