A Leland Chapman Love Story

This is a TRUE love story between me and leland that happened in colorodo

Created by wildchild246 on Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We were all sitting there in the office. DuaneLee,Tim and justin were on the couch,Beth and Dog were arguingin the room next tothe office,I was in the chair and leland was on the computer searching for the guy we wer about to hunt.
Every once in a while, Lelandwould occasionally glance over smile and then continue his work. DuaneLee and Tim started to catch on to the occasional staring that leland kept planning.
"So whats going on between you two" askedDuaneLee."What are you talking about?" i lied. "Oh you know....THE TRUTH! DuaneLee responded. "What Eva" Leland stepped into the covasation shyly.
Beth and Dog walked into the room and the team packed up with their mace and pepperball guns. I was forced to sit with dog and DuaneLee while Tim drove. In the other car was Baby Lyssa, Beth and Leland driving. DL continued the conversation by asking when are first date was?? "HAT R U TALKI-........well im really not sure but i have to admitt im hoping soon" i answered with mixed emotions.
"Wait so ur seriously INTO Leland cuz i can hook u guys up if u like" Dog asked. "Id kind of like things to fall into place the way things should be like ya know not by force but thanx for the option". I responded in the most less embarresing way possible.
When we reached her house which we were like positive theguy was hiding out in we plannedour positions........well dog planned our positions. Dog knowing mobsession with his son he decided to have me and leland cover the back while DL and tim had the sides and the rest of the crew had the front.
Leland was really happy when we were both together in the back. Leland walked me to the back of the house, when basically hidden from everybodies sight he reached out for my hand and he pulled me to the porch. Thats where hedecided to ask me out for friday night at the movies (Twilight Saga: Eclipse)Aside from all the breaking of the windows,screaming bloody murder and the spraying of the pepperspray it was pretty romantic.
Right when we were about to kiss dog annouced over the speaker that the guy had been caught. We headed back hands together and smiles on ourfaces. When everybody saw us they all came to the conclusion tht we were together. It was eaither the holding of the hands thatgave it away orour first LONNG kiss in front ofeverybody. I am now known as JessicaLynn Chapman (yes lelands wife) WELL IN MY DREAMS!!

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