Edward's Little Sister [Jacob Black Love Story]

Ello!! LittleMissAwkward here! Hows it goin?? Anyway here's a Jacob Black love story hope you like it! Msg and rate please!

Created by LittleMissAwkward on Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Name: TanziEmma Cullen
Age: 109 years old butpasses/says is16 years(one year younger than Edward)
Race: Vampire
Power: Mind reader like Edward, but Also is a mind controller. She can tell you what to do and you'll do it. Her and Edward can talking to eachother in their minds and she canblock off her mind sometimes do Edward can't hear what she's thinking.
Birthday: October 31st
Family: She is Edward's younger sister by one year, was changed the same time as him. Closet with all the cullens but mostly Alice and Rose.
Personality: Outgoing, speaks her mind,fun-loving, loves to sing and dance, tomboy-girly girl and is VERY optimistic.
Name:Anastasia (Ana) Greenbrier
Age: 200
Race: Vampire
Birthday: April 1st
Family:Lives by herself :(. But always visits the Cullens and is Tanzi'sbest friend. Meet the Cullens on one of her attepts on becoming a vegetarian.Though close in age to Carlise she is very young for her age.
Personality:Serious but can be fun. Is more like Edward than Tanzi but is more free than him.

Personality: Very protective of Tanzi. You should know the rest.

The Cullen Clan.
Anyone Else will be shown as they appear. :D
Story Start:

"Flight to Forks Washington boarding now, all passengers come to line up" avoice said. I sighed and got up heading towards the plane.After all these years, I'm finally going back to Forks my home, where my family is all I could hope for was that they would take me back.

"Tanzi! please stay with us!" Esme cried. If she could cry she would. "I'm sorry mom, I can't I have to go, but I'll be back I promise you" I said hugging her hard. She just nodded and hugged me back. I turned to Carlisle my "father", "Daddy, I'm sorry but I have to go, but as I said I will be back" I said hugging him also. "I know my daughter, I hope you know what your doing." he said to me before letting me go. Finally I turned to Edward. This was going to be the hardest. "Good-bye Eddy. I'll see you soon. I Love you." I told my brother and hugged him hard, harder then Esme. I pulled away and saw the pain in his eyes. "Bye Tanz, I love you too." he said. And then I was gone.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. Me saying good-bye to my family, God I was so stupid. I didn't know why I did but I thought it was right at the time. I only left because I was protecting them from the Volturi. They were going to come here to talk to me but I left to meet them instead. After that I stayed away longer because, well actually I don't know why. But it doesn't matter, I'm going back now. "Ma'am can I see your ticket please" a man said snapping me out of my thoughts. I showed him my ticket. "Have a nice flight ma'am" he said and I passed through and went onto the plane.


"Seatbelts on we will be arriving shortly." I woman said. I put on my seatbelt unable to keep a grin off my face. I was so close to seeing my family I could hardly wait. Once we finally landed I thrudt off my seatbelt and ran (At human pace) off the plane and into the airport. I looked around for a car and saw a beautiful yellow ferrari. I went over too it and saw a guy there. I went up too him. "Wow is this your car?" I asked him flirtatiously. "Why yes it is" he said looking me up and down lingering on my chest. I read his mind and he had some nasty picture goin on in there if ya catch my drift. "Want to take a ride?" he asked raising his eyebrows, I sighed bored already. I focused on his mind and willed him to give the car to me. "Or you can have it." he said handing me the car keys. "Thanks" I said and was off to find the Cullens.

Soon I reached the forest where my family lived. Blocking my mind of so Alice couldn't see me and Edward couldn't read my mind. Even sooner I was infont of the house. I took a deep breath and smelt all of them in the house and another one, a human. Must bethe girl Eddy was talking about.Istill kept contact with them andknew everything. (A/N this is going to take place in Eclpise but partly Breaking Dawn.) I smiled and knocked the door.

I heard someone comming to get it and once the door opened A huge grin spread across my face. "EDWARD!!!" I shrieked and tackled him into a hug. We fell on the floor laughing. "Tanzi is it reallyyou?" he asked I could see the happiness in his eyes. "Yupp in allmy glory" I said smiling. "What's going on here- TANZI!!" Esme yelled comming over too us. Istood up. "Es- Mom its wonderful to see you I missed you" i said hugiing her hard. "Let's go show everyone who's here" Edward said. "Alright"I said and hopped on his back. "Really?" he sighed. "Really I confirmed. We followed Esme into the family room. "Everyone guess who's back"she said.Then Edward and I stepped into the room. "TANZI!!!" everyone yelled and I was pried of Edwards back and engulfed in many hugs.And for once since I left I was genuinly happy.

After I was done being tossed around by my family I FINALLY got to meet EdwardsgirlfriendBellaSwan, who I really liked already. "Ello Bella, as you may have known I'm Tanzi Cullen" I said hugging her. "Um..Hi Tanzi, I'm Bella" she said timidly. That made megrin. "I've heard alot about you fromEddy over there"I told her.She smiled "Likewise" she toldme. I laughed.I sat beside her and we talked aimlessly about things until something passed through Edwards mind that surprised me. "One sec" I told Bella getting up and stainding infront of Edward. "Uh-oh some one's in trouble" Emmett said laughing. "That's right" I said looking straight at Edward and said"Edward Mason Cullen. When EXACTLY were you going to tell me that you were ENGAGED!!??"
So what do you think? Sorry it has no Jacob in it but it will soon! and sorryif you think isa bit long or short I'll try to make it longer or shorter next time!Msg and rate please! Thanks!

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