Is he the one? {John Cena Ch.24}

Hey guys here is chapter twenty four! I hope you enjoy it, it set around Wrestlemania, where John Cena and Batista fight it out for the WWE Championship :) (well this is what at least happens in my story :D) ~xoxo Lau

Created by futuredivalauren on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Sunday night Wrestlemania XXVII

It was Wrestlemania and I was less than thrilled, I mean how would you feel if your ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend both competed in a match against each other?

Batista and I were in his locker room and he was getting ready for his match. Batista looked over at me and saw that I was more quiet than normal.

“Lauren are you alright?” Batista asked

I looked at Batista “Yeah I’m fine.”

“Well my match is in a few minutes and I was wondering if you could be there at ring side.”

I shook my head “ Wait you want me at ring side?”

“Yeah, I need my lucky charm by my side.”

I looked down on the floor, John use to refer to me as his lucky charm. But I looked back up at Dave and smiled “Okay, I will be there.”

Dave stood up and hugged me. The truth was that I didn’t want to go out to that ring, but I really had no choice.

Dave and I left the locker room and waited at the ramp for his theme music to play. Once his music hit, the two of us walked down the ramp and were greeted by screaming fans. While walking down the ramp I looked at John who was already in the ring. And he was surprised to see me.

Batista got near the stairs and asked for me to go in the ring with him. I walked into the ring and stood in the corner, while Batista got on the top ropes. After Batista finished, the ref asked me to get out of the ring. I listened to the ref and before I got out of the ring, Batista grabbed me and kissed me. I knew that he only kissed me to piss John off, and that did work.

I got out of the ring and walked over to the announcer’s table, and while I was standing there John took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd. Normally John would kiss his dog-tag necklace and give it to the ref. However this time John walked over to the turnbuckles where I was and John looked at me. I looked at John and that was when he kissed his dog-tag necklace and placed it into my hand, along with a folded piece of paper. I raised my eyebrow and I began to unwrap the piece of paper. After I unwrapped the paper, I realized that it was an old picture of me and John.


This picture of John and I was taken while we were in Iraq, and this was the day John and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe that John had kept this picture for so long. I looked up at John and all John did was smile at me.


I did smile a little bit too. John walked over to the center of the ring with the ref and Batista, who was very angry after what John did. The ref raised the WWE Championship in the air before tossing it over to the side. The ref grabbed a microphone and the bell rang, making the I Quit Match begin (for those who don’t know, in an I quit match, there are no rules or restrictions, so the two opponents can do anything. If they want to use weapons, they can, if they want to fight outside, or backstage they can. The match doesn’t end until one of the two opponents say the words I quit. The reason to why the ref carries the mic is because periodically the ref will ask if they choose to give up. Or not. I hope that helped :) ) John and Batista just stood where they were and John looked down at the microphone in the ref’s hand.


John took the mic from the ref’s hand.


John then began to say “There is something I want to say.” John looked at Batista “I am glad that I am facing you tonight because now I can take out all of the anger and frustration I have on you!”

John tossed the mic and that was when he tackled Batista and began punching him in the head. John punched Batista in the head at least fifty times before stopping.

John stood Batista up and threw him into the turnbuckles. John then went to the turnbuckle that was vertically across from Batista and that was when John went running towards Batista. However, Batista then ran at John, and gave him a spare.


John hit the mat hard. Batista then flipped John over onto his stomach and that was when Batista put John in an arm lock, this move really hurt John because not too long ago, John had surgery on his right shoulder, and John’s right shoulder wasn’t fully healed yet.


John screamed in pain, and the ref got down and asked John “Do you quit?”

John yelled back “No!!!” the crowd cheered for John.

John locked his eyes with mine, and I looked at John and mouthed the words ‘You can do it.’ For about twenty minutes John was held in that position and not once did John take his eyes off of me. It really was killing me seeing John in this much pain, I could see that he really cared about his title, and didn’t want to give it up. I couldn’t take it anymore, I don’t know why but I got into the ring and pulled Batista off of John.

Batista stood up and looked at me. “What are you doing?” he yelled.

“Dave, you know about John’s shoulder and I was not going to watch you make John endure that pain for another twenty minutes. Fight like a man not a pussy.” I got out of the ring and Batista just continued to look at me.

When Batista focused his attention back on John, John was already up.


John then threw Batista over his shoulders and threw him onto the mat. John then bent down and looked at Batista before throwing his hand in the air. The audience screamed, and John bent back down, waved his hand in front of Batista’s face and said “You can’t see me!”


John went running on the side rope and was about to do his five knuckle shuffle on Batista. But I pulled Batista by his foot and got him out of the ring. John looked at me in shock, but I didn’t care, I wanted to make sure that my boyfriend was alright.

“Dave are you alright?” I asked as I slapped him lightly on the face.

Batista shook his head and looked at me “Yeah I’m fine.”

When Batista looked to see where John was, that was when Batista saw that John was running towards him with a steel chair. Batista yelled “Watch out Lauren!!”

Batista then pushed me out of the way, but he pushed me so hard that I hit the back of my head on the steel chairs, before blacking out.

John attacked Batista with the steel chair, causing Batista to hit the ground. John looked to the side and saw Lauren lying on the ground with her eyes closed. John ran over to Lauren and tried to make sure that she was alright. “Lauren! Get up!” John said repeatedly as he shook her, but Lauren didn’t flinch at all. He knew that she was knocked out.

John then got Lauren and carried her in his arms. John walked over to the announcer’s desk and said “Get the med squad out here now!!”

The guys listened and within two minutes the medical team came rushing out from backstage with the stretcher. John placed Lauren on the stretcher. He then grabbed his dog-tag necklace and placed it around Lauren’s neck. John looked at Lauren and said “I love you.” He then kissed her on the forehead before she was taken backstage.

After Lauren left, John was even more pissed off at Batista. John grabbed the steel chair again and began to hit Batista with it several times. The ref then walked over to Batista and said “Do you quit?”

Batista yelled “No!!”

John hit Batista with the steel chair one more time, before tossing Batista onto his shoulders. John then walked up the ramp with Batista still on his shoulders. John then turned his attention to the car that was parked on the top of the ramp. Even though this was crazy, John walked over to the car and began to climb up it, until he reached the hood of the car. John turned around and faced the audience. That was when Batista began to scream the words “I quit!” repeatedly. The ref put the mic up to Batista’s mouth and said “Batista do you quit?”

Batista yelled “Yes! I quit!!!”

The crowd cheered and John just stood on the hood with shock on his face. John couldn’t believe that he won.


Batista yelled at John “Put me down!!!!”

“Alright!!” John said; as he threw Batista over his shoulders, causing Batista to go through the platform.


After Batista went through the platform, John threw his hands up in the air and the crowd just screamed.


John jumped off of the car and went running down the ramp to retrieve his Championship. After John got his Championship, he turned to one of the cameras and said “I’m still the Champ!!!”


After John high-fived and hugged some fans. He walked half-way up the ramp, when he stopped. John held his Championship in the air and the crowd just screamed and chanted “Champ! Champ!”


John walked up the ramp to where the referee was. The ref held John’s hand in the air and Lillian went on to say “And still WWE Champion, John Cennnaaaa!!!!!”


The crowd cheered and after the ref put John’s hand down. He went backstage to go check on Lauren.

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