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October 23, 2006 – Raw :


Women’s Championship – Lita defeats Mickie James.

Jenna and Jeff are seen entering the arena together for the first time in two months. Josh Matthews approaches the happy couple, addressing Jeff.

“Jeff, how does it feel to be re-united with Jenna after what was certainly two very long months,” he asks.

Jeff smiles at Jenna while answering, “I don’t think I could be happier. I have the woman I love back in my corner, and more importantly, back in my arms.”

Jenna smiles at him just before he leans in and kisses her.

“Well, there you have it,” Josh comments, feeling slightly awkward. “I think I should leave them to it,” he adds before leaving the couple alone.


October 30, 2006 – Raw :


Six-Diva Tag Team Match – Candice Michelle, Mickie James, and Jenna Helmsley versus Melina, Victoria, and Lita : Candice Michelle pins Victoria for the win.


November 5, 2006 – Cyber Sunday :


Intercontinental Championship – Jeff Hardy with Jenna Helmsley versus Mystery Opponent : The WWE fans voted to see Jeff Hardy defend his Intercontinental Championship against Carlito, rather than Shelton Benjamin or Johnny Nitro. Jeff Hardy defeats Carlito to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


November 6, 2006 – Raw :

Winner is captain of Raw Diva’s Survivor Series Team – Battle Royal – Candice Michelle versus Maria versus Melina versus Jenna Helmsley versus Torrie Wilson versus Victoria : Melina is eliminated by Jenna Helmsley. Victoria is eliminated by Torrie Wilson. Torrie Wilson is eliminated by Candice Michelle. Maria is eliminated by Candice Michelle. Jenna Helmsley eliminates Candice Michelle to become captain of Raw’s Diva team.


November 13, 2006 – Raw :


In an interview conducted by Josh Matthews, Jenna introduces her Survivor Series team consisting of Candice Michelle, Melina, Maria, and Victoria and comments that she looks forward to seeing who Smackdown’s captain, Michelle McCool, puts together.

Later in the evening, Jenna, who had been talking with Candice Michelle, says goodbye before going over to Jeff who was waiting for her.

He smiles upon her arrival, greeting her with a light kiss, “you look amazing.”

Jenna, confused, responds, “it’s just jeans and a shirt.”

“It might be, but I’ve always loved how you look in white,” he compliments.

Jenna suddenly becomes slightly nervous, “thank you.”

“You alright,” Jeff asks, noticing her sudden change in demeanor.

“Yeah…” Jenna pauses, “just a lot going on with Survivor Series coming up.”


November 20, 2006 – Raw :


Captain versus Captain Lumberjill Match : Jenna Helmsley versus Michelle McCool with Lumberjills Ashley Massaro, Candice Michelle, Jillian Hall, Kristal Marshall, Layla El, Maria, Melina, and Victoria : Michelle McCool wins via disqualification when Victoria gets caught nailing Michelle with her Widow’s Peak while Jenna fends off the Smackdown Divas outside the ring. After the match, Jenna gets back in the ring and begins arguing with Victoria, asking why she couldn’t just leave things alone. Both divas look as though they’re going to attack one another until the Smackdown Divas get involved. This brings in the rest of Raw’s team, and becomes a ten-diva brawl. The fighting continues until Raw’s divas clear the ring, with Jenna and Victoria obviously still not on agreeable terms.


November 26, 2006 – Survivor Series :


Diva’s Survivor Series Match – Team Smackdown : Michelle McCool, Jillian Hall, Ashley Massaro, Layla El, and Kristal Marshall versus Team Raw : Jenna Helmsley, Victoria, Melina, Candice Michelle, and Maria : Jillian is eliminated by Victoria. Maria is eliminated by Ashley. Candice Michelle is eliminated by Michelle McCool. Kristal is eliminated by Melina. Ashley is eliminated by Jenna. Jenna is eliminated by Michelle. Michelle is eliminated by Melina. Melina is eliminated by Layla. Layla is eliminated by Victoria, who is declared the sole survivor.


November 27, 2006 – Raw :


Jenna is seen watching Raw in the back when Jeff Hardy joins her on a sofa.

“So, good luck tonight,” he tells her as she stares at the monitor.

“Good luck,” she asks, looking over at him.

“Yeah…you’re in the number one contender’s battle royal, right,” he asks.

“No,” she responds flatly.

“What? Why not,” Jeff asks in disbelief.

“I can’t deal with that right now, Jeff. I have so much going on mentally, that putting me in the ring with those women will only allow me to do one thing…unleash all my anger and aggression…something very dangerous right now,” Jenna reveals.

“Jenn, you’ve been acting really weird lately…what’s going on,” he asks, concerned.

Jenna sighs, “I can’t talk about it right now…please…just give me some time,” she responds before getting up and leaving.

Number One Contender’s Battle Royal – Victoria becomes the new number one contender.


December 4, 2006 – Raw :


Jenna is shown staring off into space as Maria is conversing with her.

“I mean, what do you think,” Maria asks.

Jenna doesn’t respond, still off in her own zone.

Maria turns around and looks puzzled, “Jenna?”

Jenna snaps out of her daze, “I’m sorry Maria, what did you say?”

“Oh, it’s not important. Are you okay though? Everyone’s been really worried about you lately,” Maria asks.

“I…I don’t know…I just have something I need to take care of…but I don’t know how…and I know I have to do it, regardless of how hard it will be,” Jenna admits.

“Jenna…Jeff is so worried about you…you should really talk to him,” Maria advises.

“That’s the problem, Maria…I can’t…not until I figure this out,” Jenna reveals with a sigh.


December 11, 2006 – Raw :


Matt and Jeff are seen getting ready for their tag team match as Jenna sits with her head in her hands in the background. Matt looks over at her and turns back to Jeff.

“Is she alright,” he asks.

“I don’t know. She won’t talk to me about whatever’s been bothering her,” Jeff admits.

“Oh, I see. Well, I guess all you can do is wait it out until she’s ready to talk,” Matt decides out loud.

“Yeah, I guess. But in the meantime, it’s driving me insane, wondering what’s going on inside her head,” Jeff admits.


December 17, 2006 – Armageddon :


Jeff and Jenna are seen in their locker room.

“Are you sure,” he asks, looking concerned for her.

“Yeah, go ahead without me…I still really don’t feel well,” Jenna tells him.

“Alright. I’ll see you after the match,” Jeff responds. He kisses her lightly, “feel better, okay…I love you.”

Jenna smiles lightly at him, “I love you, too.”

Jeff leaves the room to head to the ring for his match. As soon as the door is shut, Jenna slumps down onto the floor and breaks out in tears.


December 18, 2006 – Raw :


Jeff tells Jenna, who looks as though she has been crying once again, that next week they have been entered into a match pitting Matt, Jeff, and Jenna against Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, and Victoria. Jenna’s look of utter depression becomes one of horror.

“It’s alright, Jenn…Matt and I will be there,” he reminds her, thinking of Orton.

“It’s not getting hurt that worries me,” Jenna admits before they begin walking off.


December 25, 2006 – Raw – Tribute To The Troops :


Main Event – Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Jenna Helmsley versus WWE Champion, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, and Victoria : In an amazing, back and forth battle, Victoria and Jenna are eventually left to settle things. When Victoria becomes irritated because Jenna refuses to allow her to gain the upper hand, Victoria tags in Orton, who calls for the tag. The referee tells Jenna to tag out as she stares at Orton, worried. He approaches and says something to her, forcing her to break down once more. Jenna, in tears, flees the ring, leaving Matt and Jeff on their own. The match ends with Orton pinning Matt Hardy for the victory.

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