Chapter1:Aro's Daughter~Meeting Alcidy

so here's the first chapter today....plz read the last part to see wats next in the chapter!!!rate and i aint it if you like it thats all im sayin

Created by sethclearwaterimprint on Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Bella's P.O.V.
"Alice where is he!?"i sceamed...i was now panicing."If you didnt bring your friend here...I would have been able to see now Bella!"she screamed."HEY!I only came since Bella wanted me to come and Sam wanted me to take some pictures and make a treaty with we dont have to kill them...cause there already trying to keep your council safe..."he spat."Guys can you please just help me find him."I looked at them.They looked at eachother."FINE."they both said.Jacob went North and East...I looked everywhere then I bumped into a blonde 15 year old.She had red eyes...Then Alice and Jake came to my sides."We've been expecting you Isabella."she said and looked at Alice."Jane she's not your food...lead us to Edward please."she smiled and lead us to a throne room i guess you can say.
I saw Edward and some other guys...I guess you can say the other vampires(Volturi).I ran to him."Edward!!!"he looked at me."Bella your alive!"he hugged me and then he looked at the guy that was suppose to be the leader of the Volturi."I guess i wont be needing your service Aro."he turned me around."Wait I havent met your friend here."he grabed me by the arm really tight.(THEN THERE'S THE PART IN THE MOVIE WITH THE TOUCHING HAND AND JANE'S POWERS..ok now were on theat part.)"I have a brilliant idea....Jane can you stop now...Call Alcidy."I went to Edward's side...I started looking at Jake he was taking some pictures.He was taking a pic of Aro.Caius.Marcus."Jacob!!!"i screamed."Oh yah what....Im doing a treaty thing here..they agreed!"he screamed.Just then a 17 year old girl came in who i think is Alcidy.She was being pulled by the gaurds."I really aint a morning person.... so let go of my leg!!!"she screamed and she swished her had and a big slash of air knocked those vamps to the wall.Great WE ARE TOTALLY DEAD!
Alcidy's P.O.V
I was in my room with my pet wolf "Giggle" and i was playing fetch and sleeping when Jane came in."Alcidy wake up your father needs you."she pulled my leg."Wait(snoring)"i faked."OKAY IM GETTING THE GAURDS!"she screamed.This is now the part when i scream."I aint a morining let go of my leg!!"i used my air powers and they all bumped into the wall.I looked at the geust and smirked at them.Then I ran full speed that no one couldnt see me and i was next to my father.The guest turned around and made a scared gasp."Yah father what do you neeee...?"I stopped when I saw the guy next to my dad.He was!It was like i saw the world being reborn."Honey i just needed you to test a easy power on are guest."I looked at the girl.I saw her life in a sec.I went next to her and brought my hand up to her."Hi Bella nice to meet you."she looked at me in shocked.I shook her hand and went to my dad."There father my powers work on her."I smiled at him and went to the guy Jacob...I heard about him in Bella's head."Hi..."i said to him."Hi,your kinda looking fine for a non-morning person."he halfed laughed."Not to bad yourself."i was kinda blushing.i hope he didnt notice.Just then my dad and my uncles called me."Yes..."i smiled."We need to kill her..she's a liability."my Uncle Caius said."Its such a waste."my dad weeped.I looked at my dad when he went to Bella and her mate was the vamp Edward.I looked at my dad.H was going to kill her!!Just then i had a vision and the Alice pixie girl saw it."DAD NO STOP!!"i screamed."Alice will change her so dont do that....she'll be a speacial vampire i promise."i gave my hand to my father and he saw everything.Then another vision came.It was me and Jacob...we were holding 3 kids in are hands...I gave the kids to my father and i saw the Werewolf/Shapeshifter council there too.Then i looked closely to the side there kids we're half vampire and werewolf...It was no longer a werewolf council nor vampire council...ITS A WEREPIRE COUNCIL...
then the visioned stopped.Evryone turned to me."Did all of you see thevision?"they nodded..well Jacob didnt."Jacob you imprinted on the princess of Volterra!!"Edward screamed."Well I dont care she loves me too."he said and looked at me."Is this true diamond found her complection(sp.)?"my daddy looked at me."I gues i have father and i know I love him."i smiled at Jacob and went beside him.He held my waiste and i hugged him."AWWW!!My friend got himself a girlfriend and she also saved my life earlier so Edward,Alice can she live with you guys so she can be by Jake?"she smiled at me and Jacob and i stopped her."Bella i can disguise myself in werewolf sent...they can never find out so i can practically live in LaPush.""Okay even better so do we need to help you pack...?"i cut her off"No need i already bought a house and moved the things there...Ill also come back here for dinner have to drink some animal blood part medicine."i told Bella and My dad."Okay darling"he kissed my head and we left by teleporting."Ouch!!!!!"everyone said landing on the floor.Then another vision came....Alec and Jane got imprinted on my 2kids and the other one was a girl werewolf got imprinted on Seth Clearwater...who's that!!!"Im totally going to kill Jane,Alec,and Seth CLEARWATER!!E1VEN IF I DONT KNOW THE DUDE...THERE GOING TO MATE WITH MY FUTURE KIDS!!!OUCH MY SIDES!!"Jacob looked at me...."SETH!!!"just then a kid came in 15 too."Yah what i do?"he asked."Dude your going to imprint on me and my imprints daughter."he said and the Seth dude started saying "YES!IMA GET A IMPRINT!"i rolled my eyes....lets see wats going to happen.
well that's all..the next one will be about seth's idea on imprinting on there daughter....and him buggging alcidy and jacob about doing it so he could alec and jane will visit and alcidy will ripe there heads off and aro is buying some condoms...wonder wats that for????lets see....

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