Big Sister, Little Brothers- A Severus Snape Fanfiction: Prologue

Created by Snapechild1312 on Monday, February 14, 2011

"Delphinium Christine Snape!!!" Tobias roared. Severus shuddered. Selvyn shrunk into the corner ofhissister's room.Delphinium sighed and went to see what her father wanted.
"Yes, sir?" she said. Tobias was red in the face from anger.
"What is this!?" Tobias said, shaking Delphinium's Hogwarts robes in her face.
"My robes, sir." Delphinium said, politely as she could.
"Why are they not in your room?" Tobias snarled.
"Mother asked me to bring them out so she could wash them." Delphinium answered.
"Eileen!!" Tobias called. Eileen stepped into thesitting room from the kitchen.
"Did you tell Delphinium to bring these wretched things out?" Tobias asked. Eileen nodded. Tobias started raging at the frail woman, forgetting all about Delphinium. The twelve-year-old slunk back up the stairs and into her room.
"Are they fighting again?" Severus asked, turning big black eyes on his older sister. Delphinium nodded. Selvyn trembled under Delphinium's desk. Demphinium wrapped her arms around her blonde little brother and lifted him from his hiding place.
"I can't wait to go to Hogwarts, Delphie." Severus said, sitting on Delphinium's bed.
"Nither can I, Sev." Delphinium said, sitting next to Severus and stroking Selvyn's hair.
"I just wish it lasted all year. . ." Severus trailed off.
Delphinium smiled at Severus and patted his shoulder. There was a soft knock on the bedroom door.
"Come in." Delphinium said, sitting Selvyn on the bed next to her and sitting up straight.
Eileen slipped into the room, barely opening the door and then closing it behind her. There was a huge bruise on her left arm and her right eye seemed to be a bit swolen.
"Are you kids okay?" she asked quietly.
"Yes, mother." Severus and Delphinium said. Selvyn still clung to his sister.
"I'll miss you two while you're off at Hogwarts." Eileen said, sitting nex to Severus and wraping her arms around him.
"We'll miss you too." Delphinium said. "Why do you stay with him, mother?" she blurted out, tears coming to her eyes.
Eileen was silent. Her three children looked up at her expectingly.
"I don't know. . ."she whispered.
"Would you like me to help you with the clothes, mother?" Delphinium asked, seeingthat the subject at hand made everyone uncomfortable.
"Would you, honey?" Eileen asked, stoking Delphium's hair.
"Of course." Delphinium said. "Come on, Severus."
Delphinium's little brothers stayed close to her on their way to the kitchen.
The clothes washingsetup was this: Delphinium hand-washed the clothes in the kitchen sink while Eileen used magic to dry and foldthem, and Severus sat at the kitchen table with Selvyn in his lap.
Without warning, Delphinium started singing. It was an upbeat song that the entire family (with the exception of Tobias) had grown to like.
Delphinium had a nice voice. Not exactly music star material, but she was the best singer in the world to her brothers.
Selvyn started dancing durring the first chorus. It was really cute. Eileen sang the lower harmony. Severus was too shy to do anything.
Delphinium abandoned the clothes and tried to coax Severus out of his chair.
A loud bang stopped the family's little performance. Tobias came in and looked like he was about to attack Selvyn next. Before Tobias could get too close, Delphinium slapped him across the facewith a set of soaked, soapy robes.
After a huge shouting match between Dephinium and Tobias, Severus and Dephinium were turned outside and Selvyn was told to take a nap.
"Great ugly git." Delphinium mumbled as she and Severus walked down the street.
"Why, Delphie?" said Severus. "Why do you get yourself into these things?"
"I'm his daughter." Delpinium said. "I have a lot of his personality."
"You're better than him." Severus said.
"You sound like mother." Delphinium said.
"No I don't." Severus said.
"Yes you do." Delphinium said. Severus went to pinch Delphinium, but she saw it coming and sidestepped.
"Too slow!" she taunted. Severus ran at her. She sidestepped again and ran down the street, Severus on her heels.
"Gotta be faster to catch me!" Delphinium called.
"You're dead, Delphinium Snape!" Severus shouted, grinning from ear to ear.
Dephinium laughed out loud as she ran. Severus tackled her in the middle of a little playground and pinched her arm.
"What. . . ?"
"Hello, little Miss Evans!" Delphinium said, waving at Lily Evans, who sat on the swings and stared at Severus and Delphinium like she had never seen anything so weird.
Severus scrambled up and brushed the dirt off of his clothes.
"Looking forward to your first year at Hogwarts?" Delphinium asked, taking the swing next to Lily.
"Yes, I am." Lily said. "What year are you going into again, Delphinium?"
"Third." Delphinium said. "I turn thirteen next month."
Lily smiled. So did Severus.
"I don't think Severus wants to go." Delphinium joked. "It's not like he talks about it just as much as he talks about you."
"Delphinium!" Severus squeeked, his voice an octaive higher than usual. Delphinium giggled.
"Just you wait, kids." she said, grinning. "You guys are going to love Hogwarts."

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