secrets, socials, and seigaku chapter 18

Hey guys! chapter 18 already? wow that was fast. Oh! and i have some good news.Don't ask me how but i finally got tezuka off my back about running laps. Okay so what i want you to do is tell me how you would get Tezuka off your back about running laps and whoever has the best idea I'll put it in my story! well i might just use them all but message me!

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. I smiled at the ball this was the finale. “Sorry Shinji but, Seigaku is going all the way to Nationals.” I shouted before smashing the ball into his side of the court.

“Match, Seigaku” the referee announced everyone cheered.

The team ran out onto the court to congratulate me. Kikumaru hugged me from behind. “Clair you didn’t say you could play like that?” he pouted.

Momo joined in along with the rest of the team.

“That was amazing Clair!”

“That serve you did was awesome!”

“How come you didn’t tell us sooner.”

I held up my hands in defense. “Guys, guys questions later sportsmanship now.” I said pointing at Fudomine who was already lined up at the net waiting for them. I started to walk away from the courts. “Where do you think your going?” I turned around to come face-to-face with Coach Ryuzaki.

“Well, seeing as I’m not a member on the team. I don’t get to go over there.” I said with a sad smile on my face.

Ryuzaki saw this and gave me a little nudge. “You played as a substitute for our team, even if your not a regular you still played for us ;therefore, you are a temporary member.” I look up shock clearly written on my face.

“Go” she encouraged.

I nodded my head with a smile. “Yes ma’am”

After the referee made us congratulate each other on out matches we started conversing with the other team.

Tachibana and Shinji stopped me at the back of the line Tezuka was right behind me. Tachibana looked to me. “I didn’t know you played tennis. I thought you said you weren’t on the team?” he questioned.

I sighed. “I’m not. I was merely a substitute for an injured player.” I stated.

Tachibana looked at me seriously. What was with captains and stoic faces? “I wouldn’t call your performance any MERE tennis playing.” He said watching my every move.

I looked up at Tachibana. At this point everyone was listening in on our intense conversation. I lightly smiled trying to change the mood of this conversation. “Thank you for the compliment Tachibana but really it was nothing that amazing.” I said modestly.

Akira cut in to the conversation. “What do you mean nothing amazing? Not only did you predict where he was going to hit during the game, but you were also a Niitouryuu user so you must have worked hard to perfect that!” he said almost upset at my modesty.

I looked at him confused. “What do you mean Niitouryuu?” I asked curiously.

Everyone looked at me dumbstruck. Oishi touched base on the subject lightly. “Clair when you switched your racket into different hands wasn’t that Niitouryuu?” he said almost disbelieving.

I clapped my hands together in understanding. “Oh! You mean that thing that Echizen did? Is that what it’s called?” I asked looking to Oishi for an answer.

But it looked like he couldn’t even move, let alone speak. “Um, Oishi? You okay?”

“Clair.” Inui said. “If you weren’t using Niitouryuu what was that then?” he asked cautiously.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I saw Echizen do it in his game with Shinji so I decided to try it too. It looked like it would come in handy.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

If I didn’t think they could open their mouths anymore, somehow they all proved me wrong. “Wait! So are you saying you never had attempted that before today?” Momo said slightly panicky.

I nodded my head with a childish grin. “Yep!”

They all looked at me in shock. “She’s scary.” Shinji mumbled. “She could be a real problem in the future. Although I guess she was a problem now. But she’ll become even more of a problem in the future…” Shinji started talking to himself and I tuned him out.

I remembered Echizen and made a beeline towards him forgetting about the conversation I was just in. I took off the hat and placed it on his head. “Well?” I asked slightly excited.

He looked up at me with his one uninjured eye. “ ’Well’ what?” he asked.

I frowned at this and pouted. “Didn’t you watch me play? I’ve gotten even better than last time. You better watch out when we play because it definitely won’t end the same way as when we were little.” I said smiling at the though of playing Echizen again.

“Whatever.” He said blowing my off proposal.

We all walked off court before that girl from before and Sakuno came up to us congratulating everyone. Sakuno wouldn’t look up at me and instead just looked at the ground in front of me. Before I could say anything to her though the girl from before started talking. “That was amazing Clair! I had no idea you could play tennis like that!” she said taking my hand in hers.

“Uhhh, yeah. Sorry but just who are you?” I asked skeptically.

She smiled. “I’m sorry for not introducing myself before.” She said while taking a step back and bowing. “My name is Ann Kippei. I’m Tachibana’s little sister.” She said with a grin on her face.

Needless to say everyone besides Fudomine was shocked. Apparently Momo and Sakuno already knew this so they remained clam through the panic. Tomoko, the other female freshmen, walked up and pushed Sakuno towards me. “Well? Go ahead! Tell her!” I blinked as Sakuno reluctantly walked up to me and bowed.

“I-I’m sorry about what I might of said before! I wasn’t thinking clearly!” she stuttered.

I smiled sweetly before putting a hand on her head. She flinched at the unexpected contact and looked up at me. “It’s fine. There’s no need to apologize I was out of line not you. I just really wanted to see Echizen finish his game so, I thought if I provoked you it might hurry you up off the court’s so he could play.” I lied smilingly all the while.

Once she realized what I was saying she looked angry. “But how could you-“ she was interrupted by me turning around and walking away. I didn’t want her to feel like it was her fault that the game was almost forfeited thanks to her. “Oy, Clair! Where do you think your going after saying something like that?” Momo called out shocked.

I put a hand up in the air as I walked away. “Soda.” I replied simply and continued on with my journey.

As I walked away I could hear Sakuno ranting. I sighed. Even if I gave her a reason to be angry she was just so blind. I just lied to her face and still she didn’t get why. I walked up to the soda machine and inserted a dollar. After looking over my choices I decided to go with a Ponta. Echizen is the one who drinks them all the time but they were good every once in a while.

I sat down on a nearby bench and took a sip. I licked my lips taking in the taste of the fizzy, grape soda. I heard footsteps approaching and turned my head around to see Fuji. “Yo.” He said casually before sitting across from me.

I looked over at him to see that smile that was always glued to his face. I gave him a look that said ‘let’s get this over with.’ And he chuckled a bit. “ You know you didn’t have to lie to her.” He said calmly looking out at our surroundings.

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