His Hair Tie (Jimmy Uso)

- To Ashley or renosangel (: -

Created by LiLCiCix3 on Wednesday, February 02, 2011

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Ashley POV

I giggled as a bunch of guys surrounded me and hinted to me which item they were, I just tried to ignore them the door swung open and Brandy and Ricardo walked out. I saw Cyndi point at the guest room and I grinned knowingly, Brandy looked over at me and I gave her a thumbs up to congratulate her. She smiled as Ricardo took her upstairs towards the guest bedroom. Once I looked back the crowd of guys around me had disband and I was soon standing alone while Cyndi held out the bag in front of me,

"Your turn Ash." She said smiling, I didn't know her well but I knew she would kill me if I cheated and took one of the items that the guy told me to take, and cheat. So I stuck my hand in without looking and pulled out the smallest thing I could find,

"A Hair Tie!" Cyndi shouted pushing me into the closet rather forcefully, I growled,

"Careful!" I shouted as I rubbed my now sore butt and stood up leaning against a wall. No one came in yet and I started to get angry, considering I was forced in this closet. I was about to leave but the door opened and none other than Jimmy Uso stood there, I narrowed my eyes. Word on the street though was that Jimmy had a nasty attitude, and that was not gonna be okay with me. Cyndi sent me an apologetic look before she closed the door and locked it from the outside. I sighed as I leaned on the wall quietly, I felt his eyes on me but I decided not to say anything about it,

"So, Ashley was it?" He asked, I just nodded the dim light helped him see it so I didn't have to say anything.

"You're Jimmy Uso right?" I asked after awhile to break the silence. He nodded as well,

"Yeah, how'd you know? Most people think I'm Jey." He asked curiously, I scoffed,

"Jey's personality is different than yours." I just said simply, Jey was actually one of the guys that was flirting and hinting to me. Jimmy chuckled,

"My brother likes you." Jimmy said gently, I looked at him and saw a hint of anger flashing through his eyes. I clicked my tongue and walked over to him,

"And is that okay with you?" I asked, Jimmy looked down at me and literally checked me out. Then he shook his head no. I grinned and kissed him gently, he growled and wrapped his arms around me and one hand pushed my head closer to him so that he could deepen the kiss. I licked his lips hungrily and hoped that we had more time, his hands roam around my back and I shivered to let him know it felt good. My hands fisted in his hair.

We continued our intense kiss until light flooded the closet and a flash snapped from someone's camera. Cyndi smirked as she clapped, I think it was Brad who took the picture. I growled and was gonna chase after him but Jimmy held me back and he put his hair tie on my wrist as if it's a bracelet and smirked,

"Let him post it online, I want everyone to know you're mine." He said grinning maliciously, I just giggled and shrugged. We left the party kind of early though but what we did is a secret (; <3

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