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v-day request for drwhofan34~ warning: foul language! please enjoy :) i know valentines day past but meh...

Created by angelhearthsasori on Thursday, February 17, 2011

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you looked at your calender, groaning when you noticed it was february 14...

Valentines day..

you quickly got changed, walked downstairs, had a quick breakfast, grabbed your car keys and opened the door. when you set foot outside you heard looked down to see a box shaped as a heart, you kneeled down to pick it up and noticed there was a note on it.

it said:

i hope you like this awesome valentines gift.

though this gift isnt as awesome as me.


your awesome secret admirer.

you sighed, this isnt really secret if you know who it was.....that dumbass prussia.. only he would put awesome in everything he writes or says.

you went inside to drop the chocolates to the nearest table.

you walked out, locked the door and went inside your car, zooming off.

you reached your destination, walking out, you were suddenly greeted by a hug.

"AH scared the shit out of me"

italy smiled and grabbed your hand.

" ve sorry _____chan its just that i'm sooo exciteed!!."

" ....i figured that"
he smiled at you, and pointed at his cheek.

" its valentines day ____ can italy get a kiss from ____? ve~"

your cheeks turned bright red, you looked at italy who was waiting for the kiss. you sighed and was about to lean down to kiss him but was stopped by a masculine(sp?)voice.


italy jumped and turning to face germany.

" ve~ but germany i'm tired...i want to eat pasta ve~"

germany glared at him.


germany pointed behind him, italy just zoomed off not even looking behind him.

" now you...."

germany said looking towards you with a blush.

"'ll just do 15 laps..."

you looked up at germany with a sparkle in your eyes, usually he would tell you to do 50!!

" reallly?! omg your the best!!"

you then started zooming off.


It was almost 8 O'clock, you waved goodbye to japan and italy, for some reason germany just....dissappeared....

you went inside your car and zoomed back to your house.

when you reached your home you see germanys car parked outside, you raised an eyebrow, maybe it was your neighbours new took out your key and unlocked the door, the lights were on, you swore they were off when you left. you were feeling a bit scared, you dropped your bag and placed the car keys on the key holder, you heard whispers in the kitchen which made you shiver, you grabbed the closest weapon you can grab. a whip.......wait why the hell do you have a whip?!

you came closer to the kitchen, holding the whip out ready to attack, til you heard the word ' awesome'. you entered the kitchen, closing your eyes and started whiping everywhere, hearing the words ouch and ow and STOP.

you opened your eyes, to see prussia on the floor with a red bow on his head and germany wearing a pink bow, you looked at them confused.

" wtf are you guys doing in my house and why are you wearing erhm...bows?"

prussia stood up and grinned.

" its valentines day ____, you silly billy~"

you rolled your eyes, you then see germany blushing madly.

" erhmm....can i have my whip...back..."

you looked down at the whip and blushed. thats right once when you,italy and germany were captured by the allies, italy blurted out some dirty stuff about germany saying he likes bondage and stuff...

you handed him the whip and looked down at the floor.

" hey hey _____ were up here, dont you think the awesome me looks cute with this bow???"

you looked up at him, you cant help it but let out a cute giggle which made germany and prussia blush.

" you both look totally cute, i can just eat you guys up"

prussia wrapped his arms around your waist, smirking.

" well ___ to bad were gonna eat you up first~"

your face heated up, germany whipped his...whip to the ground, with a lustful grin, his face wasn't serious was sexy...

" now _____ since you beated me and germany with his whip , were gonna punish you~"

prussia cooed in your ear, before nipping on it.

soon you were thrown onto germanys shoulder and carried to your room.

that night was filled with moans and screams. well mostly the screams were from prussia when germany kept whiping him for.....other reasons...

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