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Created by lxlButterflyChildlxl on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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“What’s up sister of mine?” Kappuru asked as he hopped down the stairs. Megami sent him a cheerful, nervous smile. “Kappuru sit,” She motioned to the chair across from her. “Let’s talk,” His eyes narrowed in suspicion. “I’ve already had the bees and the birds talk Megami,” She gave off a small laugh. “Not that moron,”
Carefully he sat down, still eyeing her. “You know Sasuke right?” She asked him. He nodded, “The one you were making kissy faces with and ogling at,” Her face flushed. “Anyway,” She coughed, ignoring his smart comment. “You know how I’m struggling to pay the bills right?” He frowned. Yea he knew, he knew too well about their situation.
“Yea,” She gave him a soft smile and scratched the back of her head. “Well Sasuke offered for us to live with him,” His eyes widened. Wait, hold up. Pause, rewind. “W-What?” He choked out. She gave a sheepish smile. “Hell no!” He stood up, making an ‘x’ with his arm. “No no no no no!” She frowned. “Why not Kappuru?”
“Because you guys like each other! And when a girl and guy like each other they. . .” his face flushed. “No!” She turned a light pink but shook her head. “He’s got a game room,” Kappuru froze. “And a fridge filled with desserts,” She smirked knowing she had gotten him. “And a pool,”
“Fine,” She gave a chortled laugh. “Wow you’re easy to persuade neh?” He frowned. “Shut up idiot,” He replied rudely. “When do we move in?” She scratched her cheek. “Um two days from now I think. All we really need is our personal items. Sasuke’s already got beds and stuff,” He nodded.
“Well I got to go to school sis. Akira’s picking me up,” Megami nodded and kissed him on his for head. “Be good kay?” “Always,” he replied running out the door. She gave a soft smile and then sighed. Megami took a sip of her sugared coffee before staring at herself in the mirror. “School time,” she sighed trudging into her room.
“Megami!” Megami snapped her head up, staring wildly at Naruto. “Uh yes Mr. Uzumaki?” Megami scratched her head nervously. “What's the organ the reproduces in the in woman?” Megami gave a small blush and bit her lip. “That would be the. . .” She trailed off. 'This is what I get for sleeping in class!' She thought grumpily. Naruto gave a smirk.

Ms. Chiyaku please report to Mr. Uchiha immediately,” A stern voice over the intercom stated. Naruto let a scowl slip onto his face, his sweet torture on his friend cut off. “Here,” he handed Megami a slip, sending a look to the girls who were glaring daggers at her back.


What?” The blond woman asked, irritation flowing through her voice like a river. Sasuke let a tiny smirk fall on his lips, and stared at his current class. “Class this is Megami Chiyaku,” He introduced. The class returned it with some mumbles and grunts. “Today I've asked Megami to be my assistant in helping you clowns work,” Megami rolled her eyes.

More like kidnapped,” She muttered under her breath. “What was that Megami?” Sasuke asked, his eyes light with amusement. Megami held her hands up. “Oh nothing Mr. Uchiha,” She replied cheerfully, her smile twitching a bit.

Good,” he returned back to the class. “Megami pass out these papers please,” She frowned and gripped the papers he held. He lent up closer to her ear. “Be careful Megami, I wouldn't want to have to punish you for such rude behavior,” he whispered. Megami turned around, face flushed and started to hand the papers to the students.

What does he see in her?” She overheard one of the girls whisper. “I know, she's not pretty and she's got no bust!” They giggled together. Megami rolled her and slammed their papers down. “Please save such innapropriate talk for Mr. Uzumaki ladies,” She gave a sadistic smile. Unknown to her, Sasuke was watching with a small grin on his face.

Alright today we will be studying the forms of writing,” Sasuke spoke loudly as Megami walked back to him. The class groaned silently, the exception of the girls who were occupied with drawing hearts and screaming silently 'I love you Sasuke!'.

Megami had long since drowned out the man's blabbering. She twirled the pen in her hand and stared out the window absentmindedly. She let a soft sigh escape her pink lip, crossing her legs. 'This is so boring,' She groaned, placing her head on her hand. Her blond tresses pooled endlessly on Sasuke's desk, her glasses now snug on her her nose.

The shrill bell snapped her from her daze. She stared at the clock, ignoring the students rushing out the door. A firm hand placed itself on her shoulder. Looking up she found the owner; Sasuke. “Megami what's wrong?” He asked seriously with a hint of worry. Her eyes gazed downward, but he pulled her chin back up. “I don't know,” She sighed. “I just feel. . .I feel like something bad is going to happen,”

He let a frown replace his worried expression.

Megami don't worry. Things will be fine,” She gave a weak small. “You're right. I'm just being a worry-wart.” She gave a soft laugh. He let himself smile and stared at the clock. “C'mon. Let me treat you to lunch,” Her face lit in a small tiny blush, but she took his outstretched hand. “I know this amazing tiny Italian Restaurant. You'll love it,” Sasuke spoke with a smile.

Megami gave a girlish giggled.

Right,” Her gaze flittered to the window again, her mind still restless.


-And so then, I smashed the eggs on his head,” Sasuke gave a deep booming laugh, clutching tightly onto the table. Megami gave small giggles, easing them. “I never you could be so cruel to you're brother,” Sasuke chuckled, wiping a tear from his eye. “What can I say?” Megami shrugged, “I learned from the best,”

She gave a soft smile, thinking of her father's goofy grin. “Now tell me about Naruto,” Sasuke blinked. “He's a moron, what else?” She gave a laugh. “I mean how did you guys meet?” Sasuke's eyes lit up and a grin decorated his beautiful face. “Oh well you see. One day I was late to class, in elementary school. The teacher had let me off with a warning. Suddenly this little blond kid jumps up screaming 'Why does he get a warning and I get time-out?'” He impersonated in a tiny high-pitched voice.

Iruka yelled at him saying that he shouldn't have been painting all over the principle's office. Naruto got so mad that when Iruka left the classroom to get some papers, He squatted on my desk and stared at me,” His face turned slightly green. “Well some kid behind us accidently elbowed Naruto pushing him forward.” He scratched his head. “We ended up uh. . .kissing,” he put his head down in shame.

Oh my god that's hilarious!” Megami shrieked. Sasuke pouted and watched her laugh. “It wasn't that funny!” He protested. She gave a small giggle. “Oh trust me, it was,”

The soft tone of her phone pulled her from their conversation. “Hello?” She questioned cheerfully. “Is this Megami Chiyaku?” A stern voice asked. She blinked, “Um yes it is, who's calling?” “This is Konoha Hospital. We have some news for you Ms. Chiyaki,”

Her heart raced. “What's wrong?” She asked, pale faced. Sasuke stared at her worried.

It's Kappuru Ms. Chiyaku,”The voice replied over the line.

He's been in an accident.”

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