Waking up in Vegas, married to Oli Sykes, and pregnant with his baby...SHIT!!! Ch. 23

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Created by lollipop32 on Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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Mason’s POV

I was still somewhat exhausted when it was time for me to go home with the girls. We were given two carriers for them and I was wheeled out of the hospital in a wheel chair. Me and Oli thanked my doctors and I sat in the back seat between the girls and he was driving. Both of us were now smiling, it was as if all of our troubles had left over night….Well all but one. “So what are we going to do about Tom?” I asked him, and his eyes seemed to cloud over with anger. I instantly rested my hand on his shoulder, reminding him that what happened was all in the past.

“I don’t know, but he will not be getting close to you, Xaviara, or Arazzmus anytime soon.” I nodded in agreement. “And what about Ronnie? Do you think he really killed someone?” I asked and he rested his hand on mine. “I don’t have all the answers, but I know that if Ronnie said he didn’t kill the guy, then he didn’t. But I don’t know about Juliet, you know how stubborn she is” he said and I smiled lightly.

The drive home was quiet, but peaceful since the girls were fast asleep, looking like little angels. As soon as we pulled into the drive way of our house, we were instantly engulfed in a wave of people we love. Oli got out of the front and grabbed Zavy’s carrier, before helping me out; he was already becoming more of a gentleman. I went around to the other side to get Razz but Andi was already getting her, smiling at me before we all proceeded into the house, which I had missed so much. “I’m gonna go take a nap with the girls” I announced and they all nodded, and I took them upstairs and into my room.

Their two cribs with Batman, Hello Kitty, and Elmo decorations had already been placed into Oli and I’s room and I smiled. After placing the girls in their cribs, I laid down and took in the deep breath, smelling the scents of home, hoping everything was going to be okay.

Oli’ POV

I watched her go upstairs before turning back to the others. “I’m going to go deal with Tom” I said and they all nodded and mentally told me good luck. Hesitantly, I went back out the front door and around to the back of the house, where Tom was sitting, brooding over whatever was up his ass.

As soon as Tom heard me he turned towards me and gave me a glare that told me how much he wanted to kill me right now. I took a deep breath and sat down next to him; he instantly scooted over as if to not get any deadly diseases from me. “Look-“ I began but was instantly cut off. “Don’t you rub it in you little twat!” he yelled and I frowned, this wasn’t going to be delightful…

“I’m not trying to rub it in, but she is my wife, you need to let it go Tom” I said in a calm tone. “But I don’t want to let her go, I was in love with her first and you know that” he argued and I nodded, he had called dibs on her first but I had wanted to annoy him so I flirted with her constantly until I had realized how lovely she truly was. “I know it isn’t fair, but it is how it is now, I can’t turn back time to change things and neither can you. It’s to late now anyway. I’m sorry” I said as I got up. “She loves me too, I hope you know” Tom said, and my whole body went still, the truth sinking in like an anchor into the deep dark ocean; a thought forever to be planted into my brain.

“Had you stayed away, over in America slutting it up, she would already be mine right now” Tom said, each word that came out of his mouth, engraving into my skull. I sat back down, becoming dizzy with the new thoughts racing through my mind. “But I am back, and she loves me, and I love her” I replied after a couple moments of silence.

Tom simply shrugged. “Yes but she still loves me, she may be repressing it but I know that the feeling is still their. Like when she found out about you and Josephine, I discovered it was there, and there it shall stay” he said. “Dude you’re starting to sound like that whiny little bitch Jacob from Twatlight” I couldn’t help but point out, causing Tom to glare at me once again.

He sighed, “I can’t deal with idiots like you anymore, and it pains me to watch you and Mason make googly eyes at each other all day” he said. I nodded “So whatcha gonna do?” I asked and he shrugged. “I think I’m going to America, but I don’t want to have to say good bye to Mason, I’m going to leave her a letter; will you give it to her?” he asked and I felt myself nod. He was finally giving up! My family and I were going to be happy!!!

“I promise to give her the letter” I lied, and patted his back. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t let Mason know about Tom’s feelings, or she may leave me, Tom was such a better person than me. Tom smiled at me slightly. “Thanks bro” he said, handing me the letter before giving me a guy hug and walking off to where ever the hell he needed to go.

I was so excited that I ran into the kitchen through the back door and got my secret stash of chocolate pudding. “Omg you got out the snack packs! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!” shouted Andi excitedly as I pulled them out of my hiding spot…I would have to find a new one later now. “You can have one, and yes I am getting them out to celebrate Zavy and Razz” I said and Andi nodded, not really paying attention to me, only the little cup of pudding mattered at that moment.

“Fiiiine” I said and placed the pudding onto the counter to which she snatched it up off the counter and ran away laughing hysterically. “Dear god what have you done?” Juliet said and grabbed a Snack pack for herself. I shrugged “She’s Andy’s problem now cuz I’m going to go and sleep with my wife!” I said excitedly and Juliet made a gagging noise. I simply flipped her off in response on my way out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my sleeping wife and daughters.

I smiled at the scene, the scene that I would be waking up to for the next couple years. I quietly snuck over to an empty side of the bed and laid down next to her, wrapping my arm around her waste and laying my head on the pillow, falling into blissful sleep.

Juliet POV

I rolled my eyes at Oli’s comment and grabbed my car keys. “Where are you going?” asked Andi who was sitting on Andy’s lap and licking her Snack Pack clean, and fending Andy off with her other hand. I simply raised one eyebrow. “I’m going to go see Ronnie” I said calmly walking out; but on the inside, I was utterly freaking out.

