Boondock Saints (Connor & Murphy) Part Four

here it is!!!!!!!!!!! thx to musicismyworld101 for messagin and my friend Maria for bugging me 2 post haha i don't own boondock saints!!!!!! only saoirse, kayleigh, and maria!

Created by thereXisXnoXspoon on Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Saoirse and Kayleigh called a friend of theirs who helped them get started with their old ammo business and would help Connor and Murphy, for a price. Setting up a meeting, Kayleigh informed the boys of the date and time while Saoirse went out into the alley for a smoke.

Lighting up a cig, she saw a group of four boys cornering something while laughing and jabbing something with a knife. Walking over, she cleared her throat so they focused their attention on her, “May I ask what ye are doing?”

The leader checked her out, “Hey gorgeous! We can be doing you if you like.”

Scoffing in disgust, she took another drag from her smoke, “How about ye all get a life and a new hobby?”

“Oh feisty, I like ‘em fiery!”

The boys began to circle her; she took a final drag from her smoke and flicked it at one guy so it went down his shirt making him shriek and grasp for it. The leader lunged for her with a switchblade in his hand; sidestepping him, she grasped his hand with the knife and squeezed hard which broke his fingers. He cried out while grasping his wrist with his other hand. The other two were going to attack her when one dropped after being knocked out cold and the other soon after.

Saoirse smirked, “Thanks Kay.”

Kayleigh smiled, “Couldn’t let you two have all the fun.”

Saoirse turned her attention to the guy who got the cigarette out of his shirt, “You have two choices, run and get a life, or stay and end up like your buddies.”

He ran for his life out of the alleyway. Saoirse laughed and went to see what the guys were gabbing at and gasped in horror. A mother cat lay dead with five of her six kittens. A sixth one had a gash on his hind leg but was alive. Taking it gently in her hands, she cradled it to her chest carefully. “The nerve of man sometimes, talk about low.”
Kitten: 070619_04.jpg

Taking the kitten inside, Saoirse went into the bathroom and set down a towel out for the kitten to lie on. Taking out some cotton balls, she ran warm water and ever so gently cleaned the wound. Connor and Murphy walked by and watched her.

Murphy, “Where’d you get the kitten?”

Saoirse clenched her jaw, “I went out for a smoke and found a few guys who were killing a mother cat and her kittens. This little one was the only one who survived.”

Connor, “Why would anyone want to harm an innocent animal like that?”

Murphy, “It’s so tiny.”

Saoirse rolled her eyes, “It’s not very old, most likely newborn.” The tiny kitten mewed cutely making Saoirse smile, “At least this little one will recover with a little TLC. Now you need a name. There’s no way you’re a boy because of your coloring, so how about Nevaeh?”

Connor, “Heaven backwards? Creative.”

Saoirse stuck her tongue out at him, “Bite me.”

“Is that an invitation?”

She flipped him the bird before picking up Nevaeh after bandaging its leg. Bringing it to her room, she got a small box and put in a soft blanket in it so the kitten would have someplace to sleep. Saoirse went out into the living room and sat down on the couch, with a hand towel she set Nevaeh in her lap on the towel. Kayleigh brought in a small glass with some lukewarm milk in it along with an eye dropper. Putting a small amount of milk in the dropper, Saoirse held Nevaeh on her back and began to feed her small amounts of milk. She drank greedily and happily from the dropper.

Saoirse glanced up to see that she had an audience, “Wow guys, that’s not creepy at all. I’m just feeding a kitten.”

Connor, “Ye look very motherly doing so.”

Saoirse raised an eyebrow, “Are you offering to be my baby daddy?”

Connor blushed slightly as Murphy and Kayleigh laughed; Saoirse, “I’m teasing Connor.” Nevaeh mewed, “You are a hungry thing aren’t you?” She fed her more milk until she didn’t want anymore; after a few minutes, Nevaeh fell asleep in her lap curled up into a tiny ball.

>>FF 3 days>> Connor and Murphy went to go get their guns while Saoirse and Kayleigh were in their shop. Saoirse was playing with Nevaeh in her basket on the counter with her finger but being careful if her leg which was heading nicely.

Kayleigh’s phone buzzed, “Hey, the guys got the goods and are heading back. They need our help with something.”

Saoirse, “Who’s going to watch Nevaeh?”

Kayleigh played with her phone for a minute, “Maria agreed, plus she’ll watch the shop while we’re gone.”

“Sounds good. I’ll just feed her before we leave.” Taking out a bottle of milk, she fed her through the dropper until she didn’t want any more.

Maria came through the door, “Hey!” Maria was an aging woman around 55, graying black bair, wise dark eyes, and stood about 5’2. She lived two places down at a local bakery and took a liking to the girls when they moved in.

Saoirse, “Thanks for coming on such short notice Maria.”

“No problem at all, now where is this adorable creature?”

Saoirse picked Nevaeh up and showed her; Maria immediately cooed, “Aww, such a small thing.”

Kayleigh, “Saoirse rescued her but the mother cat and five other kittens didn’t make it.”

Connor and Murphy came in the front door, “Ladies.”

Connor, “Who’s this?”

Kayleigh, “Maria, this is Connor and Murphy, guys, this is our close friend and store watcher, Maria.”

Maria, “Oh what handsome young men you are.”

Saoirse and Kayleigh hid a smirk from the boys blushing. Saoirse, “Maria, we have to run, thanks again for watching the store and Nevaeh.”

Maria, “Oh no problem, go on, have fun. Be safe, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Kayleigh, “What wouldn’t you do?”

Maria shrugged, “Take over the world?”

Saoirse and Kayleigh burst out laughing as they led the way upstairs so they could get changed and grab their own bags of ammo.

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