I can speak to animals so of COURSE I would fall in love with a wolf! *thirteen*

Created by x1xpsychex1x on Friday, February 11, 2011

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Well here is thirteen! I hope you enjoy it...:D Song of the chapter is Stuck on You by Paramore...I absolutely love Paramore!

Chapter thirteen

I was back in my field. The sun was low in the sky and the sound of chirping cicadas filled my ears. I smelled the scent of the grass and clear air and sighed with content. I've noticed that whenever I get surprised my blood pressure rises and causes me to faint. My subconscious always takes me to my field whenever I'm emotionally disturbed. This field is my sanctum and the only place I could think and be myself.

Thea are you okay? I heard a voice say and jumped about twenty feet in the air in surprise. Midnight...Austin stood behind me with a worried look on his wolf face.

I ignored him and spread myself onto the plush green grass, contemplating all that had happened. Austin was a werewolf...and not just any werewolf, but a werewolf who had been living with me for the past couple of days and disguising himself as a regular wolf. Not to mention that he had, for no apparent reason, kissed me in a janitors closet earlier today causing a million jolts to course up and down my body. I thought that my developing psychic powers that inhibited me to talk to animals was weird but I think Austins condition was a little bit more than weird.

I saw out of the corner of my eye Austin lay down beside me and look at me with such sadness that my heart started aching. How was it possible for werewolves to be real and not part of fairy tales like everyone had thought? If werewolves were real, were every other mythical creature real too?

“Explain. Everything.” I said to Austin, not looking at him but instead looking at the clouds that had turned purple with the sunset. I saw Austin stiffen but then relax when he saw that my face wasn't angry but serious and calm.

Werewolves are real...as you can see,and we have been living among humans for thousands of years. There used to be a time where we could live in the open and live in peace as allies. That was until the Dark Pack was born. The Dark Pack was a group of werewolves who believed that humans were only meant to serve them and be their....well their meals. When the Dark Pack started attacking humans, humans started to become scared of not just the Dark Pack but all werewolves. Then the humans started standing up for themselves and killing our kind, even the ones that weren't evil. That is when the Alphas decided to hide from humans, for our safety and theirs as well. The Dark Pack also has been in hiding until a couple of years ago and then their have been more cases of attacks on humans and the Alphas decided to get rid of them once and for all. Recently their has been attacks around this area and a pack was moved here to investigate and get rid of any of the Dark Pack they find. What we didn't count on finding was the vampire clan that had moved to this area a few years ago...because of them we haven't been able to track the Dark Pack because we had to keep THEM from hurting humans. Now the leader of our pack and the leader of their clan have decided to make a treaty. The treaty stated that they couldn't hunt humans around this area and that we couldn't stop them from doing any of their business... Austin stopped and looked at me. I was sitting quiet, absorbing all of the things he said. After I was sure I wouldn't freak out...like punch something or burst out crying, I slowly stood up from the ground and saw Austin do the same.

“Okay...and what does ANY of this have to do with me?” I asked as calm as anyone in this position could be.

Well...you see....werewolves have a sort of electric charge about them...kind of like a magnet. But the magnet is only set to attach itself to the one person that has the other half of the magnet. When that happens both the werewolf and the other person feel a need to be together...Austin stopped and shuffled nervously from paw to paw.

“And...?” I said urging him to continue.

Well....Thea your my magnet. Austin said looking at me nervously.

“I'm what????!!!!!” I said but then I felt myself begin to wake up and my senses of the outside world clear.

I opened my eyes and saw a worried Austin, in human form, looking at me.

“Thea are you okay? Your not hurt are you?” Austin said worried. I remembered what happened in my field and stood up abruptly.

“I'M YOUR MAGNET?!?!?!?” I yelled at Austin, I felt the need to punch or break something so I picked up a vase beside me and smashed it against the wall, barely missing Austins head by inches.

“Oh...my wolf talked to you huh?” Austin said sheepishly trying to block the projectiles I was launching his way.

“Ya think?” I said sarcastically and noticed that I was all out of objects to throw. I felt a weariness overcome me and sat down on the couch putting my head in my hands and trying to calm down.

I felt Austin sit down beside me and the feeling of electricity rush through me. I looked up to see sadness on Austins face and subconsciously moved closer to him.

“You don't like me?” Austin asked looking down at his feet. I placed my hand on his shoulder and I saw him look up at me with such grief and love that it took my breath away.

“It's not that...its just...all of the things that have happened to me lately is catching up with me...” I said looking into his deep emerald eyes.

“I'm so sorry...I know that me telling you this has been a sort of reality check...but I had to tell you...I couldn't handle not telling you what I was or how I feel about you...” Austin said ducking his head, his black hair covering his face. Without thought I reached my hand up and brushed the silky locks away from his face. He lifted his head and I felt mesmerized by his beauty.

My face inched closer to his until we were only inches away from each other and before I could think about how it, my lips were on his and we were kissing. This kiss was gentler and more passionate and sweet than the other one. Our lips moved in synchronization and the sparks running through my body left me tingling and wanting more. When I felt his tongue lick along my bottom lip, I immediately opened my mouth and allowed him entrance.

WHAT IN THE SAME HADE IS THIS! I heard and immediately tore myself away from Austin in shock to see Angel at the back door with Jimmy on her back. I felt myself flush and looked away from her guiltily.

Why was that boy eating your face? Jimmy asked, his little eyes wide and scared.

“Oh honey...he wasn't...eating my face...he was just...uh demonstrating CPR...right Austin?” I said nudging him in the ribs.

“Ur right...CPR..” Austin said with a smile.

Jimmy go upstairs. I have to talk to Thea, okay? Angel said and Jimmy jumped off her back and ran quickly upstairs. When he was safely out of sight, Angel turned her accusing eyes at us.



Love? Hate? Congregate? VOMMENTAN! pleasals

Love ya with lots of nacho cheese! -Psyyyyyche

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