Soul Eater ~Romance of the soul~ Soul x Maka

where the worst times in your life... you find out that you love someone The First Part Is About Maka and Soul

Created by bleedinglove565emily565 on Friday, February 25, 2011


Soul Eater

~Romance of the soul~

Soul x Maka

"Black Star! Stop It!" maka screamed. maka and tsubaki looked at blackstar with horror. blackstar was holding soul by the throat overtop of a volcano. "what are you doing black star! he could be dead!" tsubaki screamed.

for the past 3 weeks black star aand soul had been fighting over the most stupid things. but today black star had enough. he had almost killed soul because he tolld him he will never surpass god. soul hadn't been himself lately and tday he looked so week that he couldn't fight back.

"Black Star Please Stop!" i screamed. he told us if we got any close he would throw soul into the volcano. "come on blackstar! He's your best friend! just let him go if you hold him up there any longer he's going to die!" maka screamed.

~Maka's Pov~

"then kid shows up on his flying skateboard and starts shooting blackstar. "kid stop! there going to fall!" tsubaki screamed. but it was to late. blackstar had been hit in the forehead and now trhey were both falling. right into the volcano. "SOUL!" i screamed. "Blackstar!" tsubaki screamed. we ran to the side of the volcano. i saw a hand. i ran to it. i was soul holding on to the edge of the volcano and holding on to blackstars wrist. "tsubaki Help me pull them up!" i yelled. i grabbed on to souls hand and we pulled them up. tsubaki imediatly ran over to blackstar to see if he was still alive.

i looked over at soul. he was breathing hard. "you ok soul?" i asked. he didn't say anything. he didn't have enough energy to. tears came into my eyes. i almost lost him. i didn't notice till just now that i was still holding souls hand.

~At The Hospital~

"if you didn't bring these two in faster they would have died." stien told us. i did know why black star would try to kill soul. "is something wrong Maka?" a voice said. i looked over i didn't notice that kid liz and patty had come in. "oh nothing, just wondering about why this happend." i anwsered.

"blackstar wouldn't do this sort of thing usally." tsubaki told us. she was worried about them too.

~Soul Eater~

everything was black. "Why would he do that?" i heard a voice say. it had to be maka. i never notcied till she pulled me up from the vocano that she was that pretty. she was my partner. i couldn't risk her life with all the stupid stuff i do.


i heard a groan. i looked over at soul. his eyes opened. "Soul!" i yelled. he looked at me. "Hey maka" he said weakly. i looked over. everyone else was asleep. "wow there alseep.. they where just away" i mumbled. "ma-ka..." soul said. "yea soul?"

~Soul Eater~

"ma-ka," i said weakly. "Yea soul?" she anwsered.i grabbed her hand. he face turned a light shade of red. "ma-ka thanks for saving me from the vocano, if you weren't there i would be dead," i said. "it's no problem i'm just looking out for my weapon," she smiled. she was so cute. when i get out of here i'm going to do something nice for her.

~3 weeks later and maka's POV~

me and soul were sitting on the couch in our apartment. it was late june. it was hot outside. i was sitting on the couch in some jean capri's and a pink tank top. i was reading. as usal. soul was sitting there in some shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. he was watching tv. "ugh i'm bored." soul sighed. i had to admit i was bored too. i had nothing to do, i had read this book 3 times already. "mee to what do you want to do?" i asked soul. he surprised me by grabbing my hand and pressing his warm lips on top of mine. surpisingly i kissed him back. he let go of my hand and wrapped him arm around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck. then blair walked in. "Soul! Maka! i'm ho-" she yelled but then stopped when she saw us. we quickley stopped and i walked off into my room.


i had come home from shopping and i walked in on soul and maka kissing. "did i ruin your fun?" i asked soul as maka had walked out of the room with a bright red face. "yes you did blair" he said angerly. "sorry" she said. i put my shopping bags behind the couch and turned into a cat and walked into maka's room.


i walking inot my room and sat down on my bed. "what just happend," i mumbled. then out of no where a cat comes in. "blare go away!" i yelled. blaire jumped on my bed and sat on my lap. "i just came to say sorry i walked in on you to kissing" she apoligized. it could have been worst. black star could have torn the door down and saw us kissing. "i guess it's ok, that could have been worst" i told her

~saturday morning Soul eaters POV~

i walked out of the apartment. last night was erased from my mind. i loved maka but i didn't want anyone else to know. randomly blackstar came and punched me in the head. "GOTCHA!" he screamed. "you bastard!" i screamed as we punched eachother muliple times until we fell over laughing. "is maka still at the apartment?" tsubaki asked. "yea why?" i asked. "i needed to talk to her" she anwsred. "WELL WHY DON'T WE HANG OUT THERE TODAY!" blackstar shouted.

~back at the apartment 1 hour later and tsubaki's pov~

we were watching jeff dunham. soul and blackstar were on the floor laughing because achem had said "SCILENCE I KILL YOU!" they make no sense to me. "is somthing wrong tsubaki?" maka asked me. "nope nothings wrong!" i said a little so quickly. then i was soul grab maka's ankle and drag her to the floor and she hit the floor with a giant BUMP! and then black star started laughing harder. "WHAT THE HELL SOUL!" maka yelled. soul just sat there laughing. "MAKA CHOP!" maka had brought out a dicationary out of thin air and shacked both soul and black star with it. "Black star!' i yelled going to go see if he was ok.


"What was that for?"i yelled holding the top of my head. "that was for pulling me off the couch!" she yelled. then out of no where i randomly pretend to die on her. i fall to the floor. "Soul!" she screams. then she and tsubaki pick me up and put me on the couch. out of no where black star gets up and stands on my face. "SOUL WAKE UP YOU FAKER!" he yelled. "then i get up and punch him and he hits the wall. "so that how it is going to be huh?" he said.


"oh great there fighting again....." i mumble. both my and tsubaki were standing near the front door trying not to get hit in the face by soul or black star. "can i tell you somthing tsubaki?" i asked. "yes anything maka" she told me. "last night well.... Me and soul..ummm" i mumbled. "you and soul what?" she asked. "well he kissed me" i told her. "well he finally did it wow," she said. i llooked at her. "what do you mean." i asked. "since the vocano incadent black star told me that soul was telling him he wanted to do somthing nice for you and black star said that he should kiss you. because we nknew you two liked each other." she explained. then out of no where soul runs into me and i get smashed through the front door. i screamed as i hit the wall. then i blacked out.

~several hours later after tsubaki and black star left~

my eyes slowley opened and i saw i was in my room. "what happend?" i asked. i looked over to see soul was asleep on the floor with a blacket and a pillow. i guess he wanted to see if i was alright. i layed in bed for a few hours. then i slowley fell back t sleep.

~Souls Pov~

i woke up and saw maka still sleeping. so i quietly got up and made her breakfast. after i was done i set the tabled, i took and shower and came out to see maka sitting the the tabled chewing on a peice of sausage. she looks up at me. "morning maka" i said. then out of no where she comes up and hugs me. "i love you soul" she says. "i love you too maka" i saw hugging her then slowley we start kissing.

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