Jocks Are Jocose (Bully Drabble Series) 17: Ted Thompson

Oh shit... Not Ted... Ted is scary... But he's cute. :3 I see Ted as a perv because on the soundboard, he says something about Ms. Philips, and it really made me angry because I love Ms. Philips and she belongs to Mr. Galloway. (lol) But I'm gonna be really nice in this. I like Ted, he's just a bit of a jerk and he's quite stupid. xD In this, he broke up with Mandy. I had to break him up with her to make this. :L MOAR LONGNESS.

Created by renjeiandedwardelric on Sunday, February 06, 2011

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You never did like Ted Thompson much. It was bad enough that you were paired up with a Jock in almost every one of your classes. You pretty much only liked Damon, but that was it. And maybe Kirby (but only because of Trent). This time it just had to be Chemistry, the class Ted failed at the most.

"No! Thompson, don't mix those-!" Ted had mixed two chemicals in the wrong order, resulting in an explosion. Both Ted's and your face were covered in black. "Sorry." Came Ted's muttered reply.

"Why am I stuck with you of all people, Thompson?" You groaned. It looked awkward when you and Ted walked to the football field together. You were pretty much forced to do so. "Because I'm hot?" Ted smirked. You rolled your eyes.

"Or because you're just about as smart as the average bird." You snickered, remembering Damon's little Nerd impression. "You got that from Damon, right?" He asked, his smirk a bit larger. You looked at him and smiled a little.

"Do you likeDamon?" Ted asked emphasizing the "like" and poking your stomach a few times. You giggled and pushed him away playfully. "No, I don't. He's a friend." You replied, almost immediately. "Do you like me?"

Your face turned red and you turned your head away from him and began walking a little faster. You didn't like him, but hell, he washandsome. "You do, don't you." Ted leaned in closer, pretty much hanging over your shoulder. You held your books closer to your face. "No. I-I don't. Thompson, stop bothering me about it." You could feel his breath on your ear.

"Would you just leave me alone?" You sighed. Ted laughed a normal laugh. Not the usual taunting laugh, but an actual one. "If you come to the game on Saturday." he responded. You blushed a little more.

"You're not serious Ted, are you?" you asked, actually using his first name. "As serious as football... and your mom." You rolled your eyes at his comment and thought about the football game going on. It would be your first time watching a game.

"I guess I'll go." You said as he poked your stomach again. You both laughed some.

"Hey, Ted. Race ya to the field!" you shouted, beginning to sprint. He smiled and chased after.

You and Ted had bonded a little. Like Damon, he was really nice. He just also needed time.

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