?Hibari Kyoya:Drabble Series? ?o8:Torture?

Created by xoxMarochanxox on Monday, January 31, 2011

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''[Name]-chan you sooo like him!'' Your friends teased.

''N-N-N-N-No! Nooooo way! Hes CRAZY!'' You protested as you waved your hands in front of you while shaking your head.

The girls just smiled evily at one another. Without realizing it, you were wuickly dragged away into the bathroom where your friends tortured you for what felt like forever. When the torment was over they led you towards the mirros=rs to show off their 'Magic'. Your [e/c] orbs had been underlinded with a thin coat of eyeliner with some mascara. Your lips gleamed with the look of freash peaches while your cheeks glowed like a rose in the moonlight. All of this accented your bright [h/c] which was pulled in a low pony tail to the left side of your head with slight curls in it.

''You look so kawaii now~!'' One girl chirped as the other girls nodded in agreement.

''Why are you guys doing this?'' You said in a soft voice. You had to admitt, you did look lovely.

''No need to worry, now hurry up and get to detention before he bites you to death!'' They shoved you out of the bathroom. After composing yourself you made your way down the hall towards the den as you'd nicknamed it. Pushing open the door you founf Hibari already fast at work on papers.

''Your late,'' he commented.

''Sorry I was. . .uhhh. . . .'' you mumbled trying to find a good excuse. When you couldn't come up with anything the boy looked up at you with a glare but forze slight as he saw your altered appearence.

''Why are you so dressed up?''

''I uhhh have a dinner party with my parents after school so I did my make up now instead of later,'' you lied while rubbing the back of your neck. Quickly you took your place at the desk to begin your normal work. Hibari didn't say anything for a while. But as time passed and it came close for you to leave you heard him mumble to himself.

''You look fine without it.''

Maro: Ahhhh the cheesyness!!! Dx

Hibari: I wouldn't say that.

Maro: Yesh you would daem eht ><

Hibari: Are you going to make me?

Maro: YES!

*Epic Death Match Between Hibari and Maro*

Maro: *avoiding tonfa* until next time!

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