Never (Zak) Too (Bagans) Late (Derek/Simon Bae)

. . .Enjoy. The character is a necromancer. I was inspired by The Summoning(1st book)/The Awakening(2nd Book by Kelley Armstrong. Derek S is from The Summong/Awakening, as well. I looked through th book but only got his initials(D.S), so I'll just go with Simon's last name, Bae. Also, I'm pending on Zak, Simon, or Derek. Who should be Kara's love? -- Rei

Created by GACFanForever on Saturday, February 19, 2011

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I twitched in my sleep, tossing and turning, imagining bodies rising from the dead.I furrowed my brows, shooting up, panting with perspiration trickling down my forehead. Derek sat up, hearing my panting. "What is it, Kara?" He grumbled, groggy. "I. . .It's n-nothing." I slowly said. "I-I just need a b-breath of fresh a-air." I stuttered, slowly standing on my feet shakily. He grumbled something, and didn't say much else, turning on his side. Simon sat up, making me jump as hestood. "Might as well come with, I'm bored."Simon commented, and I nodded as I coughed a bit, and headed outside, my socked feet padding quietly against the cool ground. I leaned on a railing nearby, the wind blowing my hair charcoal hair back. I looked off to the right, spotting a figure pointing to Simon(I was on his left, and since I'm smaller than him, his body covered mine), and whispering to two others. My eyes widened, and I shook Simon's shoulder. "Simon, there are people out there, pointing at us!" I exclaimed, as Simon looked over. His eyes widened as he swore under his breath. He grabbed my hand, dragging me back in. "Derek, Tori! Get up, people spotted us!!" I exclaimed, my dark eyes serious for once. Derek immediately jumped to his feet,where as Tori groaned. "Tori! Get the hell up!" Derek shouted, and she jolted up. "Fine. . ." She grumbled, getting to her feet.

"On three, we run. One. . .Two. . .Three!" Derek shouted, and we sprinted outside, passing the three people. "Hey! Wait up! We aren't here to hurt yo--!!" The male's voice was cut off as we got farther and farther.

[Z a k]

"Shit. . ." I cursed as the four teens got farther and farther. "Chase them?" Nick questioned, and I nodded, taking off. The tallest one(a male) looked back a little, and mumbled something. "Wait!" I yelled again. The female with long, dark hair looked back, only to be pulled forward by the other male. Soon, there was an alley that we cornered them in. "We aren't letting you take us back to Lyle House or the Edison Group, you bastards!!" The other female shouted. I rose an eyebrow at the use of language and the mention of 'Lyle House' and 'Edison Group.' "What the hell is Lyle House and the Edison Group?" Aaron asked. The male who had grabbed the long haired female looked puzzled, while the other male looked wary.

"T-Then who a-are you?" Asked the navy eyed female. "I'm Zak Bagans, that's Aaron Goodwin and that's Nick Groff." I pointed to everyone. "We're from Travel Channel, and we're most known for our show Ghost Adventures." Nick added in. "What the hell do you want?" The short haired female questioned. Aaron shrugged. "We were curious. Now, who are you?" Nick asked. "Im Victoria Enright, but I prefer Tori." Tori announced. "K-Kara Hernandez." The mysterious charcoal haired female piped up. "Simon Bae." Simon greeted. ". . .Derek Bae." Derek still had a wary look.

"Nice to meet you all. Now, what are Lyle House and the Edison Group?" I questioned. All of a sudden, all the seemingly normal kids looked on edge.

. . .What's going on here?

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