Paul McCartney-love story- chapter 1

Created by bigbeatlesfan101 on Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It was 1964 and i was riding in a limo with my brother, Richard Starkey also known as Ringo Starr. I just turned 21 and have longblack straight hair that comes down below my shoulders. i had just been fired form my job as a fashion designer and had no money plus a plce to stay. So i called Ringo and he say i was welcome to stay with him and the lads. i had no idea how that was going to be.
"So are you excited to be staying with us?" Ringo asked me.
"Yeah I guess considering i just lost my job."
"Oh its ok Jasmine." Ringo said putting his arm around me
5 minutes later we arrived at his house and he helped be bring my stuff inside. when we got through the door all the lads ran up and said "Hi Jasmine!"
"Hi guys!" i said
i looked at each of them and caught paul starring at me. he caught me looking back at him and blushed and then looked away.
After that i went upstairs to my room and unpacked. but while i was unpackingRingo came up.
"Hey," he said.
"hows it coming?"
"Pretty good almost done."
"Awesom because me and the guys were going to go and get some dinner in a bit wanna come?"
"Sure what time are you leaving?"
"well we'll leavein about 45 minutes so you should have enough time to get ready."
"ok be down in a bit."
I went into the bathroom got undressed and took my shower. i looked through my closet and found a red strapplessdress that came up to themiddle thigh. i put on my mascara and some foundation and walked downstairs. When paul saw me he coudnt keep his eyes off of me and john and george just wistled and said some perverted things.
Ringo just looked at me and said, "are you ready to go now."
"yep sure am." andbthe m=we got in the limo and left.
Hey guys i really need ideas so if you are reading this please be kind enough to send me i deas. i would really appreciate it. :) :D

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