Friends or not, she's mine. Part 1. (Jaden Yuki VS Chazz Princeton VS Aster Phoenix)

Jaden, Chazz and Aster are inlove with the same girl. How will this end?

Created by DragonOfDestiny on Monday, February 07, 2011

This is you ^^, Your name is Angel. (Me: Sorry, Ipicked the first name that came in to my mind^__^')
Eye colour: Brown.
Hair colour: Blonde.
Personality: Smart, shy, kind, loyal, pretty.
Crush (Right now): Chazz Princeton.
Age: 18
Best friends: Alexis and Bastion.
Other info: You have been inlove with Chazz since you two were kids. You two weren't close friends or anything. He said he didn't like you and always ignored you. Every time he said that, you were hurt, but still loved him anyway. Even now, at the Duel Academy, you love him. He hasn't change a bit. You've got many friends. Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa are your best friends. Jaden Yuki always makes you laugh, no matter what he does. You think Atticus is a little weird. You disliked Jesse from the beggining, but now you're friends. You love to battle Aster since you always win. (Me: Yep. You're a really good duelist ^^,) What you don't know is that Jaden, Aster and even Chazz love you ;)You have an ordinary family. A mother, a father and an 2 years older brother. His name is Travis and is an obelisk. You are an obelisk too. You two always duel. Sometimes you win, sometimes he win. So.....Anyway! Let's get to the story! ^^,
You were sitting in the classroom, listening to dr. Crowler. You looked around in the room and saw all of your friend, except for Jaden.
'Late again' you thought.
"Now class! Read the pages 122 to 127!" Crowler said with his irritating voice.
All students started to read. Crowler sat down on his chair and started to read too.It was so quiet in the room....until Jaden runs into the room. Everyone jumped up and Crowler got so scared that he fell off his chair. (Me: Hahaha xD)
"Jaden Yuki! Explain why you are late!" Crowler said with an angry tone.
"Sorry, dr. Crowler. I overslept." Jaden said, smiling.
"That's not a good explanation! Sit down and read!" Crowler said.
"Yes, MISS Crowler" Jaden said and sat down on his place.
Most of the students laughed. You giggled.
"IT'S DOCTOR CROWLER!!" Crowler yelled. "You are going to Sheppard after school!"
"Aw, man!" Jaden sighed.
Crowler smirked and sat down on his chair again. When the school was over, you were walking in the hallway. You were up in the clouds and didn't see where you were going. You bumped into someone. You fell backwards. You looked up to see who you had bumped in to. It was no other than Chazz Princeton.
"H-hi Chazz...." you said.
He just glared at you for some seconds.
"Whatever." he said then walked away.
You just sat there. You sighed.
'Why doesn't he like me? Is it because I'm not from a rich family? Maybe he's inlove with someone else....' you thought.
"Angel! What happened!?" you heard someone say.
It was Bastion and Syrus. Bastion helped you up.
"Did someone hurt you? Are you feeling allright?" Bastion asked.
"Don't worry, Bastion. I'm okay." you said and smiled at him.
Bastion didn't buy it. He knew you weren't okay, you were just hiding it. Bastion couldn't understand why you can smile and act happy when you're not.
"Good." Bastion said.
"You scared us a little, Angel" Syrus said.
"Sorry, it won't happen again." you said with a smile. "I have to go now, bye!"
"Bye!" Syrus said and smiled.
Bastion was quiet for a while.
"Bye..." he said.
~Later in the girls' dorm~
You yawned as you walked up the stairs on your way to your room. You met Alexis who had a worried face.
"Hm? Alexis? Is something wrong?" you asked.
"With me? No. I'm just...concern about you...." Alexis answered.
"About me? Why?" you asked.
"You may smile, but you're not happy." Alexis answered.
"But I am happy." you said.
"You act like you are, but you're not. I can see it in your eyes. Please, Angel, tell me what's wrong." Alexis said.
You gave up. You couldn't lie to Alexis. You sighed.
" someone. I've liked him for many years, but he justignore me and treats me like a nobody..." you said.
"Who?" Alexis said with a serious tone.
"'s-" you started, but you couldn't finish.
"Girls! Sleep now." one of the new teachers said.
You and Alexis had to go to your rooms.
'Whoever he is, he'll pay.' Alexis thought.
'That was close.' you thought.
~The next day~
It was now friday. You woke up and made your ready for school. You walked out of the dorm and walked towards the school. When you were close to school, you saw Chazz, talking to some other students. You wanted to go and say hi, but didn't want to bother him. You were now a few meters from the door. Aster and Jesse were standing there, talking about duels. Aster smiled at you and to your surprise, Aster held the dooropen for you. You smiled at Aster and walked in.
'That was...a surprise...' you thought.
"HEEEY, Angel!" Jaden yelled from behind.
You got scared and dropped your books. You looked at Jaden and smiled.
"H-hi there, Jaden. You scared me." you said.
"Heheh, sorry." Jaden said. "H-hey! You dropped your books! Let me help you."
"Uhm...thanks" you said.
Jaden bent down and started to pick up the books and papers. Chazz walked in. Jesse and Aster came in after him. Both Chazz and Aster stopped as they saw you and Jaden.
"What's up, Aster? Something wrong?" Jesse asked.
Aster didn't move or said anything. He just kept staring at you and Jaden and so did Chazz. When Jaden was done, he stood up. His face was really close to your face.
"Ehm....." Jaden said.
You both stared at each other for some seconds. Then you both blushed and Jaden took a little step back.
"S-sorry. H-here" Jaden said and handed you your books.
"Th-thanks" you said, blushing badly.
Aster growled as he saw that. Chazz wanted to go over to Jaden and hit him in the face.
'I...will...CRUSH HIM!!!' Chazz thought.
'Jaden messes with the wrong person.' Aster thought.
Jesse looked at what Aster was looking at. He saw you and Jaden.
"Aha. Now I get it. Jealous, huh?" Jesse said.
"I am not jealous." Aster said.
"You are! I can see it." Jesse said.
"No, you can't." Aster said.
"You can't hide it." Jesse said.
"Yes, I can." Aster said.
"You just said you are jealous." Jesse said.
Aster growled.
"Don't tell anyone." Aster said.
"I won't tell a soul." Jesse said.
Chazz couldn't hold himself any longer. He went to you and Jaden, mad.
"What do you think you are doing!?" Chazz saidto Jaden.
"I'm just talking to Angel." Jaden answered.
"Talk to her again and I'll hit you in your face!" Chazz said and walked away.
You looked after Chazz.
'What...was that...?' you thought.
"Eh....I better go before Chazz hits me" Jaden said and smiled at you.
You smiled back at Jaden.
"See ya in class." Jaden said and walked away.
You stood there and thought about what Chazz had said to Jaden for a while. Then you walked to the classroom. Jesse and Aster walked right behind you. Of course they heard what Chazz said.
'So Chazz too. Man, that's not good.' Jesse thought.
'If I don't do anything, Jaden or Chazz will get her. And I can't let that happen.' Aster thought.
(Me: I hope you liked it! Part 2 iscoming soon^__^)

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