Spock's Epilogue to Star Trek -- 8. ". . ."

Please don't hurt meeee . . . (*shields self*)

Created by SpockLives on Monday, February 21, 2011


It was all so perfect, and yet he felt as if everything was crashing down around him. They sat across from each other, Angeni clad in a flattering black dress. Spock himself was wearing a suit he had obtained by chance with the Embassy.

His girlfriend blushed feverishly, and Spock could feel his own ears turn a little pink, much to his secret embarrassment.

Even so, as Angeni continued to talk to him, he noticed someone across the room of the restaurant. She had raven-black hair and gorgeous, brown skin.

Nyota . . . Spock realized, his body turning rigid.

She caught sight of him and winked flirtatiously. Spock felt an uncomfortable mixture of emotions ignite inside him. Fury. Hope. Vulnerability. And even a twinge of infatuation.

Nyota Uhura was smirking to herself, looking at him from the corner of her eye. Spock subtly moved to gat a clearer view of who she was sitting with. He saw the back of the head of a man he did not know, and realized she was on a date.

“Spock?” Angeni asked.

And so was he. “Yes?” he said, his breathing slightly shallow.

Her hands rested on his, a genuinely worried look one her face. “Are you okay?”

His eyes darted back to Nyota, where he could see her mouthing the words “Save me,” to him.

Spock nodded. “Yes. I am quite all right. Please excuse me for a moment, I see a member of Starfleet that I must deliver a message to.”

She nodded; her green eyes full of trust. Spock got up and crossed to the bar, pretending to be talking to one of the men. Within seconds, Uhura was next to him. There was a spark of electricity that passed through them as she touched his back intimately.

“It’s been a while, huh?” she said casually. Spock only nodded, knowing full well how wrong this was. “I missed you so much,” she whispered to him seductively. Nyota looked up at him under her eyelashes.

Spock remained speechless. “Thank you for saving me, Spock,” Uhura said. “He’s a bit of a dud. You, on the other hand,” she smiled. “You always made me want you. Amazing how you do that.” Her hand touched his cheek.

Spock had half a mind to caress her himself, but then he remembered Angeni. He was not in love with Nyota anymore. She had deceived, betrayed and lied to him. Angeni had remained loyal, innocent and beautiful through everything.

Unconsciously, he was being led away from the bar by Nyota. He looked at her, confused. She stretched up to kiss his cheek, like she used to.

Everything clicked, and realization crept upon him. “No,” he said flatly. He gently nudged Nyota away. “I do not love you like I used to. This is over. We,” he paused. “We are over. We always had been.”

Uhura only blinked. After a moment, she laughed. “You’re honestly choosing that little bratty midshipman over me? You can do so much better.”

“I do not believe so. If I can, please inform me, because I do not see anyone more beautiful and perfect than Angeni Hallow in this galaxy.”

Spock turned and walked briskly back to the table, only to find it empty.

“Bath-pa,” he muttered, cursing in Vulcan.

He threw some money on the table, and ran out the door to the restaurant.

“Angeni!” he cried, realizing what she must have seen.

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