Code Lyoko: Piloting Love (Ch 1)

This story takes place before William is possessed by XANA. A Code Lyoko fan fiction. Love story with Ulrich, Odd, William and a bit of Jeremie. My first story on quizilla. Please message me constructive feedback!

Created by sighingsunlight on Monday, February 21, 2011

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Code Lyoko storyline or characters. This is merely a fiction created based off of the characters and storyline created by Moonscoop productions.

~In this story, Yumi and Ulrich really are just good friends. No hidden emotions, no nothing.


Last, First: Blair, Melissa
Date of birth:
December 8
To be revealed in the story
To be revealed in the story

Ulrich’s POV
I was on the field. The sky was perfectly blue, flawless. The sun shone, but not so intensely that my vision would be blinded if I had to look up. The crowd was gong crazy, yelling, cheering, booing, laughing. It was hot, and I was face to face with the other team’s captain—their best player. I smirk at him, and he scowls as the ref blows the whistle and drops the ball. Immediately, I slide my foot around the ball and take control of it as the captain slips with a failed attempt of retrieving the ball, and scrambles after me. I lower my gaze and focus everything into reaching that goal. This was the point that would win us the championship. This was the point that would bring that huge trophy. This was—

“Ulrich, wake up!” A pillow hit me twice, square in the face, and one of my eyes opened groggily. And there was Odd, standing above me in his usual purple attire, hair already spiked up, teeth brushed and everything. I yawn, and lean over the edge of the bed, opening both my eyes.
“Gee, thanks, Odd. I was having the best dream ever,” I slur, turning over to put a pillow over my head to drown out whatever Odd had to say next.

“Oh yeah? About what? Yumi?” Odd says, hands on his hips, leaning over me with a arrogant smirk on his face.

“No, you idiot. Me and her are just good friends, you hear?” I grumble. It’s not even noon and I’m already annoyed. I sit up and stretch my arms, “Why are you even awake before I am, huh? You usually don’t get up until 3 on Saturdays.” I look over at him as he walks over to Kiwi who barks happily at the sight of his friend. It was 9 AM.

Picking him up, he looks over at me, “Didn’t you hear? There’s a new student today in our grade. I wanna give them a warm welcome.”
I smirk and look at him knowingly, “This student doesn’t happen to be a girl does it?”

Odd laughs awkwardly, “Well, haha, you know me. Catch them while they’re fresh right?”
“You’re a real big sleaze you know that?” I ask him, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed.
“Jeez, I’m just kidding Ulrich, I’m not that much of a pig,” Odd puts down Kiwi and he runs back into his drawer. He turns to face me again, “This girl happens to be my pen pal, actually. And she’s coming here to Kadic Academy so this isn’t just any girl, ya hear?”

I look at Odd skeptically, “A pen pal?” I laugh, standing up to get my toothbrush and other things from my closet, “Yeah right Odd. Don’t make up things just so you can have some soft of thing in common with this new girl.”
“But she really is my pen pal, honest! Just because I don’t do well in school doesn’t mean I can’t write.” Odd says defensively, crossing his arms, “Her name is Melissa Blair and she’s blonde and brown eyed and short just like me!”
“Well, okay, I’ll believe you when I see it Odd. Right now I needa go wake up,” I take my towel and toothbrush out of the room and close the door behind me, heading for the bathroom.

Odd’s POV
We were all sitting in the cafeteria. I just finished my second round of pancakes while the others just sat merrily around at the table.

“So did Odd tell you guys about his pen pal?” Ulrich says. One of his arms was lounged across the back of a vacant chair.
“Odd you have a pen pal?” Yumi says, with a playful smile, “That’s kind of hard to believe.”

Jeremie pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “I find that highly unlikely. I mean with all the time we spend fighting XANA how is it even possible for you to keep up with that?”
“Not to mention how you’re barely passing your Literature class,” Aelita adds with a small giggle.

My mouth was filled with pancake, but disgusting pig talking with his mouth full or not, I had to defend myself.
“You know, you guys really shouldn’t doubt me. I’m not as dumb as I look, okay?” I say, swallowing and stabbing at the last pancake with my fork, “Besides, I kinda wanted it to be a…well, a surprise.”
“A surprise? Why?” Yumi asks me. I look around at them nervously and stuff the last pancake into my mouth.
“Wew I kinba tol her adout SANA an Nyoko an stub,” I say, purposely making my speech somewhat fast and indecipherable through my full mouth.
“You did what?” Jeremie says, gazing hard at me as I give an awkward smile.

