secrets, socials, and seigaku chapter 19

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I looked over at him to see that smile that was always glued to his face. I gave him a look that said ‘let’s get this over with.’ And he chuckled a bit. “ You know you didn’t have to lie to her.” He said calmly looking out at our surroundings.

I sighed knowing that something like this was coming. “It’s easier this way.” I said plainly taking another sip of my ice cold Ponta.

He looked over at me curiously. “How so?” he said.

I met his (closed) eyes with my own. “Now Sakuno doesn’t have to be upset after yelling at me for something I didn’t do. And she doesn’t have to feel bad knowing that if I didn’t come out on that court they would’ve disqualified him from the game.” I said looking at my Ponta can.

He snickered causing me to look up at him. I furrowed my brows at this. “What’s so funny?” I asked perplexed.

He smiled so that it reached his eyes this time. “Your so kind-hearted, thinking about other’s even if it means putting your reputation in the way.” He said quietly.

My cheeks were tinted red at this statement. “N-not really. Its just more work if I explain it all out to the person.” I said looking anywhere but at Fuji.

He laughed again. Soon the whole teams besides the freshmen were ready to go. We walked to Taka’s restraunt and had a celebratory dinner. I sat right next to Coach Ryuzaki and had a couple of sushi rolls.

She talked in a low voice as if not to attract any attention. “You know Nanjiro would talk about your tennis sometimes with me over the phone back then, but I would have never guessed that you were that good.” She said still not making eye contact as if to throw away attention from her.

I looked down at my already half eaten dinner and smiled. “Thanks I haven’t played for awhile so I think that the match went rather well.” I said remembering the previous events of today.

She looked over at me and our eyes connected. “You really love tennis, don’t you?” she said more to herself then to me.

I was surprised at this statement and got caught off guard. “N-no, not really, it’s just something to pass the time.” I said untruthfully.

She observed me for a couple more seconds before returning to her dinner. After about 20 minutes I looked down at my cell phone and saw that it was 6 o’clock. I sighed and pushed my diner away from me before getting up. I looked over to the Taka and smiled politely. “Thank you for the meal!” I said followed by a bow.

He put his hands up in front of him in defense. “Don’t thank me you deserved it.” He said graciously.

I smiled back. “Thanks Taka. I’ll see you at school.” I waved before turning to the rest of the team.

“I have to go now! See you guys Monday.” I waved before heading to the door.

“Hold it!” I heard.

I turned around to see a one-eyed Echizen getting up and gathering his things. I looked over at him confused. He must have noticed my expression and answered accordingly. “I’ll walk with you.” He said.

I didn’t question him but instead nodded and waited by the door. Once he gathered all his stuff we turned to everyone and told them goodbye. Well I did at least, Ryoma just stood there and watched.

We walked out the door and into the dark night. I looked up at the stars and smiled. “I love how you can see the stars so clearly here. In LA you could never see any stars because of all the lights from the city.” I explained.

Echizen just stayed quiet and continued walking. I walked behind him looking at his back. It seemed …bigger. He had changed a lot since I last saw him. I was surprised when I found out how open he was to his friends. I was actually kind of jealous at how quick they got him to open up too. When I first met him it took him at least 2 weeks just to get him to look at me. Then it took 2 more weeks to get him to at least insult me. Needless to say I thought it would be impossible to live with him. But then one day he saw me playing tennis with his dad, Nanjiro. After that Echizen and I played each other and or friendship only went up from there. I smiled to myself at the nostalgia.

Suddenly I ran into Echizen and took a couple steps back. I looked up angry. “Oy Echizen, if you’re going to stop at least give me a warning! Could of hurt myself!” I shouted.

He looked down at me before looking somewhere else and holding his hand out. I was shocked at this gesture and didn’t move. After he noticed that I wasn’t grabbing his hand he looked down at me. “Well?” he said pushing his hand in my face.

I looked at it skeptically. “Did you spit on it or something?” I asked.

A vein grew on his forehead and he hit the back of my head with the hand he was holding out. “No I didn’t spit in it!” he said clearly pissed.

I smiled sheepishly. “Sorry I just didn’t expect that.” I said.

He looked down at me once again a pulled his hat over his eyes and sighed. “Made made dane.” He said exasperated.

A tick mark appeared on my head. “Oy what’s that supposed to mean?” I questioned.

He just sighed and held out his hand once again. This time I took it with no hesitation. He just turned around and continued walking. “Come on there’s someone you have to see.” He said from over his shoulder. I watched him turn in to the walkway of a house labeled Echizen on the mailbox. I followed without questioning him. We walked around the house to the back. I looked around and sweat dropped. “You have a tennis court at your house here too?” I asked.

He ignored me and kept walking. He had a tennis court at his last house in America too. But I guess it was understandable to have one seeing who is dad was. Echizen stopped in front of a giant bell. It didn’t look like it didn’t belong there though. You see his house was modeled as an old traditional house. It was very ‘monk-like’ if you will. Then he pointed up at the bell. “He’s up there.” He said plainly.

I looked up at the bell to see someone sleeping just under it. He was wearing old Japanese monk clothing and was sleeping with a magazine over his head. I sighed already knowing who It was. I looked over at Echizen. “May I?” I asked.

Him already knowing what I was talking about agreed. “Sure, I’m going inside to do homework. You can deal with him.” He said bored of what he knew was going to happen.

I walked over to the bell and climbed up until I was on the concrete ledge with him. I looked over at him. He had a playboy magazine covering his face. I took it from his face and put it down beside him. I leaned over and blew in his ear. He woke up with a jolt and fell onto the floor. Which was at least a 6-foot drop. I heard him start moaning from the pain he had just gone threw. I laughed at this, which caught his attention. “You know, if you weren’t reading the dirty magazine I might have just gently woken you up. But it seems like every time I see you your doing something that just pisses me off.” I said with a deadly aura surrounding me and a smile to match.

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