I got in my car and tried to listen to a song to calm me down, but it didn’t work.
Hell even listening to NeverShoutNever couldn’t calm my thoughts! All too soon I was down at the police station. I got out of the car, grabbing my purse, and went into the station. “I’m here to bail out Ronnie Radke” I said with a sigh. “Alright, that will be three hundred dollars. Cash” The officer said smugly. I sighed again and pulled the three hundred dollars I had borrowed from Oli, and handed it to the cop; who looked surprised that I had the money.

Uhh, right this way” he said and led me to the cell that they were holding Ronnie in. “Someone made bail for ya Radke” the cop said and opened the door for my dear jail bird to exit. “You’re court hearing is on Monday, see you then” the cop said smugly as I draped my arm through Ronnie’s and lightly tugged him towards my car.

Once in the car, I buckled my seat belt, took a deep breath, and turned towards him. “Why’d you have to take the jelly out of my doughnut?” I asked. “Snatch reference” he responded instantly and I resister the urge to smile. “So what happened?” I asked as I put the car in drive and started for our home. (I have now officially moved in with Ronnie)

He took in a deep breath as well. “Well my friend had called and asked me to beat this guy up since he was bigger tan my friend. And Mason and Oli were talking out their fight so I brought them along. When I got there, I started to fight with the guy, and he threw me against a wall and I passed out. When I regained consciousness I watched as my friend stabbed the guy in the gut. He bled to death and my friend ran away, leaving me to blame” He said and I frowned. That was pretty messed up.

“I’m sorry to hear that” I said. “But you really shouldn’t have fought for him. No offense, but your friend sounds like a douche bag, he can fight his own fights” I said. Ronnie frowned in return. “A friend is a friend. This was the last time I was gonna do this for him, there was no way that I could have known that that would have happened” he said kind of madly. “I know that, but I was just saying that it was a bad idea from the beginning. I could have left you in jail, so please calm down babe” I said and placed my hand on his. He sighed and grabbed my hand in his, giving me a firm squeeze.

“Lets just go home and not mention this again till Monday” I said and his smile brightened. “Good idea” he said. “Want some steak and shake? It’s on Oli” I said and pulled some cash from my purse.

After we got some steak and shake, I pulled into the garage by the apartment building and we both went upstairs and into our apartment. I put the remainder of my shake in the fridge and laid down on our bed. “Thanks for getting me out of the slammer by the way, I was close to getting ass raped” he joked. “Hey! The only one that has permission to rape you is me! And maybe Oli cause that would be hot…Just kidding about that last part” I said and laughed.

He smirked and wrapped and arm gently around my waist and lay down next to me, snuggling close to me. “What is gonna happen on Monday?” he asked me, worry in his eyes. “I doubt the cops will find much evidence against you, so if you tell the truth you should be okay” I answered truthfully. This seemed to calm him down a bit. Slowly, I felt both he and I relax, and before we knew it, we were both fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Andi’s POV

“Dibs on Pikachu!!!” I yelled as Andy and I sat in front of the TV, grabbing our Nintendo 64 controllers. “Aww but you’re always Pikachu” Andy whined and I chuckled. “Pikachu is the only one I am good at, so I get him by default” I retorted and Andy continued to pout. “Fine, but I get to be Kirby” he said and smirked. “Aww but that stupid pimple can fly!!!” I whined. “Too bad, lets go!” he said before hitting the two player button and off we went.

I instantly jumped and tried to shock him with my thunder bolt but that sneaky fucking Russian jumped fasted and ate me. Great. As soon as he spit me out he had a Pikachu hat on and could shock me. I started head butting him and Andy started to whine. “Stop raping me!” he yelled in frustration, and I only laughed evilly. “Never” I whispered.

All of the sudden my winning streak declined when Kirby grabbed me in a death grip, jumped in the air and slammed me into the ground, causing me to fall off the edge. “FUCK YOU!” I yelled angrily as Pikachu fell to his Pokemon death. I tossed my controller down and yanked the “Super Smash Brothers” out of the Nintendo. “Aww but I was winning” he whined. “Well, we’ll never know who would have won now” I teased.

Andy grabbed the game from my hands, and set it down. He then gently took a hold of my wrists, pinning me to the couch. He bent over me and began nibbling on my neck, and I let out a quiet moan, as he began to kiss up and down my neck. “Would you guys keep your hormones to yourselves, my children are trying to sleep upstairs” Mason said looking tired. We both turned towards her and pouted. “And no more cussing, I won’t have my girls’ first words being the f bomb” she said in a stern tone.

“Aww there goes my plan” said Andy, Mason gave him a light glare. “Calm down new Mama, they will grow up just fine, no need to go all crazy on me” I said and stuck my tongue out. “Trying pushing two 7.2 pound babies out of your vagina, and then tell me how to calm down” she said before stretching her arms. I stayed silent, I had just been pwnd.

Then one of the twins started crying, and Mason sighed. “Coming Arazzmus calm down” she said before starting to head upstairs. “Their cries sound exactly the same, how can you tell it’s Razz?” I asked. Mason turned and smiled at me. “When you know, you know, you know?” she asked and I just nodded, trying to follow her crazy probably still hopped on pain killers logic.

“Well she just killed my mood” Andy muttered and I lightly elbowed him. “Hey don’t elbow the Andy! The Andy needs his strength to please his lover” he said retardedly and I couldn’t help but giggle. “Since when has my lover been in special ed?” I asked and Andy smirked. “Since forever, don’t judge” he said and picked me up bringing me to the backyard and placing me on the swing set.

Andy’s eyes then seemed to glaze over with happiness. “Dearest Andi, the love of my life from this life to the next when we all join SpongeBob in the great deep blue sea, I want you to be mine until I grow old and turn into a raisin” he said before getting down on one knee. “Will you be my sexy rock maiden wife?” he asked and my jaw dropped. Didn’t see that one coming…

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