“Uh, well. She’s all the way in America so I just figured it’d be okay; that no one here would find out. Plus she’s really trustworthy!”
Jeremie’s gaze makes me sink down in my chair.

“Don’t worry about it guys, I promise she hasn’t told anyone about anything!” I say, matter of factly, sitting up straighter, “I made her promise!”

“Yeah, and how’s that?” Ulrich asks me. Not in a mean tone, just a questioning one. This entire time he’s stayed calm. I thought that he and Yumi would have blown up by now.

“Well, I said that if she ever tells anyone about it I’d never get her any donuts.” I say, smiling wide at how brilliant of an idea I had. Everyone just stares at me.
“How are you so sure she kept that promise, Odd? I mean, she’s so far away from us. Did you really think we could rely on your donut promise?” Aelita asks me, propping her head up on her hand.

“Like I said, don’t worry about it! I know Melissa. We’ve been pen pals since even before I met you guys!” I say, grabbing my banana in triumph and beginning to eat it.

“Are you sure we can trust her coming here to Kadic?” Jeremie asks me. Everyone watches me eat, waiting for a reply.

“Of course I do, Einstein. Melissa is loyal, trustworthy, and if anything she is definitely not a liar. If she told anyone she’s tell me because I make sure to ask in every letter I send!” I finish my banana and drop it down on my plate, “So there. Don’t worry guys I know what I did okay?” I get up to throw my tray away.
“I sure hope so,” Ulrich says to me, piling his tray on top of mine.
“Hey! Throw away your own plate!”
“No way, Odd,” Jeremie says, piling his tray on top of Ulrich’s as well, “If anything goes wrong it’s definitely going to be your fault. So just take this as a punishment now and we’ll see what happens.”
I groan as Aelita laughs at my facial expression and piles her plate up on Jeremie’s.

“Ew, this is gross!” I say, the syrup from the pancakes dripping out from the sides.

“You’d better go now garbage man or it’ll get on your nice clothes,” Yumi says with a laugh. I shoot daggers at her, and then walk over to the garbage.

Good thing Yumi eats at home everyday or that’d be one extra plate.

Melissa’s POV
“Hmm, Melissa Blair.”
I stood before Mr. Delmas, the headmaster of Kadic Academy as he reviewed my files and resume. My hands were laced behind my back, my bangs arranged neatly away from my brown eyes. The pilot hat I wore daily was fitted perfectly on my head. Aside from this, I wore a fleece fitted black hoodie with skinny jeans that ended perfectly at the start of my gray Vans.
“Is there a problem, sir?” I ask him, cocking my head to the right. Hopefully my parents didn’t include on the resume why I’ve transferred here or—

“No, no,” Mr. Delmas says, lifting his head from my files and adjusting his glasses, “Your name just sounds quite familiar. You wouldn’t happen to be the young lady who sends letters to Mr. Della Robbia, would you?”

I smile, “Odd Della Robbia? Yes, that’s me sir. He and I are pen pals.”
“I see,” Mr. Delmas says to me, “Well at least through you he is getting practice with his writing skills.” He pushes his fingertips together and looks at me.

“Yes, Odd isn’t too bright is he, sir,” I laugh as Mr. Delmas sits back in his chair.
“Hm, yes. Well Ms. Blair, you indeed are a very intelligent girl with almost all A’s. And you seem to excel in many sports,” the headmaster says to me, looking down at my documents again.
“I try my best, of course.” I say, reassuringly with another smile. I have to make a good impression.
“Well then, welcome to Kadic, Melissa. We are very pleased to have your new and bright mind participate in our studies here.” Mr. Delmas stuck out his hand and I walk forward to shake it.
“I’m pleased to be here, sir.”

Aelita’s POV
We were in the rec room. Jeremy and I working on our latest program, while Odd and Ulrich versed each other in foosball. Yumi was off taking her math test.
“You guys are gonna be so excited to meet Mel. She’s absolutely amazing and funny and smart and she’s just great,” Odd says to us as he flicked the foosball handle.
“I just hope her jokes are better than yours,” Ulrich says, moving the handle to defend his goal.
“Hey, I’m a funny guy!” Odd says in defense, “Besides, Mel is really pretty too.”
“Looks aren’t as important as whether or not she’ll want to join our team or not. We have to be sure we can trust her, okay Odd?” Jermie says, not looking away from the screen of his laptop.
“Yeah, yeah I hear you Einstein. Don’t worry about it, oka—”
“There you are!”

