Crystal Tears

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Created by BellaTheEchidna on Monday, February 21, 2011

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As the prophecy fortold, the many moons of mobius sit on the far east of the equator, this sets the time of date for the chosen one is born.Years away from each other, never perfectly set so it is different each time. He is to bring peace to the land onto thou who destroys it. Echidna (EH-chid-Nah), the speacies long cursed for its power. Under the name of Orvis Izec hath it become cursed for its terrible mistreat torwards the civilians of the following locations, Angel island. In this area is located the next follower of the prophecy. Strong in will is he. The most powerful of the rulers he will become. For he will lead many nations into freedom.
Isayah Dimitri for you are wise, but you do not have long, for which you are old of age . Weak in strength you might be, but powerful in minds, Lead the new mind to the path of freedom.
-Zodiacian Serio

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