Who is the baby daddy? (A Justin Bieber love story)

HEY! Im back :)!

Created by JBlover2 on Saturday, February 19, 2011

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HEY! This is my new story idea, this one got the most votes, and if you voted for the other one, I will try to write it AFTER this one.

About the story: The story picks up after Nikki and her friends go to Cancun for Spring break of there Freshman year of college. (Yes they are in college in this one). They all end up drinking ever night and Nikki sleeps with Justin for the first time, yes she was a virgin and then by the weeks end she also sleeps with Chaz. She ends up pregnant (not knowing who the baby daddy is) and this is her story of her and Justin and Chaz's love life.

Here are the Characters:

Nikki Butler: Ryan's' adopted sister, Mom and Dad were abusive so the Butlers took her in at the age of Thought of as Ryan's biological sister though. Shy and quiet, gets embarrassed easily.

Victoria: Nikki's best friend. Load and out spoken.

Crush: Ryan.

(Guy in White sunglasses)

Ryan: Nikki's brother, very protective of her, especially when it comes to his friends hitting on her.

Christian Beadles: The innocent one of the group (Like the rest of my stories, sorry I love to have his

Chaz: Fun loving, until he finds out about the baby.... Then he becomes a jerk.


Justin Bieber: Sweet, and really caring. Possibly the baby's daddy.
Also Banners would be lovely:)!

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