Bottle of Rum (Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner) A One-Shot for Weissgirl

Created by MakaiaKye on Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Bottle of Rum (Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner)

A One-Shot for Weissgirl



"Wolf." Nele Wolf swatted at the hand waving in front of her face. It was her fellow pirate trying to gain her attention again. One of the pirates that had found her, a little four year old girl in the middle of a destroyed town. She would always be grateful to him and the others for taking her in and giving her a life on the sea. "Are going to pay attention lass?"

Her eyes shot up to his. "I am paying attention Nico."

"Right, sure looked it." He said with a slight roll of his eyes. He pointed past her head to the land they were docking at. Tortuga. It wasn't exactly her favorite place, but it wasn't the worst either. The men loved it considering it was filled with booze and prostitutes. Shaking her head she pushed back the strands of long dark black hair that had fallen out of it's blood red clip. "We'll be here till morning."

"If you're sober enough to leave." She teased turning her attention from the island to him. "I hear Jack Sparrow is here."

"I heard he's once again lost his ship. He's got some boy with him looking for it. Quite a sight I think." Nico snickered.

"He's always missing something." She answered on an amused smile. She dug the toe of her soldier like boots against the wood of the ship and waited for the captains permission to leave the ship. She was out as soon as she was able.

True she loved being on the sea, the water, and the things that she did as a pirate, but there was something special about being on land that always made her smile, no matter where it was. She headed towards the closest bar where she could get a quick glass and survey the place. Maybe she'd pay Jack a visit, she just loved the eccentric man and his own antics.

Of course he would be right in the thick of things, she imagined.

She stepped inside the building and looked around a small smile on her face, a fight was already in full swing. Bottles being tossed, people shouting, and right in the middle of it. Jack chasing a monkey with his hat while he waved his pistol around like a mad man. He ran past her never giving her a glance his sole focus on the monkey.

Smiling she turned to see the brown haired boy running after him with a lot less determination. He skidded to a stop in front of her and she recognized him instantly as Will Turner. Rubbing the back of her neck she smiled. Fancy that.

"Jack just leave the hat!" He shouted.

"You know he won't. That hat's like his child. I don't even think he'd give it up for rum." She said drawing his attention.

"It's good to see you Nele." He said catching her close and giving her a hug. She loved running into him, which was getting less and less because he's been working with Jack a lot. He pressed a kiss to her cheek and drew away as he heard Jack shouting again.

"Shoot it Will, shoot it!" Jack shouted nearly running into the pair as the monkey darted between them grabbing a hold of Nele and climbing up to sit on her shoulder and dropping the hat on her head. She smiled at the little troublesome monkey automatically liking it. Jack however seemed less than thrilled.

"Here." She plucked the hat off her head and handed it to him.

Almost drunkenly he stuffed it ontop of his head and pointed a finger at the monkey. "I still say we shoot the monkey."

"Why he's not going to die anyway." Will interrupted.

"I think he's kind of cute." Nele said lifting a hand to the monkey. The monkey grabbed a hold of her hand and made a kind of laughing noise at Jack that had Jack drawing out his pistol again.

Will placed a hand on Jack's arm pushing it down and stepping between Jack and Nele. "You don't want to accidentally shoot her do you?'

"Will it get the monkey?" Jack asked.

As if sensing Jack's hostility the monkey jumped from her shoulder and ran out the door leaving her standing with Jack and Will. She rubbed a hand along the back of her neck and dodged a glass bottle as it was tossed against the wall behind her head. "Is this your handy work Jack?" She asked looking towards the black haired man as Will moved closer to her side.

A few of her crew had joined the fight in the meantime and she could see Nico cheering even as he barrelled through people like a bowling ball. Will looked around for a minute a smile on his face before placing a hand on her lower back and leading her back out of the building. Jack behind them patting his hands against his shirt.

The monkey hopped off her shoulder and trailed ahead of them jumping into the water and splashing a bit as if taunting Jack. Grumbling Jack stalked off towards it. Nele would have dragged him back but Will tucked her arm through his and began tugging her away from them both and down the beach.

"He'll just go back and chase the monkey later. It can't die so it's not like it's in any danger." He told her smiling down at the top of her head as they walked. She was tucked up against his side and to make things more comfortable she had to wrap the arm closet to him around his waist. Looking down she tried not to think of how much like a couple they looked and how much she had always wanted that vision to become reality. Always secretly had.

"I guess that's true enough." She answered though she was still a bit hesitant to be alone with him.

He gave her shoulders a squeeze and smiled down at her again, his eyes warm on her face. "Why are you so nervous Nele?" He asked carefully stopping and turning her to face him. Water was lapping at her feet and at any other time, if she was any other girl she would have considered it a romantic setting.

Pirates didn't' do romantic. Look at Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow, she corrected mentally.

She rubbed at the back of her neck and sighed. "It's nothing."

A knowing smirk tipped the corners of his lips and before she knew it she was drawn up against his chest, one of his hands on her lower back and the other along the back of her neck. Startled she had tossed her hands up to his chest as if that would stop the inevitable. Not that she really cared. She wanted this, didn't she?

"It's not nothing." He said lowering his lips so that they were a teasing distance from hers.

"Will?" She asked, eyes wide.

"We've been dancing around it forever. What's nothing about this?" He asked her, his finger tangling into her hair. She sighed leaning into him wondering if he was toying with her like most pirates were known to do or if he was being genuine. Looking down he brushed a kiss to the top of her head. "Nele."

She lifted her head at the sound of her name and his lips collided with hers before she could counter. Not that she wanted to. She surrendered herself to him as a gunshot rang in the distance. Jack after his monkey. Even that didn't draw her from the world Will had drawn her into. Her fingers curled in his shirt and she gave herself fully to him.

When he finally drew away it was like he took a piece of her with him. He was one of the only people she trusted and if he broke it now... she frowned up at him, one finger touched to her lips. She wanted to trust him. "Do you mean it?"

He drew her close again dropping his forehead against hers. "More than I've ever meant anything in my life Nele."

He tangled his fingers with hers and tucked her back under his shoulder to walk back. She rested her head on his shoulder and let a smile touch her face. He was so perfect to her. She spotted Jack and the monkey glaring at each other and had to laugh. "Will?"


"How are we going to do this when we're on two completely different ships?" She asked him timidly.

Brushing another kiss to the top of her head he looked over at Jack. "Well I'm currently out a ship..."

Her grin was infectious. "I have one you can use."

"I knew you would." He answered.

She focused on the sea near them and decided that if this was a dream, she'd live it as long as she could.

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