I jump, and almost drop my laptop. Looking up, I see Jim standing in the open doorway in his red athletic jacket and white headband. He had his permanent angry expression on his face and hands on his hips.

“I didn’t do it, Jim, I swear!” Odd says, looking up from his game of foosball. Just then, Ulrich scores a point, “Yeah, in your face, Odd!”

“Hey that’s not fair, I was defending myself!” he whines, looking back down at the game.

“You should’ve been defending yourself in the game,” Ulrich says with a laugh.

“Okay, okay. But seriously Jim, what did I do this time?” Odd says, glancing at him quickly then back at the game.

“Not you this time, Della Robbia,” Jim says, getting up in Odd’s face. “But if you did do something wrong, I’m going to find out.”
Odd laughs awkwardly and focuses on the game.
“Who are you looking for then, Jim?” Jeremie asks him while typing on his laptop.

“Stones!” He says, pointing at me.
“Uh, yes Jim?” I ask, looking up at him with my green eyes. Jeremie stops typing and turns his blonde head to look at him as well.
“Mr. Delmas wants to see you in his office, now!” Jim was yelling.
“But, I didn’t do anything wrong,” I say, closing my pink laptop and standing up.

“It doesn’t matter. He wants to see you, so he’s going to see you!” Jim says, jerking his thumb towards the door.

“All right, Jim,” I say, placing the laptop besides Jermie on the couch.
“Come back soon,” Jeremie says with pink cheeks, making me flush as I follow Jim out of the rec room.

Melissa’s POV
I sit awkwardly in front of the headmaster. My long blonde hair flowed neatly over the back of the chair and the goggles of my pilot glinted in the shards of sunlight that came in through the window.

A girl enters the office. Her hair was pink in a pixie type of hairstyle, wearing a large pink sweatshirt with light pink capris underneath.
“You wanted to see me, sir?” she says with a soft voice.

She seems so timid and helpless, I think to myself, looking over at her with my brown eyes as I flick my bangs out of the way. I smile at her, and she just looks confused.
“Ms. Stones, please come in,” Mr. Delmas says, gesturing her in. The girl walks in and sits down besides me.
“D-Did I do something wrong?” she asks him, looking up at him with her green eyes. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap at the moment she sat down, and when she spoke, her voice glided smoothly, even if her speech didn’t.
“No, no, Aelita, don’t be silly,” Mr. Delmas says, waving his hand as if he could wave away her thought, “This is going to be your new room mate, Melissa Blair.”
Aelita immediately seems to pay more attention, and looks over at me.
Wait, Aelita? This is Odd’s friend, isn’t it?

“She’s new here and in your grade. She also has excellent study habits just as you do. I’m sure that you both will get along perfectly. You’re also the only one in your room, so it shouldn’t be a hassle,” the headmaster continues.

Aelita looks over at me, and smiles, “Yes it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s perfect then, Aelita. I was hoping that you could show Ms. Blair around the school and help her start fitting in.”
Aelita laughs, “Yes that’s not a problem either, sir. I was planning on doing so anyway.” Then she turns to me, “You are Odd’s pen pal, am I right?”
“Yup, that’s me!” I say with a wave and smile, “Nice to meet you Aelita.”
“Uh, well. Yes, of course. This is very good then, Ms. Stones. Why don’t you show Ms. Blair over to her new home then?”

“I’d be glad to, Mr. Delmas,” Aelita says, standing up, “Would that be all?”
“Yes, that’s all Aelita. You and Ms. Blair may go to your room now.”

“Well, let’s go then, Aelita!” I say, grabbing my luggage in both arms.
Laughing, she leads me out of the headmaster’s office.
“Bye, Mr. Delmas!” I yell over my shoulder.

Yumi’s POV
After I hand my test in to my teacher, I head out the door.
“What took you so long, eh?”
It was William. He was leaning against the wall. Waiting for me, I suppose.
“That was one of the hardest math tests I’ve taken this year. And on a Saturday, too,” I say to him, shaking my head with a smile.
“Come on, even I finished before you. Are you slipping?” William says, teasing me.
“Yeah right, pretty boy, I’m sure I got a better grade than you,” I laugh, as he smirks and says, “If you say so.”
We walk together through the courtyard. The sun was bright in the sky and there was a calming breeze. It wasn’t too warm or too hot, and the birds chirped peacefully. This day has gone by perfectly. Especially with no attack from XANA.
“Hey, what’s going on over there?” William says, point to a large crowd near the entrance of the headmaster’s office.
“Good question. Let’s go check it out,” I say, taking his upper arm and pushing him forwards toward the crowd.

