PLEASE DONT.......GET OFF ME!! Draco Malfoy Story (3) RAPE!


Created by waterchiq713 on Saturday, December 17, 2005

RECAP: Before you knew it he rammed his Penis into you.
He started...
START: pumping in and out of you like there was no tomorrow.
He had pinned you with his knees to your inner thighs.
He was pressing very hard that he gave you bruises everywhere.

You were suffering from the excruciating pain.
You started to cry because Flint was on top of you naked while you underneath naked with him also.
Why is Flint doing this to me.
I was nice to him!
I felt bad for him because all of the girls treated him like crap, but now I know why and I guess I should've went with the crowd.
As he was enjoying himself you noticed how really ugly Flint was.
He had the pastiest body you had ever seen before in your life.
You couldn't see them biceps, 6-pack, that well firm muscular chest or anything.
He is ugly inside and out!
His hand that was still placed firmly on the clasp of your braw was still there pressing as hard as he could.
Well he wanted more from you so he looked at you and smirked.
Lowering himself to you he whispered in your ear, "Tell anyone about this and I'll kill you."
In a deep dangerous whisper.
Your eyes shot wide open when he said that and to the feeling of him undoing your braw.
You looked at him once he literally ripped your braw off and sending it to the floor.
When I say ripped it off I mean literally making you bleed because he didnt want to undo your hands to take off your braw.
Once you looked at him you started to cry knowing you just had lost your virginity to Marcus Flint.
Flint looked at you while you were crying and his face stayed the same.
It didnt soften, didnt looked like he wanted to stop at all.
It actually seemed the look of fear on your face made him more eager to continue and to continue harder than he did.
Leaning into you he grabbed your boobs so hard you couldnt even feel him doing it after the forth squeeze.
You started to scream and all Flint did was laugh like a mad scientist.
Then Flint started moaning really loudly.
You were in so much pain you didn't even feel the climax.
He rode you so hard it felt like he was a cowboy on steroids! You felt something very unfamiliar in the sheets.
The first thing you thought it could be was a liquid that felt wet, warm and the stickiness of the liquid made you stick to the sheets.
On the last thrust Flint made overpowered all of the other moves he was doing before to reach his climax.
You felt something release from him into you.
Your eyes shot open from shock and cried while yelling at Flint, "Your not wearing a condom!
You could at least have worn that after you raped me!"
You cried harder once you had to say rape.
It seemed that he didnt listen of what you just had said.
After reaching his climax he collapsed right on top of you.
And laid there as you struggle for him to get off of you.
He weighed as much as an elephant and he didnt even move and inch.
Finally without you doing anything he just rolled over and fell asleep smilling.
After that you looked up your arm to see blood trickling down.
Looking to see where the blood was coming from you saw that your wrist were seriously injured.
Cut so bad that the rope that you were tied with was inbeded into your wrist.
You didnt even feel the pain because your wrist were so num.
That gave you an idea!
Yeah something that made you happy after this painful afternoon.
The thought of you not being able to feel anything made you pull your wrist so hard out from the tied rope.
You were so determined to pull your hands out.
You wanted to scream so hard.
Oh the pain!
You just dislocated your thumb.
Being able to not scream out loud so you won't wake up Flint made you scream in your head causing your face to turn dark purple.
With your determination you kept on pulling and pulling until.....

You wanted to scream again for doing something Flint hadnt expected!
Started to walk out of the room very quietly so you wont wake up the beast , you didn't even think of grabbing your clothes.
You just wanted out right away!
As soon as possible.
You reached the door ..CREAK!
Just my luck!
The door creaked so loud it woke Flint up.
You took no chances and booked it to the fireplace and never looked back to see how close he was to you because of the incident earlier.
You ran into the balcony railing looking back to the hallway to see Flint bursting around the corner.
From the shock of seeing how fast he is you jumped over the railing doing something to your ankle as you hit the ground.
Now where you jumped from was like from a second story building .
Flint was yelling in fear.
You were only a few feet away from the fireplace.
You pulled yourself with all the strength you had into the fireplace.
Flint had planted his feet onto the ground after sliding down the railing.
You grabbed some Floo Powder and hit it on the ground being gulped into bright green flames where it stated all of your troubles.
Is what you heard as you disappeared.
You appeared into a very nice mansion unlike the one you were just at.
You yelled "HELP, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!" ,is all you could say.
saying that drained all of your strength.
But luckily in this place it was enough!
You heard what sounded like mens shoes running .
A young very attractive man with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes appeared.
Oh yes finally someone hear to help you.
You didn't even get to look at his face as long as you were away from Flint.
The young man was running toward you and it was..... cliffhanger read my next quiz!
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Thanks a lot for the people who have been rating.
Please try to message Im really nice to talk to.
Write later.
Thank you.
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