The Mating Season(A werewolf love story)o1

Created by vampgirl24 on Wednesday, February 02, 2011

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Chapter 1:
I walked out of my bedroom in ripped jean shorts,a white t-shirt,low top black converse and I tied my long hair in a high ponytail.I headed outside of my fathers mansion.My father is also known as my Alpha.He never seemed like a father he always seemed like being a Alpha came before being a father.My mother is his mate,obviously.I plugged my Ipod in my ears and stepped out into the heat of the summer.I walked passed the house and went for my daily run.My father made me a dirt track that ran around the perimeter of our property.My father made sure it didn't go to far to the edge of the forest because there are hunters.I stretched.I touched my toes stretching out every muscle.I thne took off sprinting.In wolf dorm I am the fastest out of my pack.Even in human form I am extremly fast.I love running.I ran two laps making sure at the end I push my self to make me feel like I could vomit.To wind down I listened to Avril Lavigne-I miss you.Once the song was finished I headed inside.I was sweating so my white camisole road up a bit to show off my bell button ring.
It was pink because I have a tint of pink in my pitch black eyes.As I was walking the beta of our group Lenard stopped me.
"Father wants to see you."
"Thanks Len."I said.Lenard was my adopted wolf brother we found him one day shot by hunters and we took him in.He escaped from his group because they treated him badly.His mate,Marissa was due in two weeks.I opened the meeting door and stepped inside letting the air conditioning hit my sweaty self.I spotted my father frowning at a boy around my age.He had black hair that was spiked in the back and had side swept bangs.He was exceptionally good looking...too bad all I saw was his head.My dad noticed me and walked over.
"Yes,Father?"I asked.
"Elizabeth...I have found you a mate.."
"Oh thats nice wh-WAIT! WHAT!"I exclaimed causing people to glance at the Alpha's crazy daughter/Omega.Then Keep holding on-Avril Lavigne went on.Not now.I sighed to myself.
"Well,Elizabeth...this is another Alpha so it will create an alliance with our two packs."He explained.
"SO I'm leaving too!I have been in the pack my whole life.I am the fastest and you keep me as the OMega!"Now this was about the Omega.
"Because everyone thats is ahead of you has a mate."
"Yea but now I won't prove myself if I am not in the pack!"I said defensivly.
"Elizabeth Mary Spare now is not the time.You will do as I say.Please."His blue eyes looked full of sorrow.
"Fine..."I sighed.I didn't have my dads eyes nor did I have my mothers After I was two they changed colour.My older sister had my mothers brown eyes and my older brother had my fathers eyes.
"Good.Elizabeth this is Kyle Mather.He is the Alpha of his pack."The good looking boy came up and then I realised he had grey eyes and lip piercings.I always wanted one but my father would never allow it.So insted he let me get a tatoo.It's a picture of a white wolf that has it's teeth bared.It's actually pretty cool.It's on my lower back.
"Pleasure to meet you."He smiled.He looked me up and down lingering on my rised up shirt,and beely button peirce.
"As to you."I smiled sweetly.
"Okay everyone clear out.I must speak to my daughter alone."My dad called.People all cleared out leaving me alone with my Alpha.
"Yes?"I said annoyed that today they spring this on me.
"on't talk back to me young lady."He growled angry that I talked back to my Alpha.
"My apologies father,I am just upset that I don't even know this man and your making me be his mate."
"I know..."
"I don't even know him and I have to mate with him!"
"Not right away wait till the next heat cycle tonight we are only doing the blood bond.So go get changed I will have the maids pack your things."
"Yes father."I said and left.The blood bond!?I went to my room and showered.
I would have to have sex with this man.Not even knowing him.He knows when my next heat is too.
It's not like I will lose my virginity to him...Thats partly why I am upset.I was at a club and this guy handed me a drink I sipped it a couple times and then I passed out. woke up naked next to a stranger and my pelvis area hurt like a bitch.Since that day I don't screw people till I know some background shit.Once I got out I blow dried straightened and re-brushed my hair.I applied mascara and eyeliner.I'm not a big make up person.I walked to my closet pulling out black skinnies,white converse and a pink neon t-shirt.I got dressed and headed outside for the blood bond.

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