As we got closer, most of the people in the crowd were guys, firing questions at two people in the center of the circle. I saw a pink head of hair and realized that it must be Aelita. Was Odd’s pen pal with her?
“Hey are you doing anything tonight?”
“What’s your name? Where are you from?”
“Do you need help moving into your room?”
“What’s your name? Can we be friends?”

Ugh, this is ridiculous how everyone’s drooling over her.
“William, can you see who it is?” I ask, looking over at him. But it seemed as if he was starstruck. He was looking into the center of the crowd in shock, as if he’s seeing something extraordinary.
“Helloo, William?” I wave my hand in front of his face.
“Huh? Oh, right. It seems like there’s a new girl. She’s really pretty,” He says nonchalantly. Odd has a pretty pen pal? I smile at the thought. It’s still annoying how everyone’s drooling over her though, and she’s just eating it all up.
“Um, excuse me, but I need to get to my room. Besides, don’t you all have something better to do than stand around and ask me pointless questions?” a voice says from the center of the crowd. It wasn’t Aelita’s voice, so I’m guessing it was Melissa’s. I smile. Maybe she’s not so bad after all.

“Yeah?” I say to William with a smile, “What’s she look like?”
“She has really nice blonde hair and these big brown eyes and,” William looks over at me, as if he’s suddenly aware he was talking to a girl. His cheeks turn pink and I laugh at him. Maybe now he won’t obsess over me. The crowd disperses due to Melissa’s words, but the expressions on the people show me that they haven’t given up yet.

“C’mon let’s go welcome her to Kadic,” I say, grabbing Williams wrist and dragging him over to where Aelita stood.
“Oh, Yumi,” Aelita said, “How was your math test?”
“Hard, as usual,” I respond with a smile. Aelita returns the smile and says, “I’m sure you did fine.”
“Let’s hope so. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”
“Oh, of course. But you’ve already head about her. This is Melissa Blair, who we know as Odd’s pen pal,” Aelita says, gesturing toward the girl standing besides her, “Melissa, this is Yumi.”

She really was pretty. Her hair was blonde, but when it moved, the bottoms seemed to be darker than the top. She had a very petite figure and she seemed very frail. Her face, indeed, was flawless and her skin seemed perfectly smooth. Both of her brown eyes blinked at me, and she smiled, holding out her hand.

“Nice to meet you Yumi,” she says with a smile.
“No, nice to meet you, Melissa,” I say, taking her hand, “Odd’s been putting good words in for you.” She laughs, and shakes her head, “Of course he has. Odd has always really nice to me. This is the first time I’m meeting him in the years we’ve been writing to each other.” She looks over at William, who was just gazing at her quietly, “Who’s this?”

I smile, “This is William, he’s a pretty guy isn’t he,” I say teasingly to William, hoping to snap him out of his trance.
“Sure is,” Melissa says, with a laugh, “Hi, William.”

“Hi,” William says, regaining his composure, “I like your pilot hat. You look real tough.”
“I look tough?” Melissa says, smiling. “If you’re talking sports or video games, bring it on.”
“Is that a challenge?” William asks her. Ah, yes. William’s turning on his pretty boy charm. That must mean he’s done playing dumbstruck. And that must mean he’ll stop trying to get me to like him.

Melissa smiles at him. “Bring it on, pretty boy,” she says, winking at me and using the nickname I gave him.

“Me, you, rec room, right now” William says, stepping closer to her.
“Actually, we should be going now, William. I don’t want Melissa to have to lug her suitcases around the entire school,” Aelita says, gesturing to the two white suitcases standing behind her.

“Right, Aelita,” I say to her. “You can get your flirt on later, William. Let Melissa settle in first, all right?”
“Yeah, okay,” William says, “But you have to promise all right?”
“Promise!” Melissa says, walking off behind Aelita, lugging her two suitcases behind her.

“Man, she’s great,” William mutters.
“Okay, okay, William,” I say, smiling, “Let’s head over to the rec room so you can tune up for later. I have a feeling she’s going to beat you.”
“Beat me?” William cries, “Yeah right, I’m the best at video games.”
“Whatever you say,” I smirk.

“But uh, yeah let’s go anyway. Just for practice, okay?”

I laugh and follow him as he begins to run over to the rec room.

End Chapter 1
Please message me and tell me what you thought of it so far. I felt like this was too long already, so I decided to end it here. In Chapter 2 of Piloting Love, she will meet the rest of the gang.
I already have Chapter 2 halfway done in my documents too! :)
Please give me feedback or suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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